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 PC - Patronius Caster

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PostSubject: PC - Patronius Caster   PC - Patronius Caster Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 3:18 am

*Picture to come*
Name: Patronius "Whisper" Caster
Age: 35
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Shaved with a short, white topnot
Eye Color: White and heavily bloodshot
Skin Tone: Pallid white, criss-crossed with veins
Physical Description: Wearing a simple black robe of the astropaths, often with its cowl over his head, he drifts casually down the aisles of the ship when not spending time linked with the Beacon searching for astropathic messages and other errant noises in the Warp. His eyes are iris-less and bloodshot, though they seem to wander around as if he is still using them. His robes have long stretches of chain wrapped and dangling from his arms and his legs which sometimes seem to rattle and move even when he is still. Wrapped around his torso like a thick belt or cumberbun is an intricate scroll of mild hexagramic wards and key passages of the Imperial Creed regarding the threat of daemons and protections thereof.

"I have listened to a million whispers on the empryean winds and screamed a million more back into the maelstrom. Yet no matter how many times I do it I am left with the vague feeling that every sound I hear is unique in its own way and will soon never be heard again."
-Patronius Caster, during a more focused and lucid moment

Born aboard the Void-ship known as the "Emperor's Guidance", Patronius carried all the distinct markings of a Void-born since day one. His pale, near translucent skin stretched tightly over the veins and musculature that lay below, marked him forever as one born among the stars. His parents were low level maintence crew, a bare step above servitors in the grand scheme of things, whose busy schedules rarely afforded them the time to interact with him and his twin brother, Atrius. The first seven years of his life were characterized by that of any youth of the lowest levels of such a ship; scrapping together what food they could from the replicators, dodging the horrific mutants and low-minded xenos filth that crawled through the darker levels of the void-ships massive underbelly and avoiding the interest of stir crazy ship mates looking for some action. Though not orphans, in many respects they may have well have been.

In his eighth year of life, everything changed in one brutal and horrific night. For weeks Patronius had noticed that his brother, Atrius, had been using subtle tricks that allowed him to confound and confuse those that they normally had to dodge. Too young to understand what his brother was doing or how, he was unaware of how bright the soul of a young and active psyker flares in the warp. One night, as Atrius went to play a trick on his parents, he froze in horror and a gasped in a sudden surge of pain. Patronius still remembers watching his brother's features contort and mutate as an unreal and cold presence consumed the budding psychics soul. Within minutes the daemonhost that was his brother tore their parents apart and began to do the same to any other humans who came to investigate. It would be the first time that Patronius heard the warning klaxon of a Warp Intrusion so close. It would also be the moment he watched the last of his family be torn to pieces and burned to cinders by the ship's defenders.

Patronius was moved from the ships hold to the orphan creche where those that had lost their families to various ship related casualties were kept. There he would spend the next three years, learning the basics of ship control and the star charts of the routes the void-ship flew. It was a time of relative peace and growth for Patronius, but the touch of the warp lurked as strongly in his genes as they had his brother's. Patronius began to take note of whispers and words spoken in hushed tones whenever he was around people or certain augery equipment. Furthermore, he gained an uncanny knack for understanding what was on peoples minds and how they were feeling. As time passed these abilities grew more accute and more defined in their capacity. On a more backwards and uneducated world, he might have been singled out as a devil child or some sort of strange shaman. But to the masters of the Void ship who understood the portents for what they were (having become used to experiencing such things) and knowing his lineage and ex-relations, it was abundantly clear of what he was becoming. And while no one felt any particular antipathy for him and his talents, none wanted a repeat of the incident his brother had caused. Calling out to the stars as they approached a world, they called the only force that could properly protect and control the child, The Black Ships of the Inquisition.

While he hadn't had it easy back in the bowels of the Emperor's Guidance, anything he experienced there paled in comparison to the horror he experienced aboard the Black Ships. Even within the warded cell that he was kept, he could hear not mere whispers, but the terrified howls of the psykers around him as their frightened minds and souls cried out into the warp and his mind. Not knowing how to control them or block them out, the voices broke him. Though he remained responsive to commands, his eyes grew dull as his mind slipped into a comfortable place that accepted death as an inevitability and to not bother fighting it.

