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 Into the Breach: Part IV

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PostSubject: Into the Breach: Part IV   Into the Breach: Part IV Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 6:59 pm

Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial Transitory Command Communique
Rank Restriction: Inquisitor eyes only
Special Dispensation granted to Operative Kalta Fleury and attached acolyte team.

Report Type: Transfer Orders and Assignment Presentation
Report Destination: Necromunda, Hive Necromunda Primus via Astropathic Relay

Communique as sent by Inquisitor Lord Carius Jakarell of the Segmentum Tempestus Transitory Ordo Xenos Fleet XI

Date: 0 301 004.M42

Blessing and Salutations from the Emperor's Eye,

For the past five years, acolyte team Reath has been assigned to various tasks involved in the cleansing and restructuring of Necromunda after the extermination of multiple heretical elements within the the noble family, planetary defense forces and local law enforcement. Upon the assessment given by the Administratum, the planet has returned to its Tithe Grade of Exactus Extremis, and thus marks the successful completion of the civil assignment given to team Reath. In consideration of the efforts, both during the original operation as well as the clean-up afterwards, it has been decided that the acolytes of team Reath are of a level of competency and self-sufficiency that marks them capable of long term independent assignment.

As of such, they are being transferred to the Expletio Sector on the coreward edge of the Segementum Tempestus, approximately 600 lightyears from the Segmentum Fortress of Bakka. They shall arrive at the Sector Fortress of Herren in the Sarken Reach sub-sector, where they shall meet up with Ordo Xenos and Mechanicus agents.

There they shall be given command of a vessel as deemed appropriate by joint Ordo and Mechanicus forces and be assigned as free and rapid response agents in the Sector until further notice. To act as cover while the acolytes carry out their varying duties, they shall be granted a Free Charter by the Sector Fortress as Imperium-sanction mercenaries. In order to maintain this facade, the team will be required to assist the Sector Fortress and its varying institutions as necessary. This shall provide both a cover as well as extra resources that may be required for continuation of the operation.

With this message comes access to the Expletio Sector maps as last collected by Mechanicus Explorator Fleets in 2 105 985.M41. As such it is extraordinarily up-to-date for such an outlying sector and should be a valuable resource coming operations.

Exact tasks to be carried out shall be given by an by the Expletio Sector Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Sartin Tallus upon arrival at Herren.
Furthermore, as team Reath has proven itself capable of independent action and as Interrogator Caiten Reath has as of yet been located, the callsign for the acolyte team has been changed to "Breach Loaders". All further Inquisitorial Communiques shall refer to the team as such. Serve the Imperium.

The Emperor Protects.

Inquisitor Lord Carius Jakarell
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Into the Breach: Part IV
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