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 PC: Shak Tyrone (work in progress)

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PC: Shak Tyrone (work in progress) Empty
PostSubject: PC: Shak Tyrone (work in progress)   PC: Shak Tyrone (work in progress) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 10:39 pm

Name: Shak Tyrone
Homeworld: Imperial World. Regina-IX
Age: 24
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 50kg
Quirk: Accident prone
Skin Color: Tanned
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Sandy Blond

Shak Tyrone is a rather typical looking man, with blond shaggy hair, chocolate brown eyes,
and a smile almost always on his face projecting an aura of happiness to those around him.
To look into his eyes, a good psychologist would be able to note a hint of sadness beneath
them, but to the casual onlooker he is generally extremely good at hiding it. His hair is
somewhat short, but quite shaggy and untidy despite the length, curling just around his
neckline so he has to brush it out the way of, being that it's long enough to get in his face
which can present a hazard when trying to snipe an enemy.

He has a rather thin, but physically fit appearance, feeling that having to much muscle would
end up slowing him down when he is on a battlefield, thus avoids growing to large in stature.
He stands at a not to awe inspiring 5'10, but has strong legs to go with his body, giving him an
all round sturdy look. A horrible burns mark is etched across his back from his past work as
a blacksmith where he was building a sword. Post signing up as a guardsman, he has picked up
a few extra cuts and bruises here and there, mainly in the form of scratches and burns from
shrapnel, however, his face remains... mostly, intact.

History so far

To come

Weapon Skill: 25
Ballistic Skill: 40
Strength: 30
Agility: 35
Toughness: 40
Willpower: 35
Perception: 25
Fellowship: 25
Intelligence: 25

wounds =6 +4
fate= 4

Speaking Language (low Gothic) (int)
Drive [Ground Vehicle] Drive
Two Weapon Wielder (ballistic)

Melee Weapons training (primitive)
Pistol Training (primitive)
Basic Weapons Training (primitive)
Sound Constitution *3
Rapid Reload
Quick Draw


Flintlock Pistol
Guard flak Armour
Corpse Starch Rations
Mercenary licence

total xp 1300
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PC: Shak Tyrone (work in progress)
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