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 PC: Sister Akadia Prunell aka "Sister Piety"

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PostSubject: PC: Sister Akadia Prunell aka "Sister Piety"   Fri Mar 19, 2010 4:46 pm

Name: Akadia Prunell
Homeworld: Order of the Ebon Chalice, Holy Terra (Schola Progenium)
Age: 20
Height: 1.97 m (5'10")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Quirk: Shaky fingers
Skin Color: fair
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey (Naturally Brown)
Divination: "Only in death does duty end."
Theme Song: "Downfall" - Trust Company
Markings:Tall (5'10"), willowy, and fair skinned seem to be the contrasting features of this youth given her usual adornment. Her hair is kept short in a silvery white while her darker brows and brown eyes are highlighted by the strange makeup she usually wears around her eyes. A golden glitter with a gold backdrop surround and coat her eyelids and inner circles of her eyes, a semicircle of blood red accents the outline around the edges of her eyes with several streaks reaching about halfway down her cheek in the red. The illusion of the sun's rays complete next to the black Aquilla tattoo on her left cheek. Her general features are youthful as she seems to take a mind to somewhat make herself more fashionable and attractive in her attire. Her matter of speech in her higher end tenor voice is rather pronounced and clearly more educated than she would at times appear to be. Her accent is more fine (British) and bearing a certain elitist air.

Her usual garb includes a red robe outlined in a white trim. A heavier material that reveals itself to be a light flak upon closer inspection this robe flows around her save for her waist and torso where a corset of carapace highlights her natural curves. Made of white and inlaid with gold imperial markings little is left to the imagination given the design of the bust marked with aquilla's and the small waist and flowing curve of the beginning of her hips hard laid into the thick plates.

The only other noticeable accessories on this woman would be a sword done more in the fashion of a longsword kept at her hip and the rosarius chain she drapes about her waist leading to an iconic amulet of the Ecclessiarchy.


"Only in death does duty end," what my father said the Prunell motto was long before the Emperor rose to power. The few times I saw him and my mother were usually filled with lessons of our past and our duty to humanity, a proud but humble one we Prunell's had always served in some capacity. Mother was a member of the Ecclesiarchy, not a politically set high priority member but her works didn't go unnoticed, save by a Major in the Imperial legion of the Mordian Iron guard. So my parents were Ishta and Davis Prunell, married twenty-fire years ago. Five years thereafter they had a little spore they named Akadia, which is me by the way. For a good portion of my life I spent time with my mother while my father was in command of organizing Mordian actions in other systems from our homeworld. Being a daughter of such fine examples of the Imperium I was afforded a rather nice education and comfortable surroundings to be indoctrined into a hopeful future. I had one day hoped to be a member of the Ecclesiarchy like my mother but about the age of eight that changed.

Heretics, such cowardly and morally nulled beasts they are. While the rest of us were rushed off planet my mother and father stayed behind, defending our world from a rebellion fueled by heretical fires they had been hunting for months. Beaten to death then dangled on poles like sick xenos trophies, the truth of their end was a grotesque one I was not ready to deal with. The pureness of my parents defiled and destroyed by savages and monsters. It was then that I happened upon my future, or so I thought what I was meant for. I remember it perhaps more dramatically than it occured but the impression in my mind remains ever so clear. She was a tall woman, her armor in black with golden markings as well as the purity seals I had learned about all over her beautiful armor. Under the black robes of pure white with red trim flowed with her. In one hand she held a bolter, the other her hand laid upon the hilt of what they called a chainsword, both decorated in the symbols of the Imperium. Her hair was snow white despite her eyebrows being a dark raven color and upon her right upper cheek near her eye was the tattooed aquilla. I looked up to her through tears and awe, a small child in her way. She kneeled, the sounds of her armor hissing was clear, I knew who she was now, the legendary bride of the emperor, the fear of all heretics in the universe. She smiled and for a moment I felt like her eyes searched my soul. I stopped my tears as her gloved fingers raised my chin. For a few moments she said nothing then finally in a soft and melodious tone she whispered to me, "Do not mourn those that died for him my dear Akadia. Their duty is done and in them is honour that will be sung when we purify this world." I could only nod a bit to her words as she picked me up in her arms, carrying me to a plasteel window as we watched the world beneath us burn. For some it would be horrendous but with her beside me I saw the beauty of it. It was in those moments I knew what I had wished to be from then on and given I had no home, Sister Elaine of the Ebon Chalice considered me her ward and by the age of nine I was with her on my way to Holy Terra itself.

I know what you're thinking, No way? Holy Terra itself? It is the chantry of the Ebon Chalice or the Orders Militant. A member of the Ecclesiarchy I would become, swearing my life to the Adepta Sororita and my chaplet. Under Sister Elaine I was her page. I cleaned and annointed her armor and weapons with prayer, I followed her upon her tasks, spent my time in training as I had prior with the Imperial schools. Surprisingly, no men were allowed within the Chantry save the few visitors of the Ecclesiarchy that came to oversee the operations and to inform us of needed duties beyond our walls. Life was good for me in those times. Elaine taught me to hone my bitterness and hatred into pure wrath, to utter the prayers of the brides, and to focus and discipline myself in the zeal needed to find justice for those like me. She treated me as blood, a younger sister under her care. While strict and firm with me, never a lesson spent without the logic and wisdom shared to me. I was fortunate as I fear many of my sisters were simply corrected without coming to full comprehension of the why, something I pitied them for but took a silent pride in knowing my sister superior saw such lessons necessary.

