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 PC: Magos Errant Ohmphere - Explorator

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PostSubject: PC: Magos Errant Ohmphere - Explorator   PC: Magos Errant Ohmphere - Explorator Icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 10:03 pm

PC: Magos Errant Ohmphere - Explorator Tech_priest_by_SpiritusExMachina
Name: Magos Errant Ohmphere
Homeworld: Synford II
Age: 45
Height: 1.98 m (6'6")
Weight: 111 kg (245 lbs)
Quirk: Metal Grill for a Face
Skin Color: Pallid White
Eye Color: Right eye Steel gray, left eye red augmetic
Hair Color: None
Motivation: Knowledge
Theme Song: "The Death of the Cog" - The Cog is Dead

Physical Appearance: While his form still appears largely human, his body has gone under a number of severe changes marking his transformation from normal man to Child of the Omnisiah. What little skin visible on his face has flushed albino white. His remaining "normal eye" appears almost as red as his augmetic one, but this is mostly due to how bloodshot it is, though this seems to have no particular effect on his ability to see. His red robes are immacutely kept and cover most of his augmetics and initial mechanicus implants, pinned together in several spots by the Cog Mechanicus emblem. A mesh of metal frame, wire and a leather like material covers the parts of his body not hidden by the robe.
Born into a household of caste-menials upon the Forgeworld Synford II in the Calixis Sector, the boy that would come to be known as Ohmphere was simply known as Derek at the time. Like most children of the caste-menials, he received the necessary technomat training required to fulfill the role of his machinery caste while observed for "higher level functions" by overseer tech adepts. Derek proved to carry both sufficient reverence as well as curiousity to catch the eyes of his watchers and was inducted into higher level training. Eventually his natural talents and hard work earned him the rank of Enginseer. One of his mentors, viewing the name of "Derek" to be far to pedestrian a name for a tech-priest, renamed him Ohmphere, in honor of several mechanical and electrical principles he liked. The Forgeworld was eventually called upon to fulfill a debt to the Battlefleet Calixis and the young Ohmphere was sent to serve their efforts for the duration of their operation.

That "operation" would prove to be a crusade launched into the edges of the Calixis Sector and, unknown to him, through a stable Warpgate and into the Jericho Reach. Ohmphere and the ships he attended to would be directed to what was known as the Archeros Salient that was aimed at the heart of the Reach. There he found himself up against the most wretched examples of Chaos sin and debauchery, forced to watch their cruel and maligned mutations of sacred technology as well as the use of blasphemous knowledge to further warp the holy purpose of the children of the Omnissiah. It is an affront he would carry all his life and leave within him a burning hatred of the particular heresies of the servants of Chaos.

It would be one particular operation, however, that changed the nature of his destiny forever. During a fleet action near the core system of Vanity, the battlegroup Ohmphere was in was pushed off course by a sudden warp squall and deposited in an unknown system. It appeared largely uninhabited though initial reconnisance showed it to be rich in many sorely needed natural resources. The battlegroup decided to observe the world and resupply while they waited for the warpstorm to pass. The planets, however, proved to hide something far more sinister than could have been originally imagined. The world, now known only as PTY-5, harbored a planetwide alien hivemind with horrifying connections to the warp. In the week that followed Ohmphere and the rest of the crew found themselves beseiged by the maligned xenos presence, forced to adapt to warp incursions and alien infestations as the planet attempted to consume its prey. In the week spent there Ohmphere learned more about the Warp and the strange physiogomy of the alien than he had in his entire life.
Time spent scanning through the ship files on multiple different species of xenos in an attempt to identify their current threat gave him insight into multiple alien forms, while repeated calibration of the Gellar Fields and studies into the nature of the aliens connection to the warp gave Ohmphere a frightful look into the heart of the chaos he so hated.

In the final days of that week, Ohmphere worked on an untested project involving a torpedo that could disrupt the aliens connection to the warp and break the warp storm long enough for the battlegroup to evacuate before all was lost. The project succeeded, though the resulting severence of the aliens warp connection caused the warp storm to become suddenly erratic as the battlegroup fled. The storm succeeded in breaching the Gellar Field of the ship that Ohmphere was upon. Though they succeeded in restoring the field before multiple warp predators could consume the hapless crew, the attack resulted in a severe headwound for Ohmphere. Placed in stasis and returned to the Calixis for emergency treatment, it was determined that Ohmphere's knowledge and skill that had saved the battlegroup made him too valuable to lose. In order to repair the parts of his brain too damaged to recover he was fitted with a high-quality cortex implant from the Lathe Forgeworlds.

Ohmphere continued his work with xenos research that had been sparked in the Jericho Reach. His expansive research took him to multiple different worlds and eventually back to the edge of the Calixis, in search of the Jericho Reach (which he, like most, assumed was somewhere very close to the Calixis Sector). Instead he found himself at the edge of an equally fascinating realm of space known as the Koronus Expanse. Intent on carrying his research into the new place he joined on with an Explorator Fleet. His time there was well spent and by the time he seperated from that fleet he was recognized by its leader as a man with the Omnissiah's blessing. He was informally declared a Magos Errant by the Fleetmaster and given a recommendation to a Rogue Trader house who, now having received a bold new heir, required the aide and knowledge of one of the Cult of Mars. Eager to set out anew, Magos Errant Ohmphere accepted the position and joined on, ready to carry the Quest for Knowledge out into the unknown once again.
PC: Magos Errant Ohmphere - Explorator ADEPTUS_MECHANICUS_SYMBOL_A
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PC: Magos Errant Ohmphere - Explorator
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