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 Sample Artifact Backstory: Daiklave "Mercy Edge"

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PostSubject: Sample Artifact Backstory: Daiklave "Mercy Edge"   Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:58 pm

Artifact Type: Orichalcum Daiklave
Artifact Level: 2
Attuned to: Deep Tide

Forged towards the end of the High First Age, the blade that was to be known as "Mercy Edge" was designed as a gift for a newly exalted Solar by the name of Peaceful Gathering. A strangely compassionate Solar given the rampant paranoia and selfish behavior of his kin, Peaceful Gathering desired nothing less than to work his once mortal trade of healing upon those in need. Gifted to him by his Twilight circle mate, Shining Star of Eternal Day, the blade was to represent his bloodless ways and kind intentions, while still presenting him with a weapon that he might defend himself and his charges with.
When the Usurpation came, Peaceful Gathering was in his manse, Healer's Hearth, tending to the needs of his citizens as was his usual nature. His dragon-blooded scions hated the necessity of slaying a man who had yet to show any real signs of insanity and had only a desire for peace (if somewhat strange in his surgical methods from time to time), but slay him they did. Taking his body they interred it within a mausoleum with several of his other artifacts.
The "Mercy Edge", however, would be buried in the Hearthstone Room of the Healer's Hearth, along with his armor "Healer's Reprieve" as a respectful reminder of the slain Lawgivers intentions. When the Immaculate Order came into existence, it sealed away the Hearthstone Room as well as the sword and armor within, letting the tales of Peaceful Gathering's mercies to be forgotten as the tales that would demonize him as "Anathema" began to take root.
It would be centuries before the Hearthstone Room was re-opened and the man known a Deep Tide stepped within. Recently exalted and following the words given to him by the Unconqered Sun, Deep Tide claimed the artifacts of his predecessor and bore them with him as he went into the world to find his destiny. The Mercy Edge follows Deep Tide now, bound once again to a master that desires peace and healing. After many centuries, it has an owner it can truly claim brotherhood with.

Appearance and Quirks:
About 3 1/2 feet like like most daiklaves, the initial apperance of the Mercy Edge isn't particularly "different" that most of its kind. On closer inspection, however, there are a few slight differences. First, there is a series of script in Old Realm, extolling the virtues of a healer heart and compassion. Unbeknownst to any who lack the knowledge of such things (including its original and current owner) the lettering is actually a poem detailing a Celestial Circle Spell. Until someone attunes to it and activates their anima banner while holding it, this little secret will probably go unnoticed for some time to come.
Besides the Old Realm lettering, the blade as another interesting tendency. Whenever blood gets onto the blade, it becomes intensely slick and flicks off with incredible ease. The blade, as befitting a healer's weapon, doesn't like to be sullied with the blood of others, evil or otherwise. The weight of the blade seems to increase as blood is removed from its surface. While this weight increase is never enough to hamper the attack of the wielder, it does remind them of the burden they carry in their acts of murder.
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Sample Artifact Backstory: Daiklave "Mercy Edge"
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