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 Istvaan XXI: Search for the Sensei Knights

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PostSubject: Istvaan XXI: Search for the Sensei Knights   Thu May 14, 2009 5:54 pm

This story in the beginning was set as a primitive world in which all players would be given primitive equipment and given no knowlege feats or any sort of starting equipment/talents in regards to non primitive equipment.

as the story progressed, such things became unlocked and play progressed as normal, within the setting of the feudal world.

Now, anyone who wishes to play has access to all classes and feats as per normal. You must start at a 1000 exp. if you do something stupid and your character dies (not out of heroic death but out of stupidity on the part of the player) then you default back to the beginning of the tier. i.e. if you are rank 3, and had 1500 exp, you default back to 1000 exp with your new character.

all rolls must be done in my presence, and i roll divination.
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Istvaan XXI: Search for the Sensei Knights
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