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 Chasing the Spot

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PostSubject: Chasing the Spot   Chasing the Spot Icon_minitimeMon May 31, 2010 4:54 pm

It truly was an eternal and maddening journey that he had been set upon.

It had been during that one perfect moment, when the power and blessings of the Emperor had been seared into his soul and given him such overwhelming drive and purpose, that he had first seen it. To any other, it would have appeared as little more than a wandering dot skirting the edge of their peripheral vision. To most, it was just "white noise" in their vision. But Caster knew differently. For it had been there, even as the Emperor had cleansed his mind and burned away all the unnecessary elements of his flesh. That spot was more than just errant data picked up by a trick of the mind. Within that spot lay secrets of both reality and the Immaterium, that few if any knew or could even hope to grasp. The spot was a metaphor of knowledge, yet, like all things related to the Warp, it was still somehow made manifest in reality. To grasp that spot was to understand what the Emperor understood. To become like the Emperor and join him at eternity's edge.


Mulling around the ship's corridors, Patronius Caster continued to live up to the nickname that had been given to him so long ago, quietly muttering to himself about visions and sounds beyond the ken of most to sense or even understand. Battles, shadows in the warp, death cries, dark laughter, boiling clouds of ether; all the things he had learned to detect since becoming as astropath continued to echo in his mind as images and noises. There was a time when Caster had found himself annoyed by such ongoing distractions, but now it was simply part of the ongoing tapestry that was his life. His change of pace from a landbound warp caller to a rogue trader and astropathic transcendant hadn't changed that. Merely intensified it. But something had re-appeared for the first time since his arrival first aboard the Diligence and now upon the Ghosthound. The spot had returned. And with it, the mysteries and curiousities of the Empyrean once again appeared within his reach. It came and went, seeming to follow an incongruous pattern that only a mind warped by the Immaterium could predict, but no matter how often it disappeared, it always returned, taunting him.

However, Patronius was slowly beginning to figure it out. It's patterns, though unnatural, were nevertheless detectable. It continued to teach him, like a particularly distractable adept with the meme virus. His hold on reality began to shift as he grasped the concepts that most of the Scholastica Psykana would call telekinesis, though in truth his understanding was far deeper than that. He felt the well of his power deepen every time he focused on the spot and his knowledge of the Warp grew greater. Every time he got close enough he learned something new. But it was never enough. He wanted more. He wished to grab the spot and hold it tight. To dissect everything it held within and add it to the summation of his will and knowledge. The God Emperor had placed the spot in his reach. Helped him to see it and recognize it. One day he would learn everything it had to teach. And on that day, he would return before the Emperor and show his gift. And on that day, he and the Emperor would truly be of the same aim and purpose. On that day, after a lifetime spent flitting about the pathetic shell of an empire that called itself the Imperium of Man, Patronius "Whisper" Caster would be made whole.

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Chasing the Spot
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