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 Ixus-Class Destroyer "Starlancer"

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PostSubject: Ixus-Class Destroyer "Starlancer"   Ixus-Class Destroyer "Starlancer" Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 10:00 pm

Ship Type: Destroyer/Raider
Ship Class: Ixus-Class Deep Penetration Strike Craft
Dimensions: 1.3 km long, 0.25 km a beam
Mass: 4.0 Megatonnes
Crew: 20,500 approx.
Acceleration: 6.2 gravites max sustainable acceleration

Description: A craft designed and produced in the Expletio Sector, this class of ship made use of the extraordinary prevalence of Forge Worlds in the sector and Adeptus Mechanicus influence to excel above and beyond what other ships of a the same class and design were intended for. These ships were designed for speed and they pull it off fantastically. Armed with lance guns they excel at quick strikes and rapid deployment before effective resistance can be mounted. And when you were created in a sector full of xenos, heretics and pirates like Expletio, that goes a long way.

This particular ship was acquired from the Imperial Navy after a particularly close run in with a group of Ork ships heavily damaged its maneuvering thrusters. The Sector Seat made use of it as a messenger vessel after refitting it with top of the line thrusters and recently offered it to the Inquisition as a vessel to assist them in their present moment of strained resources.

Total Stats and Modifiers:
Speed: 12
Detection: +17
Armor: 14
Maneuverability: +28
Hull Integrity: 35
Turret Rating: 2
Weapon Capacity: 1 Dorsal, 1 Prow

+5 to all command tests involving boarding and Hit and Run
+5 to all BS tests
+100 Achievement points towards any Creed Objective

Max Morale: 101
Max Crew: 100
Space: 42/42
Power: 42/45

Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive
Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Single Void Shield Array
Warpsbane Hull
Command Bridge
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers
Pressed-Crew Quarters
Mark 201.b Auger Array

Titanforge Lance Weapon
Mars Pattern Macrocannons
Augmented Retrothrusters
Reinforced Interior Bulkheads
Temple Shrine to the God Emperor

Machine Spirit Oddities: Adventurous- This vessel has run Orkish blockades, slid past Eldar Corsairs, blasted its way through Chupix checkpoints and left pirates scrambling in panic as it has burst forward from a meteor swarm to lay into their base. And it loves it. The Machine Spirits get giddy at the chance for adventure, whatever it may be and eagerly scan the cosmos when they see action ahead. However, a life spent in such excitement makes everything else considerably more drab, giving the machine spirits a short attention span when merely plying the depths of space.

Whenever the ship is actively involved in an endeavor, in some direct fashion, it gains +10 to its detection. However, when not actively engaged in an endeavor, the ship suffers a -10 to its detection.

Past Histories: Finances in Arrears- For whatever reason, the Inquisition decided not to make the ship "officially" theirs, perhaps to keep up the facade of the acolyte team as uninvolved with Inquisitorial affairs. As of such, the ship is still registered to and considered a part of the Expletio Sector Fleet. As of such, the Sector Seat views the ship as a Free Chartist, albeit one with considerably more freedom of movement and refit capacity than a normal one would. Because of this, the Sector Seat will be prone to set out tasks and missions for the vessel to complete, that will probably be unrelated to whatever jobs or duties the ship is currently carrying out. Failure to complete these tasks, or doing so in a less than time manner will result in a greater level of Misfortune applied against the Profit Factor of the crew. Completely ignoring the requests will probably bring down censure from higher places.
However, the Sector Seat is also inclined to directly assist the ship in various ways it would not in normal situations, whether that be: Information, docking rights, access to higher level equipment or other resources that might be useful for not only carrying out their missions, but any others the crew of the ship might happen to be taking part in as well.

Advantages: The ship is fast. At a speed of 12 it can outrun any Cruiser or Light Cruiser without even trying, leave a number of Frigates in the dust with similar ease, take on most raiders (so long as they don't have a skilled tech-priest) and catch up with transports as if they were standing still. Additionally, its maneuverability is also quite high, allowing it to go places and do things that larger (or even comparably sized) ships could never manage. The assistance of the Sector Seat (due to Finances in Arrears) will be quite useful as it will give you a line of communication I was intending to deprive you guys of. You'd still need Lores for a lot of things, but having an idea that you are heading into an area recently infested by Orks is never a bad thing.

Disadvantages: The ship is fast and it can hit with a decent level of force. It is also largely made of glass. Unlike the frigate, it cannot effectively give as good as it takes. If a situation turns tits up this vessel is rarely in a position to stand its ground and get the other guy to back down while you finish business. This ship is most in its element when it catches its quarry off guard or at least in a situation where it has the chance to strike first. With a lance weapon only pointing forward as one of its two weapons, it generally can only work its magic when it has a chance to charge the foe. And if the foe is ready and bigger than you, this isn't always a wise move. The Finances in Arrears Past History will only prove problematic if you guys prove fairly incompetent or ignore the requests of the Sector Seat all together. Otherwise it shouldn't be an issue.

Weapon Stats:
Titanforge Lance Weapon:
Strength: 1
Damage: 1d10+4
Crit Rating: 3
Range: 6

Mars Pattern Macrocannons:
Strength: 3
Damage: 1d10+2
Crit Rating: 5
Range: 6
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Ixus-Class Destroyer "Starlancer"
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