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 PC: Kalta "Modesty" Fleury

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PostSubject: PC: Kalta "Modesty" Fleury   PC: Kalta "Modesty" Fleury Icon_minitimeThu Mar 04, 2010 11:42 pm

PC: Kalta "Modesty" Fleury Jade
Name: Lady Kalta "Modesty" Fleury, The Modest Regeant of Necromunda, Commodore of the Necromunda Mercantile Fleet
Homeworld: Necromunda (Noble-Born)
Age: 31 (23 at start)
Height: 1.32 m (5'2")
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Quirk: Overly alert at times.
Skin Color: fair
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (Was brown)
Divination: "Sins in the heart turn all to decay."
Theme Song: "No Rest for the Wicked" - Cage The Elephant and "Ugly" - Exies
Markings: Modesty's nickname once an implication to her whorish and often trashy attire and demeanor has since spoken of her accomplishments for one so young and so seemingly innocent in appearance.

Kalta Fleury was born to a life of privilege and wealth on the hive world of Necromunda. The youngest of the three children and by far the most young in age (20 years difference between her and her next eldest sibling) led Kalta to be very independent and often condescending to her role and place in the world. Inspired by the founder of their family's heritage, Kalta took to trying to finding her own way in the world which led her to trouble with the law and even within her own family as her ways were seen as "uncouth" and "unsightly" for a lady of her standing.

It was her public embarrassment of her eldest sibling that finally led to them out-casting her. At his wedding she showed up in little more than a pair of high cut shorts and a tattered shirt drunk out of her mind. It was clear that Kalta had been down in the lower parts of the vast hive world and the embarrassment cost the family quite a few large contracts.

So Kalta made her way into the lower parts of the hive, using her charm and silvered tongue to work her way into more illicit dealings. Her knack for such things got her work for a local gang and soon "Modesty" as she was come to be known was handling larger and larger contracts much like her primarch did long before the founding of the noble house. Kalta's actions gained her the attention of the local Arbites. Her glibed ways kept her out of a great deal of the larger trouble until some of the superiors decided that she needed to serve different purpose. Kalta was eventually arrested during a smuggling bust of various narcotics and given a simple choice: Pay for her crimes or work for the Arbites as they needed her, in hopes of restoring some of her family honor. Being the coward she was, Kalta took the offer in hopes of finding a way home again.

Kaylin, Coppertop, and Commissar Vladimir Silvereski soon became her new family. Sent to a world at war with Orks she was dropped into the middle of fighting she was ignorant and frightened to face. Surviving by wits and general reckless abandon she escaped the front line fighting with her compatriots to make their way to the capital to discover if a more devious mechanism was allowing the Orks the ability to teleport. While Modesty schmoozed and attempted to play to the corrupt governor's attentions Coppertop mishappenly unleashed an ancient construct who soon named himself Loran and spoke of bringing an end to the pest that was humanity.

Thanks to Kaylin and Coppertop's efforts they were able to track Loran to the digsite of the heretical archeotech tech priests who were trying to revive all of Loran's allies. Thanks to two well timed (if not mistaken) diversions Coppertop was able to sabotage these efforts and bring an end to the teleporters the Orks were using. Joined with the Deathwatch marines the group led the charge against Grimthak himself leading to his demise. Surrounded and in Modesty's case, missing part of her torso, the group waited out the horror of a bombardment before being rescued, unfortunately the planet was not so lucky with the overrun and was destroyed per Exterminatus.

Three months had passed (including a well earned title of "Miss Emperor's Inferno by Modesty) as the group traveled to their unknown destination. Loran set a well baited trap aboard the Inferno's engine room to seek revenge on the team for preventing his people's resurrection. Seeing no option Modesty touched her forehead to that of the astropath aboard to give the designated coordinates to him, fortunatley for them all Modesty changed them after experiencing a literal mind meld with the psyker. Vladimir sabotaged the engines and Modesty fleed and hid while Copper managed to pull the ship from the warp with the failing Geller fields and stop some of the manifestations aboard. Modesty witnessed firsthand Loran's demise as she was ripped from the air vents by Deathwatch then rescued by Jakraell, who took her with him for a report on the matter while the other recouped. Jakraell a psyker of some degree of power and unbeknown to most, the more senior of the Inquisitors aboard the vessel spoke to Modesty of her ordeal and in general of things she saw from the coordinates leading to the Jiraxis system. Skeletons of metal in green glowing mists began to haunt her in nightmares but by orders she remained silent of what she had seen.

