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 Lore - General Knowledge

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I will be cataloguing general guidelines for what a person (mortal or Exalt) would know based on their Lore rating. This relates merely to what they should know, while rolls may be required for more specific knowledge. Anything listed under this section that a person has a sufficiently high enough Lore rating to attain is assumed to know that information. Obviously if you encounter information above your Lore rating in the game (or through backstory) you know that information through personal observation. Every higher lever of rating assumes you possess the knowledge of the lower levels, excepting Lore 0 which assumes you know essentially nothing. I shall add to these lists as I come to think of more bits of related knowledge.

This section shall detail General Knowledge in regards to all of Creation and guiding principles of how people view the world.

Lore 0:
-You are illiterate. However many languages you may know, you are incapable of reading or writing in them.
-Your knowledge of mathematics or science does not extend beyond basic arithmetic, if even that.
-You are largely unaware that Creation exists outside of your hometown, which is probably as far as you have ever been. While you may be vaguely aware that trade caravans come from somewhere you haven't a clue as to where.

Lore 1:
-You are literate. Whatever languages you know you are capable of reading and writing in, unless there is a particular circumstance as to why you cannot. This is also the minimum level of lore required to be able to learn Old Realm.
-You are schooled in basic mathematics and science, though your level of advancement may vary based on your culture.
-You know that the Terrestrial Directions (North, South, East and West) exist as well as the Blessed Isle, though you are unlikely to know much of their topography, completely unaware of their size, and carry only limited knowledge of geography and culture of your direction.

Lore 2:
-You are aware of the vastness of Creation and the existence of other cultures around the world.
-You have a knowledge of the Realm/Scarley Dynasty and the extent of its hegemony over Creation. You are also probably aware of other major powerblocks, such as The Guild, the Lintha Pirates, The Confederation of Rivers, Thorns and other similar groups, even if you don't know all that much about what they stand for.
-This level of Lore assumes you are either decently well traveled or received more than a basic education. You wouldn't be considered a savant or scholar, but you know a decent amount regarding Creation.

Lore 3:
-You are aware of the existence of other "planes of existence" (such as Yu-Shan/Heaven and the Underworld) as actually places rather than concepts.
-You know of the existence of the Terrestrial and Celestial Bureacracy. This does not give you power or understanding of how to interact with them, persay. That is related to the Occult rating.
-You could name and locate (on a map for example) important cities and capitals of key nations.
-You understand the idea of essence, specifically in regards to how it powers artifacts and First Age Wonders. Someone with this level of Lore could probably be used to figure out how to work and maintain present day artifacts and wonders.

Lore 4:
-You understand that the Underworld is the land of the Dead and is a dark mirror of Creation. You would also know that below it lies the Labyrinth and something known as "Oblivion". What lies down there is uncertain.
-You understand that Yu-Shan is the home of the Gods and the place where the Celestial Incarnae (the Highest Gods) exist. From there you know that Celestial Bureacracy functions and that the greater gods (of concepts and ideas) do their work, even if you know not how.
-You have heard of the land of Malfeas, where the demons come from. You know of "Elsewhere", a place beyond reality that exists but nothing really happens within.
-You have a keen grasp of what essence is, the stuff of Creation and that which underlies reality. You haven't a clue as to how it actually functions without at least a rating of 1 in Occult and even then only an Exalt could really start to grasp its nature.
-You understand the traditions, cultures and present situation of many major societies and minor local ones. You know that the Scarlet Dynasty is in the midst of an internal struggle due to the disappearance of the Empress and many satrapies (subservient/client nations to the Realm) are beginning to break away. You know of the Bull of the North, his victories over the Realm's armies and his expansionist nature. So on and so forth.

Lore 5:
-You have knowledge of all major world powers and how they function and could successfully infer similar information regarding most minor societies you meet.
-You have knowledge of Malfeas and are aware that they are held there by ancient pacts that they must obey. These pacts are what allow for their number to be summoned by those who have the power to do so. Knowledge of these pacts and how to commit summonings requires Occult knowledge.
-You understand how artifacts work, whether they be Shogunate Era designs or ancient First Age Wonders and could be called upon to assist in maintaining or activating such pieces of technology. Your ability to attune or power to them would be determined by your Occult rating and, most likely, your Exalted nature.
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Lore - General Knowledge
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