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 "Mother Fox"

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PostSubject: "Mother Fox"   Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:15 pm

Ansumati was a strange woman to the tribe that found her. Though her features were clearly southern her skin tone was far more fair and lacking sun for one who spent time wandering. In truth Ansumati was from Gem, a concubine to the current hereditarial despot. Though many considered the role to be one of terror he treated Ansumati well and often favored her due to her allure and pleasentry. Many assumed that had her bloodline not been of slavery he would have made her one of his wives. This favor changed however when Ansumati came to be with child. The despot had planned to slay the child at birth to stop any possible blood claims but when he discovered it was a girl his hand was stayed. Ansumati however, discovered the mark upon her daughter and with the help of the other concubines fled Gem fearing her child would be murdered for what she was. So Ansumati fled into the desert with what little she could carry. Wandering aimlessly and falling almost in death, Ansumati woke in the shadowlands, the sounds of hoofs drawing closer as she whispered a prayer, a prayer of protection from her child and it's life as she saw the images reach down to her, scooping her and the child up.

The Hunak horsemen were as Ansumati feared, spirits of the fallen. They flickered from one realm to the next as she was left with food and water. Despite her fear Ansumati stayed and listened to them, learning of them and their ways. Her first inclination was their interest in the child. She was led to a witch who despite her venerable years was still amongst the living deep in the desert. She took Ansumati and her child in with her and for the first five years of her life was Ansumati taught the truth of her child and it's potential. When the child was old enough Hagrid forced Ansumati to join the world again with the aid of the Hunak, teaching her enough to help her survive amongst them and to bring the legend of what was to come to them. What Ansumati did not realize was Hagrid's home had no concept of time and years passed as she found love again, had children who beget children, and ultimatley fell to the sands of the desert as her daughter, who had taken her name as Ansumati was trained by Hagrid.

Ansumati found quickly her strength as she turned from child to adult. Hagrid told her of the spirit realm and her time to become her predecessor. Her lessons in the mind and ways of the world were coupled with training in the wilds, teaching her to survive, hide, and track anything from mortals to the spirits. She was taught to attune herself to both realms and to respect what her ancestors did not. At age twelve, Ansumati fully began to understand the powers hagrid had bestowed upon her when a group of humans ventured too far into the shadowlands. Hagred's scheming had led them to come for her as she watched in pride as her adopted daughter worked. As the men came for Hagrid arrows sang through the air, removing limbs and heads as the little girl moved at them with blades drawn. She cleared twice their height and started cutting them down with unbelievable speed. The young girl overpowered the men with strength equal to the strongest of them as blood missed her in her movements. Those that could flee did so on horseback only to be chased down by her on foot and cut from their horses as she pounced on them like an animal. Hagrid was pleased with her strength but even she did not overhear the human's last words of telling Ansumati the truth of what Hagrid had done to their people. Ansumati's heart was torn as she returned. Hagrid felt her troubles and while Ansumati slept prepared to kill her. As she approached that night in perfect silence she felt a strangeness about the girl. As she moved to slit her throat Ansumati flung herself at Hagrid and cut her arm from her. Hagrid felt her true potentional awakening within the girl and unleashed the sorcerous powers she possessed on the girl, shocked and awed by her speed and tenacity as the girl bounced around her like a ghost. She felt the arrow sink into her body as half of it's shaft stuck through her chest, panting in her ear with tears as the small blade sought her throat. Hagrid closed her eyes and unleashed her last ability, destroying her body as she felt Ansumati's fingers reach into her spirit and try to absorb part of her. Asumati had awakened and the bright light of the event changed the young woman forever as the circle formed into her forehead alongside the intricate spirit signs under it. Hagrid now a ghost fled as the Hunak approached and witnessed the pack of ghost foxes surrounding the ghostly draped girl, growling and snapping at them. They scooped her up with them and fled to the borders of the shadowlands.

The Hunak left Ansumati with enough food and water to find her way back to the land of man. Giving her what they found in Hagrid's home to use as she traveled. So Ansumati cut her hair by the way of the Hunak's and bore her belongings into the desert. With speed and tenacity Ansumatic trekked across the desert, easily taking down prey she needed to survive and beginning to watch the humans and other denizens of the desert. Though parts of her memory clouded from Hagrid's spirit her abilities blossomed. The raiders of the desert became her first victims as the "Mother Fox" they have heard of came to be. A tracker and hunter with senses beyond this world, Ansumati dubbed herself "the last Hunak" and lived up to the images of a ghost and spirit of great power. No mortal could touch her nor could many powerful immortals (as they called herself). She used her cunning and wits to survive and her physical speed and tenacity to embarrass those that hunted her.

In time she began to find her home with some of the tribes who welcomed the "Mother Fox" as a gift from the shadowlands. The name Ansumati fell to many of them as the wise witch who spoke of what was to come. Though she looked like her mother in features Ansumati was far more pale and lacking in the kindness and etiquette of her mother, a "barbarian" and "desert rodent" she did not stay with the tribes for long, preferring to stand alone and use what Hagrid and the Hunak had taught her of this realm and the spirits to put her gifts to use. So it was Ansumati "Mother Fox" of the Hunak came to fully realize her true powers against the Dragon-blooded.

The power of the fire dragon-blooded was great. Few could touch Ansumati but the speed and strength of this man was undeniable, the "dragon of the south" as he proclaimed himself commanded a small contingent of well trained warriors. Tired from murdering his minions the Dragon used this to his advantage to attack Ansumati. His flames and power were undeniable and it was his push of her that awokened the true capability of Ansumati. Fearing for her life her exalted nature took over and Asumati unleashed her true potential as she had against Hagrid. Shocked and angered the Dragon poured all his fire and fury at Ansumati only to have her appear at a flank unscathed. Tiring and weakening Ansumati stood in her true power. She attacked the Dragon at his strength and made him appear as a simpleton as she deflected his blades and swings, slowly and surely cutting him down as he was unable to move to block her new level of speed. Those that witnessed her saw her toss her blades into the air as four of her appeared, tossing the blades between them and stabbing him before three arrows shot his heart straight out of his chest with a lone Ansumati standing well over 100 yards away, the blades in her belt as she fired one last arrow that radiated a powerful light, causing the dragon to explode in a blinding light. When the rest of his men came to there was no trace or sign of Ansumati and their lord's body laid naked with a huge hole in his chest, his effects taken from him by Ansumati.

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"Mother Fox"
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