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 Acquisitions and Holdings of Note

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PostSubject: Acquisitions and Holdings of Note   Acquisitions and Holdings of Note Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 8:40 pm

1 x Seraphim Heavy Assault Class interceptor

Dimensions: 5.5 m long, 8 m abeam
Mass: 20 short tons
Crew: 2
Accel: 12.6 Gravities Max Acceleration

Speed: 18
Maneuverability: +50
Detection: +10
Hull Integrity: 8 (30)
Armor: 1 (16)
Turret Rating: 0
Space: 2
SP: 2
Weapon Capacity: 1 front, 1 cargo
Quad Heavy Las (2 Front Arc, 2 turret as per rules)
Torpedo bays (cargo, holds 2)

Special Rules:

Diminutive/giant: To spaceships altogether the fighter is like a fly, nearly impossible to hit but also only pecking it's outsides. The max a fighter can do is inflict 1 point of damage to a ship and it can never bring down it's void shield. The only offensive weapon it has against a ship are it's torpedoes. To normal people the ship is much grander and easier to hit despite it's speed. The number in parenthesis represent it's stats against characters.


2 x Fenris Ironfang Veteran heavy assault armor systems (Devastator and Assault Models)

Adeptus Astartes Terminator Armour MkV

Terminator Armour, or Tactical Dreadnought armour as it is properly called, is the toughest and most powerful form of personal armour humanity has ever developed. The scarcity and expense to maintain Terminator suits means they are available only to the elite troops from the veteran companies of the Adeptus Astartes Space Marine Chapters.

Adeptus Astartes Terminator Armour has the following qualities and stats: Dark Light Vision, Infra-red Auspex, Hearing Auspex, Enhanced Communications Gear, Red-Dot Laser Sight, Sealed Environment, Advanced Life Support, Recoil Gloves, HUD Tactical Map, Internal Medicae Functions, and Strength +30. The Strength bonus is unaffected by the Unnatural Strength trait, so it grants a +3 bonus instead of +6.

Dark Light Vision: Allows the Space Marine to see in total darkness up to 100m and follows the rules for Dark Light Vision.

Infra-red Auspex: Allows the Space Marine to see into the infra-red spectrum up to 100m and follows the rules for Infra-Red Goggles.

Hearing Auspex: Allows the Space Marine to hear up to 50m radius and follows the rules for Heightened Senses (Hearing).

Sight Auspex: Allows the Space Marine to zoom in onto targets 400m away and fire without penalty. It follows the rules for Telescopic Sight.

Enhanced Communications Gear: Allows a Space Marine to communicate to ships up in the upper atmosphere in a tight beam and to communicate over land distances of 2 kilometers.

Targeting Auspex: Functions identically to a Red-Dot Laser Sight.

Sealed Environment: The suit is sealed completely and allows a Space Marine to survive in a vacuum.

Advanced Life Support: The suit contains the equipment to produce a breathable atmosphere for up to 5 days.

Recoil Gloves: As per the rules for the equipment of the same name in the Dark Heresy rulebook.

HUD Tactical Map: The helmet contains the ability to project a tactical map into the visor to give a Space Marine combat awareness of the surrounding area. This helps them coordinate their attacks by showing the position of every squad member in power armour, as well as their life sign status. The map is downloaded via the communications gear from orbiting satellites or pre-downloaded before the mission begins. Grants a +1 bonus to Initiative.

Internal Medicae Functions: This equipment automatically dispenses medication to injured areas. It also can seal injuries by applying foam bandages to the injured area to stop blood loss. It has a Medicae and Chem-Use skills of 30 and all attempts to apply drugs or to stop blood loss must test against it. Failure means that the suit has malfunctioned and no further rolls can be made until the suit is repaired. The equipment always tests at routine.

Massive Strength: Due to the armour’s massive strength, firing any heavy weapon does not incur a penalty since the Space Marine is always classified as being braced.

Sensorium: Allows all of the squad members to see exactly what the Marine in terminator armour sees. If the entire squad is outfitted with terminator armour they gain a +1 bonus to Initiative since they are able to coordinate uncannily.

Slow: Terminator armour is bulky and slow. As such, terminator armour halves the movement of the character to a minimum of 1m and makes running impossible

Armor Statistics:

Head 13
Body 16
Arms 15
Legs 15
Weight: 300 kg
Very Rare

Devastator Armament:

Cyclone Missile Launcher
Heavy 120m S/-/- * * Clip 6 2 Full Reload 75 kg
5,000 Very Rare

Firing the Cyclone Missile Launcher does not constitute a half action when a terminator wishes to fire a storm bolter in the same combat round. Can only be used by a Marine in terminator armour.

Left Arm:

Astartes Heavy Bolter
Heavy 140m -/-/10 2d10+5 X Pen 5 Clip 400 2 Full Reload
60 kg
Very Rare

Right Arm:

Heavy 30m S/-/- 2d10+4 E Pen 4 Clip 10 2 Full Reload
Flame, Holy
45 kg
Very Rare

Assault Armament:

Melee 2d10 E (+2 x SB) Pen 10
Power Field, Tearing, Unwieldy
80 kg
Very Rare

Storm Shield
Arm 4
Defensive, Energy Shield
7 kg
Very Rare
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Acquisitions and Holdings of Note
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