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 PC: Nihilus Constantine

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PC: Nihilus Constantine Intj7s
Name: Nihilus Amaranth Constantine
Age: 23
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Bionic (Optics Cylinders or Black Goggles in combat situations)
Skin Tone: Fair
Physical Description: Tall and lean, Constantine's form is marred by the signatures of sanctioning in an almost unprecedented number: his hair has been shorn of color, his eyes replaced with bionics, his lips gums and tongue tattooed in sigils and glyphs and his body lined with scars tiny scars. He is otherwise as above.
Personality and Quirks: Emotionally distant with a wry and cynical sense of humor, Constantine tries very hard to keep himself sociable, though his upbringing both on the Volg Hive and his time as a young man in the inquisitorial ships. He acts with conviction and belief in himself and his power, though of late his inability to completely filter out the mental mutterings of others has wearied him.
Information uncovered by players: Constantine grew up on the Volg Hive of Fenksworld, largely regarded one of the most horrific and terrible places to live in the Imperium at large. His sanctioning was obviously immensely difficult, though he forces himself to talk about it blankly, and the rest of his history has largely been deemed unimportant.
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PC: Nihilus Constantine
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