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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

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PostSubject: All Aboard   Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:38 am

Danascas room was hot and stuffy, humid even, causing the walls to sweat and drip. Many large ferns and plants adorned her quarters, one of the larger ones aboard the ship and befit her well. Her room was actually more of an apartment, and consisted of a formal area, a formal dining area, a living area, a study and shop area, a large, voluminous bedroom and a magnificent bathroom.

When walking through the door, one would immediately hear a small soft voice requesting shoes be removed and placed outside. From there, one may see a foyer with white walls, and a cherry wood floor so polished that one can see the reflection of the ceiling like a lake reflecting trees on its still surface. A small plush rug, semi-circle in shape was placed in front of the door, green and white, with flowers and leaves and the words "Please Be Sweet and Wipe Your Feet" in High Gothic embroidered into it with silken thread. To the left was a wall with golden coat hooks and hat hooks on a wooden frame, with a small table, also semicircle in shape, snug against the wall. On this table was a porcelain bowl shaped like an open clam shell, and under the table was another small flat piece of wood above the floor connected to the legs of the table, and held a green fern. Above the table was a simple, oblong mirror, lacking a frame, with a beveled edge. Inside the clam shell was a bottom filled with small round pebbles smooth as glass. To the right was her formal area.

Her formal area was a small, luxurious yet understated area, with a plush, white couch made from a material not unlike canvas yet not rough to the touch, with the print of exotic flowers upon it, pink with green stems and green leaves. The couch had a skirt about the couch touched the floor, and matched, hiding whatever may be underneath (those dreaded dust bunnies!). There were two small wooden end tables on each side, with a rod iron, white shaded lamp upon each and a coaster made from porcelain upon each for drinks. Each coaster was expertly painted to match the couch, each having a single, matching pink flower with green leaves and a green stem. it was lacquered and flat.

In the center of the formal area sat an oval, cherry colored coffee table, which matched the end tables. On each corner sat a coaster matching the ones which lay on the end tables, and in the center an understated yet elegant flower arrangement of white orchids in a white, porcelain vase filigreed with carved leaves and roses. Underneath the table sat a doily made from white lace.

On the wall sat a small piano, no bigger than a dresser, with polished cherry wood which matched the tables. A wooden cover hid the keys, with polished brass knobs with which one might pull it up, and a matching bench with a black leather seat tucked under it and out of the way of passer buys. Upon its top was a matching arrangement similar to the one on the coffee table, and above it was a long mirror framed with gilded cherubs and imperial eagles. The frame was magnificent and solid gold with raised reliefs.

To the left of the piano, catty corner with a small, tall tree behind it the back to the wide, open expanse of the door frame sat a plush, black chair, with long, carved polished cherry legs and a high back, a small foot stool pushed underneath it. to its right, when facing it, on the other side of the room, sat a small, dainty, rod iron chair with a cushion which matched the couch perfectly. The room was carpeted with a beige, lush carpet.

The doorway to the formal area was more of an entry way, facing the cherry hardwood floor of the foyer, and had two small, white pillars on either side of the frame. The pillars were simple and rounded with no carvings except for the moldings around the top and bottom.

Continuing to travel down the hall one would come upon an expanse which held a high ceiling with 3 doors. The expanse wasn't really a room but more of a continuation of the foyer, holding three doors all white with brass handles for doorknobs and framed with crown molding. Upon each side of the expanse when entering it from the foyer hallway was two rounded pillars exactly like the ones on the outside of the formal area, and green ferns and lush orchids adorned the walls hanging from gelded hooks by silver chains which connected to black rod iron baskets on which the ferns sat in fat, porcelain flowerpots which sat on matching saucers.

To the left and right of the entryway were two rod iron staircases with polished wooden steps, curling up in a corkscrew to a loft above the foyer. The handrails are simple and beveled and the ends are each carved into a sculpture of fig leaves.

At the top of these stairs is an office, with pict-slates and data slates, with a cognater and a large book case stuffed with tomes and papers, made from polished wood which matched the polished floor, much like the floor in the foyer. Another matching case sat beside it, filled to bursting with scrolls.

In the center of the room lay a large, furred carpet with a face staring out at the stares in peaceful submission of a carnadon. A large desk with lumiglobes faced in the same direction with enough space to place several tomes and slates and scrolls at once. The desk had a large leather mat upon it to prevent pen marks from scratching the surface of the wood, and was well organized with quills, writing implements ink pots, pens and penciles. A large antigue globe sits upon a dias, which is half open displaying a collection of fine wines inside.
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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

Posts : 132
Join date : 2009-05-02
Age : 40

PostSubject: Re: All Aboard   Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:50 pm

The other three, elegant doors led to separate chambers, the far right being a small half bath, with the enmities but lacking a shower or tub. The sink sits upon a small dias with water coming forth from a subtle silver faucet, the knobs of which were touch sensitive for cold or hot water. On either side of the sink hung two towels on silver rings suspended by gilded eagle claws fastened to the wall. Long hanging ferns hung from chain linked baskets from the ceiling. The ferns had long vines with large teardrop leaves which hang down to the ground and were expertly pruned.

