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 PC: Danasca Arkanos

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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

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PostSubject: PC: Danasca Arkanos   PC: Danasca Arkanos Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2009 4:09 am

PC: Danasca Arkanos 1256941634022

Danasca Arkanos was born upon a world of people like herself, tall, lithe, soft supple flesh with gentle, wide curves, her family, indeed, once human, now metahuman, living their lives during the long millennia of the great Silence, when their ships first reached the rocky shores of the new world, when they first built the great spires upon their wet, rainy world.

It always rained on Aquarius, the world taking its name after the wet climate and moist atmosphere. Forever there was always a high humidity, and the world was devoid of deserts, the entire planet covered in thick foliage of jungle canopy pock marked by oceans, polar caps and massive cities.

It was in one of these cities in which the Arkanos family ruled, a small city in comparison to the others but rich in minerals and military technology. Known for their genius in trade negotiations, the Akranos family dynasty was one of prosperous wealth and transparency. So it was during the great crusades when the planet was retaken by the great warchief Horus and claimed once more for the Emperor, and so it was now, ten thousand years later, through warp storm after warp storm, honest and hard working.

So it was with some surprise that the neighboring city of Aquisius had risen up with some new philosophy, a philosophy of bloodshed and carnage. At first, being a neutral city, Arkanos, which was named after the ruling family, traded with them for the precious black granite like material mined in Aquisius. However, it was not long before their requests became demands and demands became threats. This ideaology of a new god, a god who was not the emperor, a god much easier to worship through bloodshed and violence than honesty and hard work began to spread. And it was against Arkanos that they gathered, when their lust for the blood of one another was all but sated and they sought new people to corrupt.

The resulting war, a worldwide scale, with Arkanos in the center of it all the last bastion of the Emperors law, erupted in a bloodshed never before seen. Yet Arkanos held out, for many years before it finally collapsed under the sheer weight of bodies dedicated to nothing more than the destruction of each other in the name of a god of blood. With a last vaunted effort, the cities greatest minds and honored political leaders were placed within a space ship and left the city, and indeed the world, with a distress call in imperial gothic to any who would listen. The ship floated for years in space, thrown adrift by the warp storm which surrounded the system, before finally being found by a rogue trader vessel who bore with them an inquisitor who specialized in aliens. Recognizing these people as having once been human, and listening to their tale, they were welcomed into the ship, if only because of their expertise in weapon design and fealty to the emperor.

Damasca Arcanos was 10 years old when they were found by the rogue trader, and had already shown a great propensity towards her families livelihood, but her true calling was that of commerce. Able to gage another persons needs and wants and benefit from them highly, yet honestly, made her an invaluable tool for the trader. At the age of 15, she became a valued asset to the team, though not thought of as an equal or mature enough to understand the dangers posed by many encounters, her views were always taken at least somewhat into consideration. Beautiful, lithe, sensuous and curvy, At age 21, she has come into her own, both as a major player in the market and a genius with both weapon design and handling. Her thirst for knowledge knows no bounds, and her soft, gentle demeanor is disarming to those who would try to take advantage.

PC: Danasca Arkanos Danascafancy

Name: Danasca Arkanos
Weight: 110lbs
Height: 6’0”
Build: Lithe and Thin with curvy, wide hips and a flattish chest
Skin: Pale and spotted with freckles, nearly translucent, supple and soft to the touch, sensuous and warm.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Pale Grey

Homeworld: Noble Born

Danasca Arkanos was born to a noble family in who ruled their city, a nation of peace which produced weapons and protective gear of high quality. It was due to this greater quality of craftsmanship that they were indeed ruling peacefully. Other cities did not fair so well.

Birthright: Savant: Danasca was born with an innate, lovely soft spoken nature about her and a love for knowledge and books that could not be sated, much like the rest of her family. She enjoys reading, learning, and finding new ways of improving herself and the needs of the Imperium as a whole.

Lure of the Void: Tainted (Malleable): Danasca hails from a world of metahumans called Abeos, who have the a malleable type of body structure which allows them to squeeze into tight spots, their bones less tough and more bendable compared to other humans.

Trials and Travails: Hand of War (heavy weapon training Universal), Hatred Chaos Worshippers: Danascas world was ravaged by war and destroyed by the followers of the dark gods, and this pain still follows her today. Taught very young how to handle all types of weaponry, she was a quick study, and the wisdom to only use such things when absolutely necessary.

Motivation: Prestige: It is her will that she bring her family honor in all things, now the only one of her kind stationed upon the new vessel, she seeks to show everyone that metahumans may provide just as much to humanity as “normal” humans do, and that her love for the Emperor is just as boundless. One day all will honor the metahuman race called Abeos as a necessity in the Imperium just as they do the metahumans called Navigators and other such people.

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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

Posts : 132
Join date : 2009-05-02
Age : 41

PC: Danasca Arkanos Empty
PostSubject: Re: PC: Danasca Arkanos   PC: Danasca Arkanos Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2009 4:16 am

WS 25
BS 50
S 25
T 30
Ag 60
Int 50
Wp 30
Per 50
Fel 73

Fate Points 4

Peer Nobility
Peer Merchantile
Talented Commerce
Heavy weapon training (universal)
Basic Weapon training (universal)
Pistol weapon training (universal)

Etiquette (+10 bonus in formal situations)
Legacy of wealth (+1 profit factor)
Supremely Connected (peer Mercantile)

Mutation: Malleable (+10 agility, fit through spaces 1/4th body size)

Common Craftsmanship Inferno Pistol
Common Craftsmanship Boltgun
Xeno Mesh armor
2 sets of robes
Chameleon Cloak

Picked up last mission 12/03/09:
Longlas (X3) gave one to Miriam (who of course immediately began complaining that it wasnt a lascannon)
Good Quality Light Power Armor (no power cell) (Gave to the Missionary)

XP 11275
Spent 11150

Dodge (100)
Awareness (100)
Security (100)
Fel +10 (350)
Int +5 (100)
Per +5 (100)
Charm (100)
Silent Move (100)
Charm (100)
total: 1150

225 EXP on 11/06/09
BS +5 (250)

500 EXP on 12/03/09
Fel +5 (500)

200 EXP on 12/10/09

250 exp on 12/17/09

250 exp on 12/24/09
Fellowship +20 (750)

400 exp on 01/14/10
Tech use (200)
Commerce +10 (200)

250 exp on 01/21/10
+10 int (250)

200 exp on 01/28/10

300 exp on 02/04/10
+15 int (500)

750 exp on 03/10/10
+5 agility (250)
Scrutiny (200)
Forbidden Lore Xenos (200)

450 exp on 03/11/10
+5 agility (500)

300 xp on 03/16/10
Trade Archeologist (200)

250 xp on 03/24/10
Acrobatics (200)
Concealment (200)

300xp on 04/01/10
1 fate point (burned)
1 fate point (gained)
Climb (100)
Scholastic Lore Astromancy (200)

500xp on 04/15/10
Barter +10 (200)
Commerce +20 (200)

500xp on 04/22/10
Speak Language (Eldar) (200)
Search (200)
Scholastic Lore Bureaucracy (200)
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PC: Danasca Arkanos
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