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PostSubject: Story background   Story background Icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 10:07 am

Holy Terra, the home of all that is humanity.

Surrounded now by thousands upon thousands of the Imperium's best and most powerful warfleets from across all known and unknown systems to prove that in these dark hours there is still light. The beginnings of the largest Black Crusade became evident as calls for help emerged across the galaxy, thousands of candles extinguished in moments of the universe's life. Hope however, does not betray it's fervent and faithful. The arrival of the Diligence into the Terran system and it's recapture by Imperial forces from the corrupted servant of Slaanesh, Canoness Frediricka and Lord Tyrus gave the imperium the much needed relic of it's past, The Beacon. The Diligence's arrival was not only noted in it's fighting but by a sudden surge of energy pouring and continuing from the Golden Throne itself. As though the Emperor himself sensed the return of part of him, lifeforce poured into the whole of those near the system. Communications through the warp cleared as the Beacon also so touched by this source began to coordinate the fleets and forces of Terra at the behest Holy Terra. Prophecies and rumors began to be questioned again, did the Sensei Knights truly exist? Did the children of the Emperor truly exist as they say they did?

The forces of Terra began their counterassault against the innumerably enemies of the Imperium, some claimed it would be the start of the second age at the beginnings. five years later, it seemed perhaps this still might be true as the slow war covered countless worlds, overall, the forces of Chaos slowly receeding at a great cost to mankind. Seeking a way to minimize their losses and to gather more resources the royal families of Terra annointed Inquisitor Talgaverditz as the Admiral of the Renegade Interception fleet. Her duty was to take a small fleet of the fastest and most heavily armored vessels with the Diligence, curtail chaos at the seems of known space, and to allocate lost resources and worlds back to the Imperium. A mission while seemingly impossible for many didn't phase the Inquisitor as she set about preparations to break apart with the rag tag fleet much like she had done pre Horus. So does our story begin five years from that day, aboard the Diligence...
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Story background
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