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 PC: Praetus Octus

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Born to a family on the once-little-known world of Kao-li, the man that would come to be known as Praetus Octus was simply known as Derik. Son of seargent in the plantary Guard, his earliest years saw him constantly moved around the planet as his father received transfer after transfer to various posts. However, most of his young life was fully eclipsed but the catastrophe that would forever end any chance of a "normal" life.

In the 5th year of his life, a Xenos cult successfully summoned their patrons into their midst. The response was an all out tactical nuclear strike against the inhabitants of the planet by an overzealous Imperial Fleet admiral whose forces had been trailing the enemy presence for serveral years. By a situation of nearly unbelievable happenstance, Derik managed to find his way into the backpack of an Imperial Guardsman who was boarding his shuttle to take him back to the Fleet.

It would be several hours before he was discovered, by which time the fleet had already broken orbit and prepared for Warp Travel to pursue the remanents of the fleeing alien force. Having little use for a 5 year old boy, it was decided that he would be simply sold off to whomever they found at their next destination. In another stroke of unbelievable luck the first planet that was come across was home to one of the largest Schola Progenium schools in the Calixis Sector. Always interested in making use of entirely unschooled and untrained orphans, the school glady accepted him as a student. Using the basic fact checking terminals they had at their disposal, along with planetary reports of Kao-li's population, they soon determined his lineage and concluded that his parents had died in defense of the Imperium of Man. It is a legacy he carries proudly to this day, although he doesn't fully understand why.

His early experiences in life, combined with several pranks that he pulled off that could have gotten him severely beaten if caught, Derik began to believe he lived a truly charmed life. If he had escaped both a nuclear holocaust as well as being sold into slavery at the age of 5, then surely the Will of the Emperor was over him. As a result he was constantly driven to taking risks and pushing his luck in any situation, letting his curiousity constantly get the best of him. Many believed him destined for the Guard or perhaps as an Arbitrator. However, one professor by the name of Praetus Primus noticed the boys inquisitive nature and determined it best if he focused his gift, as well as pruned it to avoid him sticking his nose into any dangerous heresies.

Renamed Praetus Octus, in order to carry on the name and the spirit of his teacher, Octus absorbed the mass of knowledge thrown at him. By the time he reached his teen years, he had already learned the entirety of the Progenium curriculum. The boys knowledge and zeal made Primus both proud and concerned. Though Octus was well taken to the Cult of the Emperor, he still had a flair for the forbidden and unknown. Rather than risking allowing the boy to fall into Heresy, Primus put Octus the one place where he could chase heresy without becoming a heretic himself. Marking Octus as a natural investigator and researcher, Primus placed the young boy upon one of the Black Ships of the Inquisition.

Forced to deal with the strange "background noise" emitted by the captured psykers aboard the vessel, Praetus' interest in the Warp was picqued. Making use of mild duties that presented themselves on the ship, Praetus managed to get in contact with several of the emergent psykers and speak with them of their strange powers. The things he heard would spark his imagination for years to come.

Returned to the home system of humanity, Praetus' skills naturally pushed him towards the position of an adept. Spending the next few years in orbit around Jupiter, Praetus was put to use in the normal every day activities of maintaining the less-than-classified reports of the Inquisition. The reports he snuck glances at all inflamed his desire to search and seek; to discover more in the name of the Emperor, and maybe a little for his own edification.

Regular requests came through for adepts to be used as couriers and research assistants on various inquisitorial retinues. Praetus waited patiently as each opportunity came and went. As he continued to file reports and do the bidding of his superiors, he secretly prayed to the Emperor that his will would find him one more time and take him away to serve in a fantastic and glorious way. Little would he know, his "charmed" life was about to send him on an adventure like he had never dared dream of before.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: Around 5'10"

Somewhat lanky, but of otherwise excellent stature, Praetus seems to be fairly confident of his position. Clearly too young to have absorbed the bad posture and poor eye sight that most associate with the adepts he appears well groomed and alert. Having no facial hair and rarely wearing his glasses, he carries the features of a youth no more than in his mid-20's. He carries a sword at his hip with a pistol carefully holstered by a shoulder harness that he keeps hidden under his robes. His data-slate is often out and humming as he checks over files and facts in his every expanding personal library.
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PC: Praetus Octus
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