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 Morale and Reputation

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PostSubject: Morale and Reputation   Morale and Reputation Icon_minitimeTue Mar 23, 2010 11:38 pm

This system is for NPC and Faction Interactions that will come into play. Basically everyone has a score of -30 to 30 for their influence (mostly will be done in 5's or 10's intervals based on merit. You gain certain reactions based on things you do for NPCs. What this system provides you with is a modifer for things dealing with the person from favors to actually having assistance from them in certain tasks. The current levels are as follows.

Animosity (-30) - Any lower and this person will shoot or stab you on sight, they are already contemplating it. You gain this by doing horrid things to groups or factions such as killing and raping their wives and children, burning their house down, and even shooting at them first.

Revile (-20) - This person will not listen or respect you in any fashion. They will go out of their way to make your life a living hell. Getting to this level usually involves a long term dispute (such as stealing an ex or husband or wife), screwing them over on deals, or treating them like dirt without a kind word edgewise.

Loathe (-10) - This person barely holds their tongue (and often does not) when you are around. They consider you a nuisance or detrimental to their own person. Often commanders gain this by abusing their troops or by riding them for so long without a break that they no longer care about them being another person.

Neutral (0) - This person treats you as they would any other random passerby. They hold no ill will but they also don't hold any real concern for your betterment. They might pull you out of the way of a bullet but there's no way they're taking one for you.

Favorable (+10) - This person says nice things about you the majority of the time. They often consider you a friend of sorts and might even be more willing to sacrifice a bit of something less important for you.

Care (+20) - This person is a loyal Comrade and ally. They will watch your back and go out of their way to do so even if it means possible harm for them. These are life long friends that will take a bullet for you.

Adoration (+30) - There are many kinds of love, and this person has several that fit with how they feel for you. You are more than a friend you are family and they will make it a point to protect and see to your needs even without you asking. Crews that serve under an adored captain are legends without equal.
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Morale and Reputation
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