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 Abridged History of Everything

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PostSubject: Abridged History of Everything   Abridged History of Everything Icon_minitimeFri Sep 10, 2010 6:25 pm

In order to get a better idea of why things work the way they do and how Creation, as a whole, got to where it is today, I have here an abridged history of pretty much the whole Exalted history. Only the major points are included. You should consider NONE of this to be in-character knowledge unless you have the necessary level of Lore to know it (see the Lore threads).

1) The Primordials come together in the midst of the Wyld (unformed reality) and decide to create "reality". They form the landmasses and the oceans from the Wyld and set the rules in motion. They also create Yu-Shan. Heaven. It is there that they intend to work live as Creation supplies them.
2) The Primordials create the gods and lesser spirits to run Creation. Whether it is causing the sun to move across the sky, making things fall down when they aren't supported by something else, keeping a boat afloat or turning clay into brick, EVERYTHING involves a god or a lesser spirit. The Primordials create these beings and charge them with the upkeep of Creation.
3) The Primordials set a geas upon the gods, spirits and more powerful mortal creatures (like the Dragon Kings) to ensure they could not rise up against their masters. The Primordials then retired to Heaven to play the Games of Divinity and occasionally come down to wreck and mess with stuff in Creation.
4) A looooooooooooong time passes. The gods grow discontented with their service and desire to claim the Games of Divinity for themselves. Because of the geas they are unable to do this. However, one group of mortal creatures, humans, were not included in the geas. The greatest of the gods, the Celestial Incarnae (The Unconquered Sun, Luna and the 5 Star Maidens) worked with Gaia and Autochthon (two sympathetic Primordials) to forge the Exaltations. These gave the humans access to the powers of the highest gods and imbued them with the magics of divine warriors. The Unconquered Sun begat the Solar Exaltations. Luna begat the Lunar Exaltations. The Five Maidens begat the Sidereal Exaltations. And Gaia used her children, the Five Great Elemental Dragons, to create the Terrestrial Exaltations (also known as the Dragon-Blooded). The Celestial Exaltations (Solar, Lunar and Sidereal) were sent to mortals who received the power and, upon death, released the power to reincarnate in a new mortal. The Terrestrial Exaltations only exalted children of other Terrestrial Exalted and their exaltations did not return to the cycle of reincarnation.
5) A total of 300 Solars, 300 Lunars, 100 Sidereals and eventually tens of thousands of Dragon-Blooded were raised and trained. When the Exalted had prepared their tactics, spied upon their enemies and made the opening moves, the Primordial War began. It was a long and destructive affair, destroying 9/10ths of Creation in the process. Eventually, the Exalted succeeding in killing or forcing the surrender of all the Primordials. The slain Primordials became the Neverborn and the captured Primordials became the Yozi (demons).
6) As they died, the Primordials that would be called the Neverborn cursed the gods and their exalted servants. This curse would eventually manifest many years later as the "Great Curse".

