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 Rival - Inquistion (Valerian Prunell)

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PostSubject: Rival - Inquistion (Valerian Prunell)   Rival - Inquistion (Valerian Prunell) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 9:40 am


"Your time in interrogation looks to have been moderate," the lower toned feminine voice stated curiously as Val brushed her hair back from her face with her bandaged up hand. Her right eye was bloodshot and red still with the black bruising around it matching the same color on the sides of her neck and various other exposed skin under her vest. The woman next to her stood about her height with her haunting pallid skin tone and buggy light blue eyes. Her hair was cut short in a flapper bob as she watched Val without a hint of any emotion inside the lift. Val sniffed as she spoke hoarsely while looking back and seeing the woman's bodysuit and matched short blades at her hip with a las pistol, "You get used to it after a while." The woman turned her eyes to Val's as Val felt the odd sensation of having her very soul scoured with a look as she frowned at the woman. "You show too much concern for your well being. If you were wanted dead they or I would have killed you in the name of the Emperor," The woman's unblinking gaze didn't falter or shift as she spoke with an ease and simplicity in tone. "Then all of Holy Terra would rejoice like it did when they blew up my homeworld," Val remarked dryly as the other woman's head snapped to a tilt with the right side of her face contorting up in a momentary twitch as she spoke of Holy Terra. Val watched the woman as her face slid back to it's normal empty state while Val's brows raised and her cheeks puffed out, "Nevermind, seems that's a sore subject." "We all sacrifice for the light of humanity as he does helmsman Prunell," the woman's tone did not shift from it's level demeanor as one of the woman's brows curled up in a mock sense of emotion. "Do you have a name or should I call you sword lady?" Val poked her surly conjecture while she turned to look back at the doors of the lift. "Haka of the Templar Calix, Tempus Secundus." Val turned her head back to the woman as she spoke as her eyes widened, "You're one of them? One of those crazy assassin psykers? The woman gave a haunting laugh that seemed to be more void than her entire demeanor was prior, "We have dedicated ourselves to the perfection of self. We only kill those that would harm the will of the emperor or the agenda of his subordinates." Val nodded slowly as the doors of the lift open and she stepped out into the large room hurriedly as the woman followed her in silence with her hands folded behind her back. The interior was lavish but more modern in it's design. A culmination and mixture of xenos patterns and decorations taken as trophies with the banners of the Imperium decadently mingled amongst them. "I am surprised you know what a Templar is Miss Prunell," a burly man's voice spoke as the statue at the end near the large viewport moved. The bearded elder man smiled as he walked forward in his ornate suit of power armor glowing in the shadows cast by the running lights of the room. "I've seen them before Lord? Val bowed awkwardly as she watched the man grow closer as he spoke while swirling a pair of goblets, "Du'malta, Miss Prunell. I am hoping however you will be calling me boss soon enough," He spoke disarmingly as he offered her a goblet. Val looked to the man then to Haka as the woman stood in silence and expectation before Val took the glass slowly from his hand. "I am in need of a helmsman miss Prunell and I have heard you've recently been released due to some trivial inquisitorial matter?" The man grinned at his own understating and amused tone as he took a sip from his own goblet. "They and I have a long history starting back where I was born your lordship. Another round in the continual spar," she let out sourly as she took a sip of her own goblet and blinked before taking a longer drink. "I think I can offer you a slight reprieve from that fight miss Prunell. The ship I have is going to be operating far outside of known space." Val pulled the glass down as her eyes shot to Haka who stood silently and creepily calm as she watched Val, she wasn't sure anymore if the woman was human at all. "A warrant ship? Like exploration?" Val hesitantly let the questions fall from her lips as the man simply raised his goblet with a nod to each before he spoke again, "We can fill out the proper forms later as I assume you are on board helmsman?" Val guffawed before she nodded and raised her own glass as a smile finally came over her lips, "Anyone would be a fool to not take that your lordship." The old man chuckled and tapped his glass to hers before he gave her a wink, "The galaxy is full of fools and cowards Miss Prunell, I am glad you are not one of them."
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Rival - Inquistion (Valerian Prunell)
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