The second door from the right led into a living area in which was the general enmities of a comfortable, slightly messy, lived in atmosphere. Two large, black bean bags and an L shaped tan, plush couch with stuffed animals and gifts from various suiters, large over sized pillows, a large sturdy white table with coasters and drink dispensers and a large bay window looking out into the starry sky. The walls are framed with pictures of family and friends, and a lot of goofy pictures of herself making funny faces at the camera with various people both male and female. On on end table is a framed picture in filigree frame with a man and a woman in it, older, gray haired and parental, smiling. Against one wall is an entertainment system with a large pict screen and a collection of holovids and magazines, and all around the room hung heavy plants from rod iron stands.

The floor of that room was a thick plus carpet which squished between the toes. with an extremely soft padding beneath it. On the far side of the room was a small kitchen area with a semicircle of tile work flooring separated from the carpet by a thin brass strip. In the center of the tile area was an island with two cabinet doors with brass knobs. The wood of the cabinet was polished cherry, and the top was a white granite with veins of black, with a chopping block and a small stove. Around the edge of the kitchen area was a counter top which matched the island, with a sink, and 6 cabinet doors which opened up to plates and other ubiquitous items.

The plates were a white porcelain with blue stars around the edge. There was one plate which had a pink princess on it, as if it may have belonged to a child. In the other cabinet was the good china, where the intricately designed white porcelain plates resided with matching saucers, two different types of bowls, matching cups, and large balloon glasses for wine. Underneath the cabinet was where the wine was stored in a pressurized temperature controlled area.

There were several drawers there with hand towels wash clothes sponges whisks, silverware, and other cooking utensils, a drawer full of spices, and other drawer for things that had no place. upon the counter sat a chopping block, a blender, a toaster, an egg dicer, a nut dicer, a mortar and pestle and a coffee machine.

Out in the hall, the last door to the left led into the grandest of all rooms. A floor of dark cherry wood polished to glass, a large king sized four post bed with a bed so soft its better called a pillow than a mattress, upon that bed lay several blankets with a large down comforter of olive with maroon and gold. The posts of the beds were carved polished wood which matched the floor perfectly, and had the sculptures of imperial eagles rising into the air in artistic flair like phoenixes. The bedspread has golden balls of thread dangling from short little strings all around it, and had a matching skirt around the bottom of the bed which drifted to the floor. On top of the bed were thick, soft pillows which matched the comforter.

Beside the bed was a nightstand with a single, understated golden lamp with a white shade, and across the room from that were three dressers, two tall ones and one short one filled with drawers. The dressers matched the bed posts perfectly with bevels and carvings, and had plants sitting atop them with long vines hanging down the sides. on the short one sat a wide screen pict viewer.

To the left of the bed was another door, opening into a luxurious bath, with tan sandstone tile and plush, soft rugs. To the right, is a diamond shaped bathtub with jets inside so as to double for a hot tub or perhaps a jacuzzi, with elegant steps down into its depths and several places to sit or lean back, being big enough for two people. A subtle, rod iron faucet with tough sensitive knobs and golden highlights curves up over the edge of the tub. The edges of the tub had candle holders and plants around it, with a small dish for soap and a matching rod iron towel holder.

Beside the tub was a finely inlaid cherry polished cabinet with two doors. this cabinet held towels, shampoos, soaps and rags. All of the towels and rags were fine golden cloth plush and thick, with the crest of House Arkanos embroidered on them. The soaps and shampoos and bath ointments and salts were all of the finest, most expensive variety, perfumed with a variety of different scents; Apple, Lavender, Wildflowers, Berry, Vanilla, Melon, and Strawberry just to name a few.

Catty corner with the cabinet was a diamond shaped shower with a glass door which was trimmed with silver and a black rubber seal, which would prevent water from leaking out. inside the walls were made from the same tan sandstone tiles, including the seat, soap holder, and the seat on which one could sit. all about the shower were jets and nozzles and shower heads and steam vents, which were controlled by a small keypad for heat pressure and pulse. The shower heads were black rod iron with gold relief and the shower drain matched them perfectly.

Across from the shower was a door into which was placed a toilet in a small closet sized area. On the same wall as that, and directly opposite of the bathtub, was a luxurious double sink with polished cherry wood and white marble basins with delicate faucets of rod iron. A mirror with lights trailing above it with a cabinet separating the two sinks with the usual grooming products and a collection of antique brushes, each carved from ivory with different scenes from imperial history.

In the back of the bathroom was another delicate door with crown molding and a rod iron handle. Inside, was a plush carpet that the feet sank into, and the room expanded left and right, with a full length mirror before the door. The closet was massive, with every style of dress, coat, work outfit, play clothes imaginable. From white ball gowns with many layered skirts to tight sexy lingerie. Upon a free standing doll she would keep her mesh armor, and beside it, propped onto a small wooden chair, sitting silently would be her power armor suit procured from a previous mission.
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