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 PC: Oblivate 914

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PC: Oblivate 914 2pq6vyt
Name: Myrmidon Oblivate 914
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'2''
Weight: ~700 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Bionic Red
Skin Tone: None
Physical Description: Massive and hulking, a giant in Mechanicus Rust Red, Oblivate 914 stands obviously inhuman, his eyes shine bright red from the optics within and the bottom of his skull descends into a mass of wires, tubing and other such things, though there is a hole through which he can extend one of his many mechandrites. The true dimmensions of his body ar unknown, for he is never without his massive cloak, though when visible his hands and feet are mammoth even for a man of his size, and his steps echo with metallic weight. He seems to produce a virtually limitless stream of weaponry either in his hands or on mechandrites through cyclical racks mounted onto his back, which slide out through some of the many folds in the cloth, and he seems to have given up all pretenses of being even remotely human.
Personality and Quirks: Oblivate 914 was born to the massive forge world of Sollex, home to some of the most dangerous and deadly tech-priests in the system. On Sollex is the purging light studied, developed, and raised to an art form, where lasers and plasma are the truest expressions of power, directed by the Omnissiah's will and mechanisms to strike cleanly through his foes, and it was here that Oblivate entranced himself with such divine light. From a young age his aptitude for weaponry and the mechanics of it was well documented, and he was fanatical in his persuit of greater mastery over both technology and the arts of war. It was unsurprising, then, when the Magos Militant of the Myrmidons, elite tech-priests who have sworn themselves to the arts of war, looked to him to become one of their number. He accepted eagerly, and went a step further in it; to purge himself of all humanity, to become truly a machine of war, as deadly as an artillery platform and as pure as the divine light he wielded, he convinced the Magos Militant to reforge his petty mortal form. Swayed by his passion for his craft and the Omnissiah, Oblivate was ritually reborn into the man of metal he was today; once a tall, powerful man, he is now as much a tank as a man, and he seeks to further such perfection through the fires of war in the service of the inquisition, that one day he might be as a Titan unto the foes of the Machine God.
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PC: Oblivate 914
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