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 PC Albrecht Von Rausmaat (Herrsnail)

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PostSubject: PC Albrecht Von Rausmaat (Herrsnail)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:46 pm

Name: Albrecht Von Rausmaat
Homeworld: Hive World Fervos VII
Age: 26

Character Description

Standing at 1.8M (6Ft) tall and 90kg (198lbs), Albrecht is of a brawny stock with pale skin, reflecting his Ganger upbringing in the depths of the hive spire he was raised in. He speaks in a slow precise manner after the Drill Instructors 'advised' him to stop speaking in the quick, harsh tones of his Hiver slang. His black hair is kept in a slightly overgrown crew cut, and he keeps clean shaven. He has sharp blue eyes, otherwise his facial features are unremarkable. His clothing does little to hide his broad, muscular form, but is usually kept ironed and clean. He has just a single tattoo On his left forearm; a crude deaths head with 4 of the teeth coloured red with a barbed wire background that wraps around his entire arm. Albrecht is generally even tempered, slow to anger, yet always seems ike he's waiting for something to happen. Posessed of a sardonic wit and dry sarcasm that can often be grating, he enjoys a good laugh as much as the next person, yet can switch into a cold, hard demeanor in an instant and does not shirk from bloodshed.

Originally from the middle classes of his home hive, Albrechts father was a Guardsman, conscripted when Albrecht was 4, so he has few memories of him and has presumably long since died in the constant meatgrind. His mother worked as a Scribe for the Administratum, working long and hard hours to advance her career. When Albrecht was 7, his whole world was shattered as his mother was murdered on her way home from work, some gangers from the underhive who originally saw her as an easy mark, however when she fought back it quickly escalated to murder. When informed by the Arbites, he didn't understand, and said his father would be back soon and they should speak to him.

A record check soon revealed that they now had an orphan on their hands, and they processed him as such and put him into one of the few orphinariums. It was here that he was introduced into the ganger lifestyle, being bullied by the bigger boys, some other boys said they'd protect him. Childish , to start with. Eventually running away from the Orphanarium, he found himself alone on the streets, picking pockets and scavenging to survive. He was soon driven into the lower levels of the hive, cast out by the society that he was once a part of. It was here he was taken in by a gang called the 'True Hivers', who believed that the only real freedom found in the imperium was living as they did, free from the relentless and mind numbing work of the Munitorium or Administratum.

It was here he took his first life. Given a las pistol, and told to go kill someone from another gang to become a full fledged True Hiver, he took his first life at aged 12, hands shaking, aim badly off, he got dragged into the gang warfare which would define his teenage years and earned his Deaths Head tattoo. Stealing, mugging and shooting his way through his teenage years, every time he took a life he earned another red tooth on his tattoo, and barbed wire background when he turned 16 and became on of his leaders Leutenants. A comparitive life of luxury was from here on, he was one of the guys calling the shots now, and he was rarely challenged, although each challenger was dealt with swiftly when he was, especially when some questioned his loyalty.

It was on a 'routine' run into the upper levels of the hive that made him join the Guard, originally there to shake a few stores down for supplies and empty a few pockets on the way back, he noticed a recruitment drive poster. Unsure of what compelled him to do so, memories of his father, or perhaps wanting to join a better gang, when he turned 18 he slipped away from his group and made his way to the conscription center, and before long he was pressed into training.

As a recruit he excelled with his marksmanship, but was an unruly, defiant recruit and took some breaking into military life. His years of service before was hardly worth of note, although some remarked he had potential for command as his common troopers rallied around him, the thing that most often impressed his superiors was how he kept surviving in the harshest of meat grinders, world after world, theater after theater.

When a member of the Inquisition asked his commanders for a unit of guardsmen for an unspecified mission, Albrechts unit was put forth, as 'the best they had', when in reality they didn't want to lose their best to what was assumed to be a suicide mission. Their mission, it was revealed, was to infiltrate the ancient sewer networks to find what the Inquisitor thought was a cult intent on summoning something big and nasty to unleash on the lines.

