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 NPC - The Beacon

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PostSubject: NPC - The Beacon   NPC - The Beacon Icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 9:42 am

NPC - The Beacon Coffield
Name: Communique Prototype Zulu 47 B, Codename: "The Beacon"
Age: Version 1.1a (unknown, but appears to be 25 in avatar form)
Height: Non-Applicable (5'7")
Weight: 147 Metric Tons (weighs nothing in avatar form)
Hair Color: Non-Applicable (Raven Black)
Eye Color: Non-Applicable (Ice Blue)
Skin Tone: Non-Applicable (Pale)
Physical Description: While a boding and ominous machine, the Beacon moves freely with the use of it's holographic avatar designed after it's creator.
Personality and Quirks: The beacon while a machine seems to bear a certain kindness and rueful demeanor for a machine spirit.
Information uncovered by players: The beacon was uncovered on a forgotten Imperial world known as Sol. It and it's housing station, the Diligence now are under the direct command of Lady Admiral Inquisitor Talgaverditz of the Renegade interception fleet.
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NPC - The Beacon
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