Offered a chance of repentance for their "tech heresy" they were dispatched to the surface to discover the secrets of this new cult and to help recover a bit of ancient technology usable by the tech priest of Mars. True to their word after Modesty followed her new memories to almost causing the death of Vladimir, Copper, Wilhelmina, and herself to a Necron tomb infiltrated the "cult" and set up a way to capture Little Gunner, the head of the cult itself. After discovering all too late Gunner was a psyker and with a Pariah, Kaylin and Vladimir saved her from a quick demise at his hands and in turn destroying the Pariah. Escorted back by Arbites Little Gunner was able to escape while the Emperor's Inferno was destroyed by infiltration of Necrons. Caiten Reath was never heard from past this incident but it drove Modesty harder to try and end the plight. So Modesty faced off with Gunner in a toe to toe fist fight to buy the infiltration team time to enter and take out the heretics. Modesty bested little Gunner in perhaps her only truly valid display of melee capabilities then killing him with the hexagramic bullets given to her by Jakraell to deal with the task. Copper led the assault with Wilhelmina to end the plight and recapture a soon to die Gunner. Earning their freedom from the tech priests Modesty spent her family gains to help the fallen Commissar by pleading her case to the tech priests for better parts unbeknown to Vladimir at the time. Modesty, for once feeling she had proven her worth, enjoyed her months of rest in training to become better and more of a help in the future.

Sent to Jiris V next, the group was to discover what happened to Inquisitor Tarkus and if possible uncover the real cause of the war between the great houses there. Modesty took the lead as a member of her house come by way of the Imperium to help resolve the matter diplomatically bought Vladimiar, Kay, and Copper time to work their more appropriate angles to finding out that the houses were at war due to Eldar attempts to get at a cache buried within the planet. Helping to stop them from uncovering the weapons they retinue saved Tarkus and discovered another plot by the Eldar involving Thorun-som's crown prince Sor'rel whom with Benson had disappeared in the webway. Recovering from their injuries aboard the Emperor's light, the group made headway for Brazarius per the Eldar's directions.

Despite Modesty and Vladimir's attempts to keep their at times volatile relationship a secret, Modesty's general condition began to worse beyond the help of the sedatives she had been taking. Either stressful sleeps or insomnia began to plague her as more of the psyker's knowledge leaked into her mind, flooding it with a lifetime not her own. While most of it was incoherent flashes Modesty began to focus upon them, using what she could see to help her and her compatriots. Even despite her best efforts, it was becoming clear that she may not ever recover from the mishap. The group continued still until they came near Bazarius, dealing with a few chaos warships, the Emperor's Light pursued one and sent the team ahead to infiltrate and destroy it before it could reach Bazarius. While seemingly a suicide run the team easily dispatched the heretics left aboard and were saved by a strange warp entity known as "Fluffy" who kept Wilhelmina and Modesty safe from the Daemonhost aboard. A strange entity in all respects, Fluffy's generally child like antics proved their salvation as he guided them down to the planet in front of a crashing rubble of space garbage. Rejoined with Benson the team split to uncover information about Sor'rel and the supposed keys needed for the location of the Pool of Nine.

While the main group spearheaded finding the other keys Modesty found one within her new cultist friends. Buried within a tomb was an ancient sword that proved to be the key for the Tzeentch door. After sucking up her cowardice Modesty in a strange turn of events rejoined the others with the weapon in hand after downing a Khorne Beserker that slaughtered her convoy. Graciously passing the blade to Kaylin the group met up with Sor'rel and began their journey into the test of the Pool of Nine. Thanks to Coppertop's quick wits, Kaylin's tenacity, and Vladimir's faith the group passed through the test rather haphazardly and approached the Pool of Nine, a place where they were not guarranteed survival as Sor'rel was. So it was then that Modesty asked the one question she wished to see; "What must I do to save Humanity?" So, was her answer revealed in the sights of Verne Fleury and a cult of great power on Necromunda, the words of the prophecy filling her head in realization that her path seemed set, her final path to redemption was in the place where she had sinned.

Recovering from the cave the group discovered the only way off planet was to break the ritual of several sorcerers of Chaos. Infiltrating and destroying the towers, the group succeeded in destroying both the sorcerers and their chaos bodyguards through a strange working of selfless trust they had not shown prior. Fluffy's reappearance saved Modesty from a charred death at the hands of one of the psykers while she used an Eldar catapult to lacerate a Khornite into pieces. Recovered and returning to the Emperor's Light they made it free from the planet before the warp storm came into full power of consuming the planet once again.

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PC: Kalta "Modesty" Fleury
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