Progressing through, what they found first was another advance force from the enemy. Brutal tunnel combat followed, claiming most of the lives of the unit, although the Inquisitor came out reletively unscathed. They pressed on, the Inquisitor intent on finishing the mission. When they arrived at the mission objective, below half strength, low on morale, the only thing driving them was the fear of the Inquisition they had now seen in action rather than as whispered rumours, What they found suprised them all. The walls were decorated with rotting flesh, flies swarmed around like clouds over rotting corpses, yet never landing on them.

As the Inquisitor was about to give the order to burn everything, the bodies got up. Panic overtook the survivors instantly, they started randomly shooting at the reanimated bodies, all order gone out of them. Albrecht, however, began to run. And run he did. Right into the unmoving form of their leader. Both were suprised, however it was Albrecht who ended up on the floor with a bloodied nose. Several harsh words later, he was inexpertly using the flamer he'd gather to begin completing their mission objective, the reanimated bodies being burned by the score, their moans low and unwavering. It was here that Albrecht first met a fallen Marine, as it emerged from the smoking ruins, shouting oathes to Nurgle.

Albrechts first reaction was to dive back into cover. He did so. He also knocked down the Inquisitor in the process of doing so and save him from the hail of bolter fire which ripped his troops to shreds. What could he do against such a monster? Nothing! To his suprise the Inquisitor ran out of cover when the marine had discarded his bolter, and engaged it in single combat, powered sword to powered sword. The fierceness of that duel would never leave his memory, the speed of which the Corrupted marine moved at matched only by the fierce, almost possessed, determination of the Inquisitor. Although it lasted only moments, the duel seemed to last forever to Albrecht, although how could such a man hope to win against the giant monster? It was foolishness. He saw the Inquisitor disarmed by an insanely powerful backhand stroke, which although expertly parried, the sheer force of it knocked his sword out of his hands into the ground nearby. Watching the monster about to behead the Inquisitor, he also watched himself bring his lasgun to aim, and unloaded it in fall auto on the marine, knocking it back slightly.

The Inquisitor rolled away as the marine blindly charged at Albrecht, who was now watching his whole life flash by, sure death was about to take him, when the giants leg got left behind at the shin, a roar of rage filled the air. Having recovered his power sword, the Inquisitor had stopped his charge dead by slicing his leg off, shortly followed by his head. Although Albrecht was unaware of this, having passed out from fear, exhaustion, and the expectation he was about to die. The next few days were a blur, spent in the care of a medicae as he recovered from wounds he wasnt aware he recieved during the excursion. Eventually, the Inquisitor informed him that he was now an agent of the Ordos, to be used as a tool until death take him. The rest, as they say, is history.


Weapon Skill: 35
Ballistic Skill : 50
Strength: 40
Toughness : 30
Agility: 35
Intelligence: 20
Perception: 30
Willpower: 40
Fellowship: 38

Speak Language (Low Gothic, Hive Dialect)
Drive (Ground Vehicle)
Pistol Training (Las, Bolt)
Basic Weapons Training (Las, Primitive)
Sound Constitution * 3
Heavy Weapon Training (SP)
Common Lore (Imperial Guard)
Rapid Reload
Intimidate +10

Accustomed to Crowds
Caves of Steel

Axe, Knife
Las Pistol; 3 charge pack
Autogun: 3 Clips
Shotgun; 12 shells
Modified Bolt Pistol: 4 bolts in gun, 10 rounds in 2 and a half clips
Flak Armour (+4 Armor to all locations)
1 week corpse starch rations
Imperial Infantrymans Uplifting Primer
Smoke Grenade (Pink)
1 Frag Grenade
1 Photon Grenade
Wat-Clense tablets for 10 litres
2 Liters distilled water
Torch + Spare Battery
10M Metal-Twined Rope

Fate: 1
Wounds: 13
Insanity: 1
Gelt - 133

XP So Far - 2750
XP Spent - 2750
Remaining - 0

Heavy Weapon Training (SP) - 200xp
Sound Constitution * 3 - 300xp
Strength (S) - 100xp
Awareness - 100xp
Inquiry - 200xp
Agility (I) - 750xp
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) - 100xp
Toughness (S) - 250xp
Rapid Reload - 100xp
Pistol Training (Bolt) - 100xp
Intimidate - 100xp
Intimidate +10 - 100xp
Demolition - 100xp
Strength (I) - 250xp
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PC Albrecht Von Rausmaat (Herrsnail)
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