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 Where the game begins...

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Where the game begins... Empty
PostSubject: Where the game begins...   Where the game begins... Icon_minitimeFri Sep 10, 2010 7:32 pm

What follows is the backstory for the game. For sake of ease, you will all have already met (however briefly) when the game starts at the place the game began. I will explain in the backstory to come how you all met together and why. For general purposes, you all joined together for protection and because you can tell that those around you can assist you in your goals. Whatever your backstories are, what follows below is the most recent history that ALL of your character experienced which will lead into where the game begins.

The story:

Cresting over one of the many mountain-dunes of the southeastern plains near edge of Chiroscuro lands and the edge of the Varang City-States' territory sits what appears to be a small and tightly knit community in the midst of an imposing central building from which the town seems to spring. Yet there is something slightly strange about this place as an astute outsider would notice. The people's skin seems far more fair than is normal for those located in a Southern village. Furthermore, they often seem ignorant of many rituals, cultures and historical events that most people of the South would know. Even though the town appears extremely efficient and tightly regulated, there is a strange other-worldliness to the place. Especially when the masters walk the town square. Humans who walk with a strange self-assurance and purpose and even a man so covered in armor that none of his body is visible. Few could know that this cities history is extremely recent, its origin quite strange and its purpose... far grander than any would imagine.

The history of this village starts with a chance meeting and a short battle between two individuals that Creation would balk to know the identities of. One one side a man from the East stood. His fair skin contrasted with the golden and glowing disk upon his brow and the flashing gold blade in his hands. The other a man stood covered in enveloping robes, even as the shine of thick armor gleamed from beneath his cloak. Great weapons hung in his hands and the blessings of a maker of reality in his mind. Their fight was short though enlightening. Within the other each saw an ally that could assist them in their aims.
Returning to his citadel, the Alchemical Exalted by the name of (insert Felix's chars name here when I remember) led the Solar Exalt by the name of Deep Tide to his encampment upon the plains of the Southeast. Binding their purposes together, the two set about gathering the resources they would need. The Alchemical proceeded to call for reinforcements, gathering the workers he would need to maintain the small village he had created, even as Deep Tide began to scour the countryside, searching for others like him that would serve the Unconquered Suns will.
In time, the village grew as servants of Autochthon responded to the Alchemicals call even as Deep Tide began to draw other Chosen of the Sun to the camp. Each of the Exalted who came, whatever their aims, found sanctuary from a hostile and murderous world as well as the resources they required to push for their own dreams. Forming together into a circle, these exalts now prepare to extend their knowledge and influence. In this Time of Tumult, this group prepares to stand against the dark times and seize the reigns of history. For all those on the outside however, it is just a small and unassuming town. How long will it be till the glory of this heroes resounds throughout the South...and indeed all the world?
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Where the game begins...
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