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 PC: Valerian Prunell - Void Master

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PC: Valerian Prunell - Void Master Angled-bob
Name: Valerian Prunell or "Val"
Homeworld: Heratus VI (Footfallen)
Age: 33
Height: 1.78 m (5'10")
Weight: 62 kg (135 lbs)
Quirk: Elegant hands
Skin Color: fair
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Sandy Red
Motivation: Fortune
Theme Song: "The Howling" - Within Temptation
Physical Appearance: Val as she prefers is a gaunt and graceful figure that has begun the passage from the vibrancy of youth to the harshness of her middle years. While her features are still pert and soft the wear of life has begun to creep into her form and demeanor. She keeps her hair thick and layered despite the short angled bob she tends to enjoy. Her brown eyes always seem to be staring intently at (or through) someone or something.

Val's early years were in the dregs of Heratus VI. The Prunells were a small family given their bloodline seemed to have the misfortune of erupting psykers both sanctioned and nascent. Their existence in outer periphery of the empire made life viable for the family to scratch somewhat of a living. Unfortunately the Inquisition disagreed with their existence and defiance of Imperial Creed as well as that of their planet and soon ordered an exterminatus upon the world. Heratus VI became a dead world in hours as Valerian and others found to be "pure" of taint were sent to various other worlds. Alone and constantly under the eyes of the Inquisition Valerian disappeared further into the expanse of space as she clawed every throne through normal or illicit means. By the time she was fifteen Valerian had found her way aboard the starships of the Imperium. Serving as a voidsmen Val received her chance to shine at Serras Prime during an Eldar invasion. Their cruiser, the light of the empire, lost their helmsman during a raid by eldar corsairs. Val in a few moments of what many would call valor (or as she calls it, pure stupidity) charged the helm and took down the eldar witch that had slain her superior. As the eldar fell it placed it's hand over Val's head and muttered something in it's strange tongue. The "curse" of the xenos seemed to have failed as the Light of the Empire steered the rest of the fleet to victory over the corsair forces. The new helmsman of the Light of the Empire drew attention from the Inquisition after the incident given her past homeworld and name. She endured their capture and interrogation only to be yet again found "pure" and released back to service. Her notoriety and recorded encounters with the Inquisition gave her superiors pause and she was decommissioned shortly thereafter. On her way off world she was stopped by a representative of one of the Rogue Trader dynasties and offered work. She accepted.
PC: Valerian Prunell - Void Master A1469Eb
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PC: Valerian Prunell - Void Master
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