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 PC: Electro-Priestess AO8-WT

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PostSubject: PC: Electro-Priestess AO8-WT   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:50 pm

Name: AO8-WT, Callasia Rasa
Homeworld: Imperial World. Teron-VII
Age: 19
Height: 5'08
Weight: 45kg (Without heavy attachments.)
Quirk: Nervous tic. (Twitches)
Skin Color: Milky
Eye Color: Blue (Left eye is lensed green)
Hair Color: Black

The whirr of gears, the whine of turbines and the purr of electricity preceede the arrival of the
tech-priestess AO8-WT, a walking, living embodyment of the machine god's glorious work upon the
canvas of mortal flesh. AO8 would appear to be in the full bloom of womanhood. The slim hourglass
of her form is often snugly covered with a thin, red robe which is partly clasped by the iron grip of
the cyber-mantle inferface upon her lower spine, unintentionally drawing the garment tight which
often carries attention to the ripe swell of her full breasts and the soft curve of her wide hips.
Long, curly raven black hair spills from her crown in a midnight sheen to frame the sharp
features of her face and to also hide the strange metallic mess of wires upon the base of her
neck that is her Cranial circuitry. All this natural attraction ends with a clear, skyblue eye, regarding
the world with a dreamer's gaze. Her lower face, just below her nose carries a respirator unit typical
to many tech priests, periodicly wheezing with strain both organic and mechanical. Her left eye is a
startling alien green, with closer inspection showing a barcode written across the iris of the lense.
Finally, her thin, gentle hands have clasped those of the admech, blessing her with a spiked
Electroo-graft in place of a right index finger and the swirl of an electroo-inductor upon her left palm.

History so far

Callasia Rasa grew up upon the Imperial World of Teron-VII. Once a thriving Paradise world that
had swiftly burnt through all it's resources due to nearby wars. Great forests were swept clear for lumber.
Oceans drained for easier access for minerals and fuels. In no time at all, the pollution from the many factories
began to eat away at the atmopshere, leaving the planent a dead world, a pitiful ghost of a paradise world and a
weak pretender to a mighty Forge world. Callasia grew up in this shell of a world. Where night
and day seemed the same, everyone was locked in a desperate struggle to plunder resources from the world
and to maintain long ailing machines that kept much of the populace alive. Callasia would be sent to serve with
the ad-mech. Spending her days in communion with the machines and her nights looking to the now strange humans,
quickly realizing how different her brethern and her old family had become. Callasia proceeded at a standard rate,
taking special interest in means to preserve and protect both mechanical and biological life, earning her a place
in more risky mining attempts. It was during one such excavation whereupon the team discovered a great stash
of treasures from the Paradise world. Everything from complicated toys to Imperial political sorties were laid bare.
Word spread fast and it was not long before the inquistors had came to inspect the discovery. Without further notice, or being
informed of what had become of the others or the goods, A08-WT was tagged with a green eye
lense and dispatched to serve alongside the Inquisitors. While these men displayed words and deed
of fire and purity, AO8 would quietly reflect upon this, what her world..all worlds, used to be like
and the comforting cold of the machine god and her existance as the mediator between man and

Weapon Skill: 40
Ballistic Skill: 30
Strength: 33
Agility: 35
Toughness: 45
Willpower: 38
Perception: 25
Fellowship: 20
Intelligence: 45

wounds = 16
fate= 3

Speak Language (low gothic)
Tech Use (int)
Literacy (int)
Secret Tounge (tech) (int)
Trade (scrimshawer) (Ag)
Trade (smith) (s)
Common Lore (machine cult,tech) (int)
Evaluate (int)
Medicae (int)

Melee weapon training (Primitive)
Basic weapon training (las)
Pistol Training (las)
Electro Graft use +10 tech-use
Feedback screech (stun enemies)
Sound Constitution x5
tech-use +10
iron jaw (make toughness test to ignore stuns)

"thoughts beget hersey" +3 str

Blessed Ignorance
-5 to forbidden Lore (int)

Common Lores (Imperial Creed, Imperium, War) Ints are basic skills

Liturgical Familiarity
Literacy (int) speak language (high gothic) are basic skills

Superior Origins
+3 Willpower
Mechanicus Implants

Electro-graft. (Right index finger probe)
Electroo Inductors (Left palm)
Respirator unit (Lower half of face)
Cyber-Mantle (Lower back)
Potentia coil (Small. Crystalline, noisy.)
Cranial Circuitry (Back of neck)

Metal staff
Las pistol 1 charge pack
Las Carbine 1 charge pack
Flak vest
Glow lamp
Date slate
Mechanicus robe and vestments
Spare parts.
Vial of sacred machine oil.

total xp 2000 (500 unspent)
xp stats spent on...
Weapon skill (simple)
Toughness (simple)
Willpower (simple)
Intelligence (Simple)
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PC: Electro-Priestess AO8-WT
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