The First Age - Several thousand years of time
1) The gods ascended to Heaven and took control of the games of divinity while the Exalted (specifically the Solars) are declared Princes of Earth and are tasked with maintaing Creation as the gods once did. The Exalted quickly take to the task of rebuilding and improving Creation.
2) Many amazing and powerful projects (some of which last to the current era) were completed in the realm of sorcery, magitech, culture and art. It is a golden age for humanity and nothing seems beyond the grasp of the Exalted.
3) The Great Curse silently matures within the Exalted. Though all Exalts are affected, the Solars bear the brunt of it. As a result, the once glorious and "perfect" Lawgivers begin to act in arrogant, proud and even destructive fashions. Due to their grip on power, however, few things change as they continue down their slowly corrupting path to insanity.
4) The Sidereals, seeing that things are getting worse, come together to make a prophecy and determine the end of the current path. Three visions are pulled forth. One in which the solars are rehabillitated and all is wonderful (but there is a chance it could fail and Creation be destroyed), one where the solars are killed and Creation lives on (albeit in a weaker state) and one where everything falls into nothingness (what happens if they do nothing). After much discussion (and assassination) the Sidereals follow the second vision, known as the "Vision of Bronze".
5) The Sidereals began to work on the Dragon-Blooded, telling them and teaching them that their Solar masters have gone insane and it is up to them to save Creation. After many years of work and preparation, the Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded are ready. On a fateful night of Calibration (a five day period that marks the end of an old year and the start of a new) while many of the Solars feasted, the Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded attacked, slaying that vast majority of the Solars and then hunting down the rest. This uprising and the murder of the Solar Exalted is known as the Usurpation.
6) Normally, a slain Celestial Exaltation (again, Solar, Lunar or Sidereal) returns to the Cycle of Reincarnation (after a stop in the "Exaltation Cabinent" of the god of Exaltation named Lytek) before exalting a new mortal. However, the Sidereals create an artifact know as the Jade Prison. When the Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded attacked and killed the Solars, they used the Jade Prison to capture the vast majority of the Solar Exaltations. The only ones they didn't get were of the Solars that managed to flee the first few days of the Usurpation.
7) As the Usurpation drew to a close, the Solars were dead, the Lunars fled to the edges of Creation (and into the Wyld) while the Sidereals occluded themselves from history to escape punishment for their murderous acts. While the Sidereals and Lunars still existed and acted as they saw fit for Creations sake, they largely kept out of the way. The age of the Celestial Exalted was over. The age of the Dragon-Blooded had begun.
8) A sort of loose government known as the "Shogunate" came into existance. Controlled by the Dragon Blooded it was no where near as skilled as the Solars in upkeeping their many advanced creations. During this time the Immaculate Order came into existence, hailing the Terrestrial Exalted as the great and enlightened masters of Creation while demonizing the Celestial Exalted as "Anathema". Powerful but unrighteous people who had allowed demon to overtake them and use them for vile purposes. This belief was generally well accepted and the world stabalized.
The latter part of the First Age was considerably less glorious and much harsher on humanity. However, Creation survived and the Sidereals of the Vision of Bronze proved themselves right. And then...
9) ...the world died. An immense plague known as the "Great Contagion" swept across the entire world, slaying close to 9/10ths of Creation's population in under a few months. To make matters worse, the Fair Folk (the unshaped people of the Wyld) who despised Creation saw it fatally weaken. Without the might of the Solars and their sorcerous technology to hold them back, the Fair Folk invaded Creation, intent on destroying it and returning it all to the Wyld. Lunars, Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded threw themselves against the Wyld hordes of the Fair Folk, doing everything they could to stem the tide. However, it was not these valiant battles that saved Creation. As the warriors fought, an unknown Dragon-Blood entered an ancient and powerful Solar manse once known as the "Sword of Creation" and used it to activate its titanic defenses to scourge the Fair Folk from Creation. This Dragon-Blood would come to be known as the Scarlet Empress and the creator of the Scarlet Dynasty and the Realm.

The Second Age
1) The majority of the Second Age consisted of the Scarlet Empress slowly expanding her power and creating tributary nations of various nations in the Threshold (all lands that aren't the Blessed Isle, the big island in the middle of the map). She had great success in the South, fairly good success in the North, decent success in the West, and only mild success in the East (thanks mostly to a powerful Dragon-Blooded nation by the name of Lookshy opposing her).
2) Various wars and intrigues, again, mostly sparked by the Scarlet Empress sought to bring nations to heel. Whether invasions of the East or cowing city-states with shows of legionnairy might (she couldn't use the "Sword of Creation", now renamed the "Realm Defense Grid", outside of the Blessed Isle as her incomplete control of it caused massive destruction to the Blesed Isle itself) and magic. This continues for seven and a half centuries.
3) In a period of 5 years, EVERYTHING has changed. The Scarlet Empress suddenly disappeared (taking both the unity of the Realm and the knowledge of how to use the Realm Defense Grid with her). A lord of the dead naming himself the Mask of Winters conquered the human city of Thorns and now acts as its benevolent leader, even as he pushes it to greater acts of murder and war. But most importantly, in the midst of all this, the Solar Exaltations escaped their prison and have begun to exalt mortals as Solars once again. Well, half of the Solar Exaltations escaped. The other half have been corrupted either into Abyssal Exaltations (making Exalted servants for the Deathlords and the Neverborn) or Infernal Exaltations (Serving the Yozi).
4) In the current time (Realm Year 768), all these changes point to what is currently known as the "Time of Tumult". Creation is ready to change, and it seems that the end of the Second Age is soon at hand.
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Abridged History of Everything
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