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 PC: Iggidy

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PostSubject: PC: Iggidy   PC: Iggidy Icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2009 7:11 pm

Hive world scum
5' 6" 150lbs (scrawny)
fair skin, brown eyes, brown hair.

Iggidy was just another orphaned street rat on another one hive world. One among the millions apparently forgotten by the emperor. He learned to lie, cheat, and steal to get by at a young age. Iggidy resisted the urge to join the gangs which consume so many other underhive youth. He viewed the constant gang wars as a potential hazard to his health. Iggidy found it was much more profitable to remain on the various gangs good sides and instead trade with them. He began by selling stolen goods, later he brewed and sold his own alcohol, and eventually he settled into the weapons dealing business (because what do gangers need more than booze? guns of course!). This change would eventually lead to Iggidy's crossing paths with one of the Emperor's inquisitors.

One lucky game of cards with a rogue trader at the local space port won Iggidy a cache of alien weaponry. He quickly discovered that these exotic and rare weapons could make him a huge profit on street, especially if he could continually supply his customers with ammo. Iggidy rapidly secured all the sources of alien weaponry he could find. It wasn't long before an inquisitor who was visiting the planet for an entirely unrelated matter noticed the large amount of heretical alien equipment being used by the planets gangers (and some of the nobility as well). A quick investigation brought him to Iggidy's shop. Iggidy believed he was in the presence of a new and possibly wealthy client and naturally he tried to fleece him. The inquisitor eventually revealed his real identity and Igiddy, sensing that this man may know the actual value of the weapons he was selling, offered the man a discount. The amused inquisitor offered the fast talking scum a counter proposal...
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PC: Iggidy
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