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 Voxrecording: Pool of Nine Prophecy

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PostSubject: Voxrecording: Pool of Nine Prophecy   Voxrecording: Pool of Nine Prophecy Icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 1:34 pm

Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial Report
Rank Restriction: Lord Inquisitor eyes only

Report Codename: "Pool of Nine Prophecy"
Examiner: Inquisitor Brevyn Tarkus
Location: Aboard the Imperial Majesty, Sidereal-class Light Cruiser

Date: 0 156 999.M41

Description: Subject Sor'rel Sorm was recovered in a state of comatose after extraction from Brazarius by Acolyte Cell Reath. After application of a single dose of stimm and 4 hours of rest he arrived at a semi-lucid state from which the following recording was taken. After taking his testimony he was returned to the medical bay for recuperation. Dispatch telepath of Hermetic capacity or higher to determine if there are any lingering signs of daemonic taint.

Recording is as follow.

"Twelve are the number who watch over and serve a slain king, and nine are the number that truly do so. The king watches from on high, though his nation teeters at the brink and his time grows short. Flawed is his dais as pieces that were once gold have turned brass, heralding the end of his reign.

Great are the enemies of this nation, but divided. Time seeks to rectify this dissonance and brings them together at once to make final war on the nation. Brutal will be the struggle and the end is in sight for those who cannot stand at its bloody crest.
From without comes a horde of locust in numbers too vast to count, prepared to consume all in their path.
From nearby rise great warlords to lead their bloodthirsty brethren to war eternal.
From within rise those who declare themselves new kings. Usurpers who seek to ride the bloody tide that they may count themselves as the new kings of not merely a province but of the nation.
From beyond come the horrors of unreality as a war beyond imagining comes to an end at the gates of Hell itself, bringing a foe never once unified together at last.
A dying nation seeks to preserve itself at the cost of the nation, to offer them up as a sacrifice for the swarms that approach them.
An ancient prophecy stands forward at last, as a star of misfortune burns into existence. In its wake the the sleeping dead rise to unlife once more, marching inexorably across worlds that they may scourge all that is unworthy before them.

All is not lost for the nation in this dark time. Though the enemies come at once, they come as enemies unto one another as well. Through force has the nation always endured, but through guile will they stand atop the others in this final battle. Yet only can it stand with its slain king still enthroned and only by the power of his servants can he maintain his crown."
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Voxrecording: Pool of Nine Prophecy
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