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 PC: Ned Mentus

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PostSubject: PC: Ned Mentus   Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:40 am

Name: Ned Mentus
Homeworld: Hive World, Scintilla, Gunmetal city.
Age: 33
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 82kg
Quirk: square rimmed glasses, eats candy a lot if possible, stutters
Skin Color: Slightly tanned
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Ned looks like quite a common and unthreatning hive worker. Short and pudgy with dark brown hair and eyes hidden behind a set of thick rimmed glasses. he seems well shaven and clean though and a slight goatee is decently kept and trimmed. He wears unassuming clothing and a sturdy dark grey loose jacket. when he speaks he usually stutters quite a bit though on moments of either relaxation or stress it suddenly seems gone, suggesting that he might actually be faking the stutter. His whole stance in normal circumstances seems designed to give the impression of meekness and vulnerability yet in combat this charade drops and he kills with confidence and profesional care. He fights using two finely made, cleaned and modified RS-77 'Fox Hunter' Stub Automatics he keeps at any time by his side but usually held in one of the many pockets of his jacket.

History so far

Comming soon
Carreer: Assassin, Metallican Gunslinger

WS 30
BS 45
S 20
T 22
Ag 40
Per 35
Int 30
WP 30
Fel 35

Wound roll result 5 + 8 +1 from divinition
14 wound points

Fate point roll result: 5
2 fate points


Speak Language (Metallican Hive dialect)
Speak Language (low gothic)

Melee training (primitive)
Pistol Training (las)
Pistol Training (Sp)
Basic Weapon Training (SP)
Two weapon wielding ballistics
Dual shot
Mighty shot

Divinition: 44 “There are no civilians in the battle for survival”
+2 toughness and 1 extra wound point


Hive Traits:
Accustomed to crowds: no pennalty for moving through crowds
Caves of steel: Tech use basic skill
Hivebound: -10 survival in wild -5 int in wild
Wary: +1 on initiatives

Gunmetal Traits:
Packing Iron: without gun or ammo -5 to all tests
Way of the gun: +5 on BS +5 on tech use checks with projectile firearms, start with the Pistol (SP) talent

Gunslinger trait
Knave of the pistol: Can’t buy any other ranged weapon training except for pistols. Takes -10 on bs skill for any ranged weapons that are not pistols.

2, RS-77 'fox hunter' (stub Automatic) modified with silencers and fire selectors
63 bullets (7 clips)
63 Manstopper bullets (7 clips)
Flak Jacket
compact Las pistol
1 charge pack
3 doses of stimms

Gelt spending. Starting Gelt 273
Flak jacket -100 gelt
2 stub automatic -100 gelt silencer on both of them -20 and fire selectors on both of them -50
60 bullets -3 gelt
Sell Autogun +50 gelt
sell sword +7 gelt
66 manstopper bullets -55 gelt
Gelt left: 2 gelt

total xp 1250
XP spending:
Ambidexterous 100xp
Two weapon wielding ballistics 100xp
Dual shot 300xp
Gunslinger 300xp
Mighty shot 200xp
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PC: Ned Mentus
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