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PostSubject: Lore - History   Lore - History Icon_minitimeWed Sep 08, 2010 8:45 pm

I will be cataloguing general guidelines for what a person (mortal or Exalt) would know based on their Lore rating. This relates merely to what they should know, while rolls may be required for more specific knowledge. Anything listed under this section that a person has a sufficiently high enough Lore rating to attain is assumed to know that information. Obviously if you encounter information above your Lore rating in the game (or through backstory) you know that information through personal observation. Every higher lever of rating assumes you possess the knowledge of the lower levels, excepting Lore 0 which assumes you know essentially nothing. I shall add to these lists as I come to think of more bits of related knowledge.

This section shall detail General History in regards to all of Creation and the events that have shaped it into what it is today.

Lore 0:
-Any knowledge of history you have is a series of myths and oral traditions passed down. The accuracy of any of these stories to actual events is coincidental at best.
-You are unaware of the current year, let alone any events attached to those years. You do not use the Realm calender or a First Age calender. You count your history in "Me Years" and even that is usually limited to counting the number of winters you have survived.

Lore 1:
-You understand that the year is presently 768 RY (Realm Year). You would know that this means the Realm has been in existence for approximately 768 years under the rule of the Scarlet Empress.
-You would be aware of current events locally and abroad, such as the Bull of the North's victory over the Realm Legions, local revolts against Realm rule and whatnot, though you are unlikely to understand the ramifications or reasons for these events.

Lore 2:
-You have a good grasp of what is known as the "Second Age" (the current age) and how that history is dominated by how the Realm has interacted with the rest of Creation.
-You know of the Conquest of Thorns by what appear to be armies of the dead, under someone/thing known as the Mask of Winters, about 4 years ago from the current year. You would also know this followed multiple invasion attempts by the previous Realm-backed ruler (known as The Autocrat) against the Confederation of Rivers which ultimately failed to produce results.
-You'd understand the Realm and the Immaculate's Order view of history. Anathema slaying in the righteous Usurpation. The Shogunate existed in some capacity under the enlightened rule of the Dragon Blooded. The Great Contagion came and scouraged the vast majority of ALL life from Creation. The Fair Folk invasion that started within weeks after the Contagion broke out ripped Creation to shreds. In total 9/10th's of Creation's human population died. The Scarlet Empress then mastered the Realm Defense Grid and forced the Fair Folk back, establishing the current order.

Lore 3:
-You have a more complete knowledge of various world events during the Realms rule, such as revolts and battles abroad (such as the multiple invasion attempts by the Realm of the Scavenger Lands).
-You have an idea that the Great Contagion was somehow magical and extremely potent.
-You know that the Shogunate was a brutal if efficient period of Creation's history with the Dragon-Blooded in charge. It was categorized by a lot of death, a lot of collapse of now ancient wonders and a generally harsh age for those not Dragon-Blooded. And even they fought amongst themselves a lot.
-You have heard of the First Age and it being a time of splendor and technology. What exactly supported that technology or erected in the first place in uncertain though you might have some theories.

Lore 4:
-You know of the First Age and how it functioned, probably at the behest of what are now known as the "Anathema", though how prone you are to believe that depends on your view of the Immaculate Order's teachings. You don't know how the First Age society worked, but you know of the events that lead to the Usurpation and why (though you wouldn't have any clue of the Great Curses involvement in it).
-You have a fairly clear idea of how the Shogunate functioned and what occured during that era.
-Your knowledge of the current era is essentially complete. You might not have perfect knowledge of all world events, but you can be counted on to know the major events that shapes current history.
-You are aware of events that characterized other creations in Creation, such as where Behemoths come from and have at least heard of the Dragon Kings.

Lore 5:
-You have knowledge of what the First Age truly was and what characterized it. Knowledge of the Deliberative and what it achieved to some extent.
-The events leading up the the Usurpation and the destruction of the "Anathema" as well as the roots of Dragon-Blooded Shogunate society.
-Your knowledge of historical events reaches into the Underworld as well, though completeness will vary depending on your culture.

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Lore - History
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