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 Into the Breach: Part III

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PostSubject: Into the Breach: Part III   Into the Breach: Part III Icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 12:52 am

Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial Report
World: Brazarius
Rank Restriction: Void. Inquisitor eyes only
Report Codename: "Through the Breach"

Location: Brazarius System, Maledictio Sector, Ultima Segmentum
Planetary Classification: Forbidden World
Geographical Terrain: 10% Water, 85% Scored Earth wasteland, 5% Temperate

Date: 0 128 999.M41

Due to the stranger nature of the Warp currents surrounding the Maledicto Sector, a passing warp storm affects the vast majority of the worlds roughly every 10 years. For 10 years warp storms cut off the systems (known as the "Reign of Chaos"), then for 10 years the systems are unaffected (known as the "Reign of the Emperor"). In general, this results in the 10 free years being used to shore up defenses in these systems that will be needed for the 10 years of heretic and chaos raids that follow.

While most systems must simply contend with attacks appearing from space, the planet Brazarius in the Brazarius system is an Imperial world that is regularly forced to deal with direct daemonic intrusion during the 10 year period due to proximity of the world to strong warp currents during the Reign of Chaos. While Brazarius is not the only system in the Maledictio sector that is afflicted by this, it is the only remaining Imperial world that is affected that hasn't already fallen to the forces of Chaos.

The Brazarius system boasts a population of close to 7 billion, despite the 10 year period of war. This is due to a mutation that results in its human population growing from infant to adulthood in a timespan of 7 years, allowing a new generation of warriors (and potential heretics) to be grown and trained during the 10 year period. The result is a world dominated by martial culture and the production of weaponry in vast underground complexes, similar to Hives. A vast organization of the Eccleisiarchy exists on this world, charged with the maintenance of the faith and prevention of corruption. Through warfare and purges, it is estimated Brazarius suffers casualties of approxminately 2.5 billion per ten year cycle of the Reign of Chaos. Death of old age is entirely unknown as are most other forms of death not associated with war, disease or Imperial cleansing.

Daemonic intrusion consists of forces from the realms of all four of the ruinous powers. Due to the world's enigmatic connection to the warp, use of Exterminatus or other forms of mass execution are forbidden, by order to the High Inquisitorial Conclave of the Ultima Segmentum. Formations of daemon worlds due to the psychic shock of the death of an entire world near worlds close to the Immaterium are known. The somewhat regular tide of the warp storms is fortuitous for preparing defense of the Maledictio Sector, therefore risking this pattern for the cleansing of one world would be inordinate.

Inquisitorial agents are not to be sent to this world without consent of a Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Malleus and must be properly warded. Kill switches are recommended to be fitted in the chance that acolytes prove unable to resist heretical or daemonic taint.

Operation: Void. Official Inquiries denied.
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Into the Breach: Part III
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