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 In the image of the God Emperor

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PostSubject: In the image of the God Emperor   In the image of the God Emperor Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 1:28 am

In many ways Whisper pitied most of mankind. And above all else, he pitied the other psykers in the Imperium that had not been so richly blessed as he. Nascents, rogues, sanctioned...all alike in one crucial fashion: they had never been shown the true might of the God Emperor.
No, not merely the rotting corpse that remained of his physical body which any with a pair of functioning eyes could see. That alone proved nothing and granted noting. Although Caster had indeed seen the Emperor's body on the day he was brought before him, the Emperor had seen a much more personal part of Caster. He had seen his soul...and he had blessed it immeasurably.
Patronis "Whisper" Caster found himself amused by the title "Soulbound" to describe his condition. It was such a deliciously trite phrase. A word that suggested servitude and inferiority to a greater being. There could be no doubt that the Caster cleaved to the Emperor with all his soul, but it was not merely because of some sort of geas placed upon him by a ritual. Within him was a piece of the God Emperor himself. A small fragment of an immeasurable power. How could one receive such a gift and not be forever grateful to the giver? But it was the foolish belief that he was somehow subborned and controlled by the Emperor that made him chuckle. That he was somehow restricted in a way that other psykers and witches were not. Nothing could be farther from the truth and he knew it. The Emperor had not limited him. He had released the limiters that hemmed in every psyker due to their own lack of imagination and petty connections to the material realm.
The normal sanctioning process dulled the minds of those that underwent it. The witches that begged the Dark Gods for power were naught but playthings on the road to destruction. It was only he and the Astropaths like him that had a chance at true ascension. Caster had heard of a phrase that described his kind. "Astropath Transcendent" they were called. To those of the Scholastica Psykana it was just a piece of terminology to designate an astropath that had grown beyond his lower functions. To Whisper, however, it described everything he desired to be. More than he was. More than any other had been. More... than just human. And here, on the edge of known space, he had finally found his chance to truly become manifest.

Long had he searched out the dot. The representation of that infinite speck of knowledge the Emperor had gifted to him. But that, ultimately, was only the key to a door. And that door lead to the truly infinite possibilities that Caster desired to follow. For it was in these infinite possiblities that Caster found reason to pity all that were not him. For he understood something that most did not. The Emperor had not merely placed a piece of himself within Caster to protect him, but rather to seed his rebirth. Patronius "Whisper" Caster, loved the God Emperor and despised what his Imperium had become. Without its master it had fallen into the depraved hands of imbeciles and recidivists. But...within Caster lay the seed of the Emperor's return. If only he could find the knowledge...the understanding... the power...
One day the Emperor would be reborn as the true god that he was. And here, at the edge of the Imperium, Caster labored to prepare for that day. Whether as proper vessel, a conduit of the Emperor's ascension, or the keeper of the way the Emperor would take, Caster worked to be that which he was made to be the instant his soul was "bound": the true image of the God Emperor... and the herald of his rebirth as a true and singular... god.
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In the image of the God Emperor
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