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 Hey look! Contacts!

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PostSubject: Hey look! Contacts!   Hey look! Contacts! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 23, 2010 1:30 am

Starting on pg. 218 on the Inquisitor's Handbook and going to about pg. 223, there is a system of "contacts" that can be called upon for particular uses/skills/talents/etc. Previously in the game, this would have been a waste of time and experience as you guys were teleporting across sectors like you were running a marathon across the segmentum. Now that such is no longer the case, this might actually come in handy.
Skills (such as perhaps certain types of lores you can't normally get at, or ciphers or languages or trades) that you might need access to without having the heckle and haggle across the sector can be much more readily found or acquired with Contacts. Talents that aren't found in most normal career paths might be found, or perhaps even the use of psykers (or even sorcerors/daemon summoners). Obviously these can't be simply purchased and then just magically have them. They must be found. But in order for you to use them for game effects, such as you see in the book, you must spend the xp to get them.

The main reason I point this out is because, while you guys may yet actually realize it, you are a lot more alone than perhaps you've come to understand thus far. The Inquisition isn't gonna come running to bail you out if there is trouble, and as the last game probably showed, there will be people out there trying to screw you over. Information that you don't have Lore's for won't be forthcoming unless you know where to look. Contacts might have that information or at LEAST tell you where you can find it. Information on cults, trade routes, etc.

If, for whatever reason, we left this sector, I would probably refund most, if not all, XP spend on contacts, on the assumption that you would use that XP to buy new ones when you arrived where ever you went next.

If you have any questions about how this will be implemented, feel free to ask.

Edit: Also, as an items "price" doesn't come into effect anymore as we use the PF/Influence system, the only ones that matter as far as Acquisitions go are the ones that reduce Availability, as that is the only indicator of how much it "costs" to get.
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Hey look! Contacts!
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