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 House Gryson Warrant of Trade

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PostSubject: House Gryson Warrant of Trade   House Gryson Warrant of Trade Icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 11:31 pm

...that the Imperium of Man, passed into our hands by the our Immortal Emperor, may be forever expanded unto the very edges of the galaxy. To achieve that glorious end, men must stand forward to enter the darkest places where our eyes do not yet see. Must listen to the sounds of places we have never heard. To grasp that which human hand has not touched in this dark age. As the Emperor's Hand will these men take his words and his Imperium to the places that crave his light.

It is with this solemn purpose that this Writ of Trade is granted that mankind need not be lost in darkness as the Imperium once again seeks to push its borders. To the one who holds this warrant, the rights inferred do grant the holder the ability to pass beyond the edges of the Imperium's borders and return with the spoils of that place that the Imperium of Man might know was awaits it and bring forth the Imperial Truth to those places once lost.

In the Emperor's Name,
Roboute Guilliman
Lord Commander of the Imperium
Primarch of the Ultramarine Legion


History of the Warrant
Granted in the years just following the Emperor's ascension to the Golden Throne, the Gryson Warrant of Trade is among the most ancient of Warrants of Trade in the Imperium. Signed by then Lord Commander of the Imperium Roboute Guilliman, it carries with it a piece of renown that has served the Gryson Dynasty for millennia. While the dynasty has seen many high tides and low-tides and even a short stint where the charter was actually lost, it has always been long attached to the Gryson name. The warrant was initially granted to Gryson Dynasty's progenitor, Regias Gryson, as a reward for his loyalty during the Horus Heresy and his work in holding several key systems from traitor forces before joining the Imperial Fleets that hunted the routing chaos fleets.

Regias Gryson began the use of the Warrant by completing the work which had earned him it. Hunting out pockets of traitor resistance and independent fiefs that had established themselves during the chaos that the Horus Heresy wreaked upon the Imperium. It was this behavior (along with the nature of the man who had signed the Warrant in the first place), that would give the Gryson Dynasty a natural tendency towards combat, empire smashing and rebuilding that befitted its early roots.

After one particular fall in the dynasty's fortunes, a particularly adept series of patriarchs rose to the helm of the Gryson line and waged an unceasing war of piracy and counter-piracy in the span that was then known as the Calyx Expanse in what would eventually be called the Age of Plunder. The strong martial streak of the family once again showed itself as the finances of the line once again stabilized and the spinward regions of the Segmentum Obscurus came to know the Gryson Dynasty as the warriors they had long been.

The most recent era of the Gryson Dynasty has seen a series of horrific set-backs. The once well complemented Gryson Fleet was lost in a series of disastrous ventures against pirate and xenos elements within the Kronus Expanse and outer edges. Further attempts to revive the dynasty proved only to create more problems as the dynasty fell afoul several Imperial interdictions due to trafficking in proscribed xenos artefacts. The final humiliation of the previous patriarch came when he accidentally engaged an Imperial fleet which he had thought to be part of a pirate faction that had plagued his line for generations. The Imperial Navy proved quite up to the challenge and less than merciful in the aftermath of the battle. It seemed like the Gryson Dynasty might finally have met its end.

It was only the strong political connections and strong will of one of the younger scions of the Gryson Dynasty that prevented the dissolution of the house. A young dynast by the name of Siegfred Gryson put to use several of his more powerful military contacts in the Battlefleet and heavily invoked decrees of tradition to insure that the Warrant of Trade remained true. As an act to prove his forthrightness and willingness to make amends for his father's failure, Siegfred graciously offered to become the new patriarch and leader of the Gryson Dynasty, seeing as his few brother's and sisters were less than loved by the Imperial Navy. His "terms" were accepted and he was granted the Warrant of Trade. Taking stock of the families possessions, he found much of the remaining fleet had been destroyed or seized by the Battlefleet Calixis. Pulling an ancient and powerful vessel from the drydocks of the dynasty's homeworld of Zweihans World, Siegfred collected unto himself the most skilled retainers he could find before making his way towards the Maw. With the Warrant of Trade in hand and a crew ready to serve the Gryson Dynasty, it was time for him to find his own adventure, his own name and bring the fame and renown back to the name of his family.
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House Gryson Warrant of Trade
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