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 High and Low Virtues

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PostSubject: High and Low Virtues   High and Low Virtues Icon_minitimeThu Sep 09, 2010 4:50 pm

While Motivation and Concept define the characters goals and desires, Virtues define how characters view and interact with the world. Valorous men tend to be unafraid in the face of danger, compassionate women tend to be well liked and kind, so on and so forth. Virtues grant bonus dice on actions that relate to them (getting 3 dice for having a conviction of 3 on an action that is deemed to be "furthering your motivation or objectives" for example), they prevent others from pushing the character around as easily and help the player decide how their character would view certain situations.

Virtues in particular, however, are prone to min-maxing. Generally speaking, I do not need to "punish" high ratings. If a rating is high, their are advantages and disadvantages. High valor makes it hard to ever back down, high conviction makes it hard to make/trust new friends and err from your current task, high temperance makes you unwilling to "settle in" or "just have some fun" when work needs to be done and Compassion makes it harder to focus on important tasks when there is so much suffering about.
It is the low ratings that need to be better watched. By "low" I am pretty much refering to a rating of 1. A "1" does not simply represent a "meh" sort of attitude towards a virtue. It represents a condition that a psychiatrist would call a pathological mental disease. A truly heartless bastard, an immense coward, a slovenly drunk or an uncommitted and EXTREMELY whimsical individual.

Generally speaking, low valor and conviction police themselves. Someone with low valor is easily scared off or frightened (you'd need to spend a willpower to suppress the desire to run), while someone with low conviction has trouble regaining willpower after sleeping and is easily swayed in terms of intimacies and attachments. Compassion and Temperance, however, have less "mechanical" costs to having low numbers. Here is where I tend to be more watchful. Keep in mind, I do not "punish" good roleplay. If you have low compassion and regularly act in cruel, heartless or "brutally efficient" ways, regardless of how that affects your surroundings, I will be cool with it. It is when players stop playing their characters to their low virtues that I start to step in and force actions.

For example, if I find someone has a compassion of 1, I will expect them to come at a problem in a way that views humans and emotions as NOTHING more than tools or perhaps even less. The only reason they would consider the deaths of hundreds or thousands as an issue to even give pause about is because they are either running out of labor or all these uprisings/rebellions are getting irritating to deal with. If the player did not play their character in this fashion, I will start demanding virtue rolls of the lacking behavior. If the player fails the roll (most likely, since they only roll 1 dice) then they MUST act in the fashion I describe. They are still free to carry out their own mission, but they must include the element I have added.

Additionally, unless I see good reason, you are not permitted to spend a willpower to suppress a failed check in order to act in a "normal" fashion. Unless a cold-hearted murderer can see a reason as to why stabbing someone right here is a bad idea (usually because either they would get caught or they need the person for later) they will go ahead and stab the person. They wouldn't see a need to suppress that urge.
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PostSubject: Re: High and Low Virtues   High and Low Virtues Icon_minitimeFri Sep 10, 2010 11:56 am

/me looks to Dreadful Shadow of Progress' 1 compassion and whistles innocently as he tucks that one away all sneaky like
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High and Low Virtues
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