Arriving at Holy Terra, Patronius was given to the care of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. His strange and focused gift was instantly recognized by the sactioneers as they plied his mind and soul to determine his value to the Imperium. It was this that undoubtedly saved him from being sent to the Adeptus Astronomica despite his broken mind. His gift made him too valuble to be merely consumed through worship at the Golden Throne, but his youth and broken will made him too weak to be used by the Scholastica Psykana as a sanctioned psyker. Fortunately, there was a place he could serve where his mind need not be ready for the rigors of channeling the warp just yet. Therefore, after several months of preparation and training, Patronius was taken before the Golden Throne and soul bound to the Emperor.
The experience was the single most cathartic experience Patronius has ever faced. For a glorious moment, the first since his powers were awakened, their was silence in his mind. Only one voice spoke, the soothing and re-assuring voice of the Emperor. Much like most astropaths, the process damaged some of his sensory abilities and destroyed others. His irises and pupils burned away as well as loss of much of his taste (making him one of the few people most meet who doesn't much mind corpse starch rations). But for that moment of peace and blessed assurance of protection and guidance, Patronius gladly accepted the price.

After several more years of training and preparation, Patronius Caster was sent on his first assignment with a fleet as a secondary Astropath, one designed to move with a battlegroup when it split beyond the range of normal communication devices. He would spend many years doing working as a secondary and eventually primary until the age of 23 when we was transported to a planetside to serve as a relay in a key Astropath station with, among other duties, the task of reporting any activity from the Eye of Terror. However, little did most realize that the Planetary Governor had rather lost his mind to rampant paranoia. He ordered Patronius sealed into the Astral Choir room and allowed never to exit, for fear he or the others might miss a key message informing them of an impending invasion of the world. Patronius would spend the next 4 years trapped within. Though he sent many messages warning of the Governors poor mental condition, they went unanswered, leaving Patronius to carry out his duties as ordered. The isolation took a toll on Patronius' mind. The scribes feared his strange offworlder apperance and degrading mental condition, finally making the effort to make him fully literate that he may record the messages himself, rather than require their presence. Over the years, Patronius spent time listening deep into the warp in search of news and contact with the outside world. Even as his sanity slipped, his boundries and dreams expanded as he heard of far away places. In the later years of his entrapment he learned of a single ship due to its strange form of communication. Capable of sending messages at the edge of the warp, for extreme distances, without causing much interferrence, Patronius' gaze was drawn to a ship known as the "Diligence". He watched their progress and grew ever more fascinated with their actions.

After 4 years had passed, a series of erratic acts by the Planetary Governor and Patronius' multitude of warnings finally struck ears within the Sector seat as they recognized the problem. A Vindicare was dispatched by the Officio Asassinorum who promptly dealt with the crazed Govenor. When agents came to the Astral Choir and opened it, they found the worn and tweaked Patronius within, his mind reeling from the most recent message he has deciphered from the warp. A message that had gone unnoticed by so many other posts, despite its importance. Patronius tilted his head mildly towards his rescuers as he spoke:
"The tide of a Black Crusade has come again..."

Within a year the Black Ships of the Inquisition came to the world seeking two things: 1) Their tithe in latent psykers and 2) Experienced Sanctioned Psykers and Astropaths to assist in the upcoming war. Patronius boarded the vessel and returned to the sacred home of Mankind once again. The sactioners checked his mind for signs of taint due to the long isolation he had experienced. Though they found him somewhat unbalanced from ordeal, his mind proved almost entirely untouched by the taint of Chaos. His unique and focused abilities made him an ideal candidate to be placed aboard a battlefleet or some other equally important taskforce. As the decision was being made however, the Diligence arrived in Holy Terra, bringing with it technology of truly ancient and awesome capacity. After its observation by the Adeptus Mechanicus (and the scrubbing of several pools of tech-priest drool off the decks) and refits, it was determined that despite its value, the ship was needed on the frontlines. Besides, none had the power to seize such a ship from the grasp of an Inquisitor.

Concerns regarding the exact reliability of the Beacons long range communication abilities gave Patronius the chance to insinuate the possibility of placing him aboard the ship as an astropathic relay and back-up presence in case the Beacon did lose its communicative capacity. Using his knowledge of the crew and the ships capabilites as he had garnered it from watching the ship for so long, he succeeded in securing the appointment to the Diligence as its primary Astropath. He has been working aboard the vessel in whatever capacity he has been required since then.

Mannerisms: Although largely composed and relatively lucid, the noises and voices he has heard since his psychic powers awakened continue to pass through his mind. The result is that others often notice him acting in subtley "off" ways and are often given the impression he is not "seeing" or perceiving things the same way they are. Additionally, his tendency to quietly speak back to messages or voices that pass through his mind have earned him the nickname "Whisper". On rare occasion he is known to make loud and sudden outburts about something he "sees" and often makes attempts to point them out to others, despite the lack of any physical or at least visible anomaly. Whether or not these are conjured from his imagination or some sort of actual phenomenon of the Immaterium is uncertain to those around him.

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PC - Patronius Caster
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