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 Phobos-Class Frigate "Supernova"

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PostSubject: Phobos-Class Frigate "Supernova"   Phobos-Class Frigate "Supernova" Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 9:59 pm

Ship Type: Frigate
Ship Class: Phobos-Class Long Range Assault Craft
Dimensions: 1.8 km long, 0.4 km a beam
Mass: 6.4 Megatonnes
Crew: 30,750 approx.
Acceleration: 4.4 gravites max sustainable acceleration

Description: It is large for a standard frigate. But unlike many ships where the larger ship classes tend to be less advanced than their elder precursors, the Phobos-Class Frigate is actually a ship of relatively old design and manufacture. Produced at some point around about the time of the Great Crusade, it effectively crams a number of heavy weapon systems onto the platform while still managing to keep the relatively sleek profile of a small capital ship such as a frigate.

This particular ship appears to have been very recently refit, and the quality of the work is impressive, paled only in comparison to the construction of the ship. It is apparent that the ship originally used techniques from the Dark Age of Technology. It is of a sturdy construction and even contains several artefacts of great interest to the Adeptus Mechanicus, who had a hand in its restoration.

Total Stats and Modifiers:
Speed: 8
Detection: +20
Armor: 19
Maneuverability: +18
Hull Integrity: 41
Turret Rating: 2
Weapon Capacity: 2 Dorsal

-20 to Tech-use to repair ship
+20 to all command tests involving boarding, and
+40 to all Hit and Run (+20 when Teleportarium not in use)
+100 Achievement points towards any Creed Objective
+100 Achievement points towards any Military Objective

Max Morale: 103
Max Crew: 100
Space: 42/42
Power: 42/45

Current Morale: 103
Current Crew: 96
Current HP: 35

Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive
Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Single Void Shield Array
Geller Field
Combat Bridge
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers
Voidsman Quarters
Mark 201.b Auger Array

Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery
Mars Pattern Macrocannons
Reinforced Interior Bulkheads
Armor Plating
Temple Shrine to the God Emperor

Machine Spirit Oddities: Stoic- When not pushed to combat speed, this craft likes to take it easy. It plods along at its own pace, its machine spirits only being riled to full readiness when battle or another emergency occurs. Anytime a profit factor award is given, subtract 1 from it as the ships plodding nature causes everything to be completed in a less than swift fashion. However, that same ease of nature allows it to shrug off damage that less sturdily built ships, with more fidgety machine spirits, would not.
Whenever a component becomes damaged or unpowered, roll a 1d10. On a 7 or higher, the damage is ignored.

Past Histories: Reliquary of Mars- Forces within the Inquisition discovered the hulk of this ship floating in the Expletio Sector and brought it to the Forge World known simply as "The Forge" and had it restored. However, given the ships ancient nature it was discovered that a vaunted piece of archeotech, a Teleporatarium, was discovered within the ship's well built hull. As a part of the deal for restoring such a powerful ship with its archeotech systems intact, the Adeptus Mechanicus reserved the right to place a Magos or higher upon the vessel at all times to oversee the proper maintenance rituals are maintained and the blessed tech isn't "abused" by the barbarous soldiers and naval officers that would be stationed aboard.

Advantages: The ship is a hard hitter and can take quite a bit of punishment before it goes down. Along with its complement of soldiers in the barracks and access to the teleportarium this ship is capable of taking on some nasty opponents and even going toe to toe with them in boarding actions if need be.

Disadvantages: While it does hit hard the ship is, in all conceivable ways, kind of slow. While it has a regular speed for a frigate (due to the advanced build of the craft), it is slow to get places and without a skilled PC tech-priest you won't be able to push its speed very far and battle repairs will be a bitch. Pretty much any repairs will be. Furthermore, due to its Reliquary status, the Magos NPC does have access to a certain level of veto power over some devices, namely the Teleportarium. He will sometimes give his opinion on matters, wanted or not, and will expect to have some say in what goes down, which will rarely be all that beneficial for the team. The only trade-off is that as long as he is there and "happy", it is highly unlikely that anyone from the Mechanicus or other Imperial organizations will come knocking at your door demanding unwanted favors.

Weapon Stats:
Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery:
Strength: 4
Damage: 1d10+4
Crit Rating: 4
Range: 5

Mars Pattern Macrocannons:
Strength: 3
Damage: 1d10+2
Crit Rating: 5
Range: 6

Profit Factor/Influence:
10 PF / 30 Inf = 40 total.
-4 Influence (Falsely Accused)
+4 Inflience (Acquitted)
+1 Modesty Nobility Status [PF]
+1 Pirate bounty [Inf]
=11 PF/31 Inf = 42

Phat Lewts:
6 Skipper Torpedoes
250 Chupix Slicer Guns
A set of maps of unknown purpose
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Phobos-Class Frigate "Supernova"
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