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 PC: Falrun Ozziandus

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PC: Falrun Ozziandus Falrunlatest

Name: Falrun Ozziandus.
Physical Profile.
Biological Age: 35.
Height: 6'2''.
Weight: 140lbs.
Build: Gaunt, Long limbed.
Skin colr: White, Pale.
Hair Color: Unknown, Presumed Black
Hair Style: Bald
Facial hair style: Clean Shaven.
Eye colour: Grey, Dark.
Implants: Right eye replaced with a blue lensed Auger Array.
Electro Graft interface jack Installed in his left wrist.
Electro Inductors Installed in the skin of the hands and lower arms.
Respirator Unit Build into the Neck, Covered with Artificial Skin.
Cyber Mantle, Build into much of his torso.
Crystal Based Potentia Core, Build into his chest bone.
Cranial Circuitry located in the right side of the cranium behind the Auger Array, Covered for the most part with Skin grafts.

Psycological Profile:
Falrun displays great confidence and will in performing his duties to the Omnisiah and a calm enjoyment in his duties. Records that indicate a noticable inemptness with dealing and understanding of social situations and there is evidence that he suffers from social anxiety and enochlophobia. performance records show he has a strong tendency to first observe and analyze situations before acting.

Historical Records.
Birthplace: Sat-3970, Research Satalite located near the Nuveri nebula, Current status: Dismantled.
Duty Record: Entered service at the age of 23, notable engagement on Stalon in engagement against the Xenos identified as Tau, fuctioned as a code cracker, saboteur and sniper. Suffered limited dataloss due to damage to his brain and cranial circuits in the line of duty, was placed into stasis shortly after.
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PC: Falrun Ozziandus
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