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 Daniel Montesque

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PostSubject: Daniel Montesque   Daniel Montesque Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 10:17 pm

Name: Daniel Montesque
Age: 26
Homeworld: Imperial
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Quirk: Tends to rub his chin whenever he's in deep thought
Skin Color: fair
Eye Color: dark blue
Hair Color: Light blonde
Markings: A scar along his jaw line from a previous knife fight.

Physical Description

Daniel is a a large man, hulking, well muscled. A dangerous glint in his eyes shows that he's not the sort of person to take lightly, the large chainsword strapped to his back, and the foreboding black armor strapped to his body might lend credence to this. He keeps his hair cropped short, dark blue eyes tending to dart back and forth, judging, searching for threats to himself, and his team-members.


Born to rather unremarkable parents, in an unremarkable town, Daniel left for the big city as soon as he was able to scratch together the gelt to do so. Once there, he came across a gang of thugs, who, after attempting to rob him, an attempt which ended with one of them clutching his intestines in agony. Rather impressed by what they thought was just a country-boy come to the city, the gang-leader offered him a place with them. Sensing an oppurtunity, and not wishing to be forced to fight off a few more people, Daniel agreed.

With the gang, he learned his way around a blade, seeking profit, finding it, sometimes losing it when Arbites tried to run them down. Several years passed with the group, before an Arbites raid finally managed to catch them, most of the gang-members being tossed in jail, or dead before the officers. Daniel managed to escape, and deciding this might be a time to re-think his life, got a job as a bodyguard for a traveling merchant. He's done odd jobs ever since, putting his training with a blade to good use for the highest bidder, finding his way across the vast Imperium of mankind.



He tends to be serious at times, a frown often gracing his features. He always seems at least a little suspicious of those around him, though if he comes to trust someone, he trusts them completely. He's very aware of his size, and tends to use that in conversation, positioning himself appropriately, and looking down on those he sees as "smaller" people.
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Daniel Montesque
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