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 PC: Gnives Boye'

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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

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PostSubject: PC: Gnives Boye'   Wed May 06, 2009 12:58 pm


Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 155lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Skin tone: pale and freckled

Physical Description: noted as above in the picture. he rarely shows any equipment other than his leather flight jacket almost always appearing completely unarmed.

Personality and quirks: An energetic, young, brash adrenalin junky, he appears to be a man with a deathwish. Fearless, daring, dashing and heroic, he is obsessed with being the hero. Ideas such as love, duty, honor and selflessness pervades him, as if he is a throwback from an earlier time born thousands of years too late.

Information gained by Players: He has psychic abilities and was born upon a black ship on its way to earth. His sanctioning seeming at first glance to have little affect on him, he sours and becomes distant whenever asked of his life. He was born on a Black Ship, and is the group Pilot. However, he seems to be more of an assassin than a fully fledged imperial psyker.
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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

Posts : 132
Join date : 2009-05-02
Age : 40

PostSubject: Re: PC: Gnives Boye'   Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:42 pm

WS 46
BS 40
T 30
S 30 (40)
Ag 55 (75)
T 30
Int 31
Per 35
Wp 40
Fel 31

Psychic Powers
Chameleon, Unnatural Aim, Premonition, Wall Walk

Fate Poiints: 7 (yes, 7)

Wounds 11

EXP Log: 5300 exp
5300 spent

BS+10 (350)
WS+10 (350)
Agi+15 (850)
Dodge +10 (200)
Silent Move (100)
Pilot Spacecraft +10 (100)
Heightened Senses (sight) (100)
Heightened Senses (hearing) (100)
Power Weapon (100)
Furious Assault (100)
Sure Strike (200)
Crack Shot (100)
Rapid Reload (100)
Mighty Shot (100)
Concealment (100)
Deadeye Shot (200)
Acrobatics (100)
Lightneing Reflexes (100)
Quick Draw (100)
Sharpshooter (200)
Blademaster (200)
Swift Attack (200)
Lightning Attack (200)
Hip Shooting (200)
Awarness +5 (250)
Intellignce +5 (250)

250 total exp
spent all saved exp on:

Disguise (100)
Basic Weapon Training (Bolter) (100)
Search (100)
Search +10 (100)
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PC: Gnives Boye'
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