Ten years and many bruises, sleepless painful nights, and sung hymns later I was given my first chance alongside my sister Elaine. A novice I was made under her unit and sent with the Order Militant to a world on the verge of rebellion as my homeworld was. Despite common believe, we novice are not the sisters of legend. We are their support behind the lines and often left to oversee and watch to learn than actually fight. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to follow my sister superior into conflict within one of the hive centers. A street battle against rebellious and heretical gangs. This would soon be my first and last fight I would discover.

We followed a group through some of the sewer tunnels into a more peaceful urban center still being held off by the local PDF forces. Sister Elaine, myself, and two other sister superiors came about to try and find our heretical leader. A strangeness started to come over me, I began to feel dizzy and saw colors I assumed was from the local pollution in the air. I steadied myself in silence however, readying my weapon as we searched for this man. Much to my pained eyes, I began to see colors around people, auras as it were. It hurt my eyes to continue to do it but I could see the man's dark aura, I could follow him. I saw him turn and take aim, rushing as fast as I could I tackled Sister Elaine as I heard her cry out in pain. The crowds dispersed as I felt a burning in my eyes, I aimed with my pistol and shot the aura of the man. I saw him topple over before I looked down to Sister Elaine, blood covering her left eye socket as her other fixated upon me fiercley. A sudden pain in the back of my skull sent all to black for me.

I awoke to the searing pain of a brand, set into my naked chest was the mark of the witch. I cried out in pain still only seeing the glowing auras about me. It began to fade as the Canoness' appeared before me, her eyes narrowed in pure and vile hatred at me. "Look into the mirror witch, see what you have become before your end!" she snarled at me as I did, confused, frightened, and weak already from the pain in my body. All I could do was choke on my own breath as I saw the cracks of light around my eyes, softly fading from their glow of red and blue as my eyes likewise returned to their normal brown. Something had changed in me, someone had vexed me. I was betrayed and now condemned to an end I sought for others. They broke me in tears and contempt, lashed and purified my body. Painting the marks in my own blood in a strange makeup around my eyes. I lost all track of time, in the moments I was allowed to heal through interrogations and tortures I prayed to the emperor, begging he remove this taint from me and right me again as I had only desired to be. Funny how prayers are answered...

They came with hot pokers, my time was to come to an end now. My name was recorded as a witch and traitor to my sisters and my eyes were to be put out and my soul purged from the taint. I no longer cared if I died because I too had become to believe that I was all they had said, a heretic and a witch claimed by the darkness. I was only thankful that it was sister Elaine that was put to the task. She kneeled before me then, the searing blunt end of the fire ready as she kissed my forehead and said she would pray my soul joined back where it would belong. I found myself weeping, begging for her forgiveness as a man's voice cried out to cease by order of the Holy Ordos of the Emperor. With almost relief I saw the searing heat of the poke drop to the ground and the cloaked behemoth of a man reach out, his hand almost able to wrap fully around my head as he murmured a soft prayer and I fell into a blackness again.

Two years ago I was sentenced to death but saved by the hand of a High Inquisitor. He told me that I was not the first nor would I be the last deemed a heretic so easily. He said I was "special" and "gifted" but I did not understand fully yet how or why, that it was the Emperor's wish that I bear what I did, his eyes beyond the throne. I was broken and did not know whether to believe him or not till he spoke that I had two choices at this stage: Face death as a heretic or find redemption in the eyes of the Emperor's works. As a Prunell, my duty was not yet complete so my choice was clear. My sisters will always spit upon my name and try to end me but I have been chosen to redeem myself before the Emperor. I have found purpose with a small sect many do fear, the ones they call the Red Redemption. Many call them sinners seeking salvation by destroying what they once were. I have called them home for this reason and more, it is not my duty, either way I will die but I will die doing what my family and my soul tell me should be done.

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PostSubject: Re: PC: Sister Akadia Prunell aka "Sister Piety"   Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:25 pm

Character Sheet


Weapon Skill: 20
Ballistic Skill: 50
Strength: 25
Agility: 40
Toughness: 20
Willpower: 40
Perception: 40
Fellowship: 30
Intelligence: 30



Speak High Gothic (int)
Speak Low Gothic (int)
Literacy (int)
Common Lore (int)
- Imperium
- Imperial Creed
Trade (int)
- Copyist
Perform (fel)
- Singer
Dodge +10(ag)
Scrutiny (per)



Basic Weapon Training (Las, Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (SP, Las, Bolt)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Sheltered Upbrining (-10 to interaction tests with the worst of humanity)
Tempered Will (All WP tests at -30 and more are treated as -20)
True Faith
Witch Sight


Wounds, Fare, Corruption, etc.

14 Wounds
4 Fate
14 Insanity
0 Corruption


Experience Expenditures
Starting XP: 1000 base xp
Denounced and Condemned (400)
+5 Agility (250)
+5 Willpower (100)

Session 1: +200 Xp Gained
Dodge (100)
Scrutiny (100)
Common Lore (Imperium) (100)
BS +5 (100)

Session 2: +300 Xp Gained
Dodge +10 (100)
Pistol Training (Bolt) (100)

Session 3: +200 xp Gained
+5 Willpower (250)

Session 4 (04/07/2010) +300 xp Gained
+10 BS (250)

Total: 1950/2000



Carapace Chest Plate
Mesh Cowl
Light Flak Coat
Aquila Necklace
Vestments (Good quality clothing)
4 Candles
Writing Kit
Ring of Suffrage (Charm)
Copy of the Rules of the Sororitas
Chaplet Ecclesiasticus (Devotional Icon Amulet)
Poor Quality Fury Las Pistol
2 Spare Charge packs
7 Gelt
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PC: Sister Akadia Prunell aka "Sister Piety"
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