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 New System for dice rolling in combat

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New System for dice rolling in combat Empty
PostSubject: New System for dice rolling in combat   New System for dice rolling in combat Icon_minitimeSat Dec 26, 2009 10:24 pm

Well, we've gotten better about it, but there is still a bit of ambivalence in it that could afford to be removed and the process of "counting degrees" is growing cumbersome. Therefore, I am implementing a slight change to the system to make things easier. I will go over this on game day this Tuesday when next we play.

Simply put, we are going to make use of OpenRPG's macro buttons.

1) You will created a macro for your weapon and ballistic skill. It will consist simply of the skill being used, a [1d100], and then a vs [Insert characteristic value].
Ex. Ballistic Skill: [1d100] s 45.
Weapon Skill: [1d100] vs 35.

The characteristic value will be your raw characteristic, changed only by attachments or qualities of the weapon. So, a Red-dot laser will add 10 (55 in this case) or a best quality weapon adding 10 to its attack. Otherwise, the macro will be just the characters fighting characteristic.

2) When your turn comes up, you are free to add the usual bits of flair. This, however, will be ignored in regards to any attempt to actually attack. It may have use as a stunt, but it will not be how you declare the attack itself.
You will then use the following method of detailing who/how you are attacking and in the following order.

A) The target you are aiming for. If the target lacks descriptors (such as a number, name or wounded status) then simply state their relative position to you (ex. one in the corner, one closest to me).

B) Whether or not it is a called shot. If it isn't you will simply state "No" or "None". If it is, you will state the point aimed for, such as "Head" or "Arm".

C) Rate of Fire. Your choices are "Single", "Semi" and "Full". If this is a melee attack, state how many attacks you are making at the target.

The following is the format required when stating your attack. If you do not use this format I will ignore your action and skip you. Here are a few examples:

"T: Goon # 1, CS: Head, RoF: Semi"
"T: Guy in the corner, CS: No, RoF: Full"
"T: Baddie within 12m, CS: No, RoF: Charge action"
"T: Person attacking objective, CS: Arms 2x, RoF: 3 slashes"

From the last one, I would infer that you are making called shots twice, out of your three attacks, going for the arms first and then a final attack against anywhere.

3) Once you have stated your target, IMMEDIATELY roll your attack macro as seen above. I will then tell you what bonuses or penalties apply. At that point I will add up everything and then seen if you passed as well as count degrees of success if they matter. I will also take this time to roll the enemies dodge (if he has one), assuming you hit.

4) I will tell you how many shots hit and then ask you to roll damage. Before you roll damage, it is your job to tell me if you think I missed a bonus that you deserve or talents that remove certain penalties, such as to Called Shot. I will then either agree and adjust accordingly or say "no" at which point you will roll damage. Any attempt to "argue" with me on the matter once I have given my decision will result in your turn being skipped.

If I seem to have skipped a penalty or given you more bonus than you deserved, praise the Omnissiah and roll the extra hits. Don't slow us up in main chat by correcting me when I give you something. Feel free to tell me in private chat afterwards, but in the mean time, roll with it.

This is pretty much how the system will work. I'll give a hypothetical example below.

Player 1: "Darius keeps a bead on the guy closest to him as the heretic pulls out his weapon, whispering a quiet prayer to the Emperor that he may strike down the heretic before he has a chance to respond."
Player 1: "T:Guy closest, CS: Head, RoF: Full"
Player 1: "Ballistic Skill [1d100] => 25 vs 35.
GM: +20 for RoF, +10 for Short range, -10 for smoke obscuring the room, -20 for Called shot.
GM: The man attempts to lurch out of the way. [1d100] = > 65.
GM:... which he fails. You hit with 1 extra degrees for 2 shots total. Roll damage please.
Player: *rolls damage and we move on as normal from here*

Eventually I might use other shorthand like "SR" for "Short range" or "CS" for "Called Shot" once every has had a chance to understand what they mean.

This is the system we will be using from now on. Failure to comply will result in me ignoring the action and skipping you. Just like taking too long to respond will.
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New System for dice rolling in combat
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