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 PC: Lord-Captain Siegfred Bornell Gryson - Rogue Trader

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PostSubject: PC: Lord-Captain Siegfred Bornell Gryson - Rogue Trader   PC: Lord-Captain Siegfred Bornell Gryson - Rogue Trader Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 10:08 am

Name: Siegfred Bornell Gryson
Homeworld: Zweihans World
Age: 27
Height: 1.83 m (6'0)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Skin Color: Fair
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Motivation: Privilege
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inDCPnXAIdY
Quote: "Mercenaries may not win as many wars as fanatics do, but they live longer."

Physical Appearance: Captain Gryson is what you would expect to see in daring new upstart. He is young, handsome and commands an aura of authority that forces that lesser beings find hard to resist. A well trimmed beard with many sharp features dominates the lower half of his face, giving him a sharp look that matches his black, hawk like eyes. When not doing anything requiring thick ceramite protecting his flesh, he dons a large blue xeno-pelt captain's coat with golden trimmings, with a crimson shirt, white scarf and brown leather pants. A brace of obviously expensive pistols line his belt. He wears a crimson bandana under a blue tricorne hat with gold trimmings, though he does own a vast collection of different hats.

Birthright: Service to the Throne - Born to Lead: Siegfred's father was never one to remember whichever child he sired (legitimate or not) let along care. He was thus sent to an Imperial Guard officer school to study the skills and mentality to gain the trust of his men, to devise cunning strategies, to execute them with precision and to lead his men with courage.

Lure of the Void: Chosen By Destiny-Fated for Greatness: - Due to numerous events in his life, Siegfred genuinely feels the God-Emperor himself watches over him. He feels the Emperor has a special Destiny filled with glory and greatness for him, and will struggle to see it happen. Whether this means being the Greatest of his bloodline or some other Destiny, only the Emperor knows.

Trials and Travails: Darkness-Dark Secret:- During his service as a Captain of a Company of 150 Imperial Guardsmen fighting against an incursion of Ork scum, he chanced upon a small shrine completely alien to anything he had ever seen in his whole life. A voice called out to him, and thinking it was the Emperor calling out to him, he followed. Inside, he found a magnificent chamber untarnished by the ravages of time. The voice called out to step inside the chamber, and he did so obediently. When he woke up next, his men were shaking him awake, telling him he had fainted in mid battle after encouraging them to fight on when all seemed lost. Siegfred refuses to ever speak about this incident anymore, but its effect on him lasted.

Motivation: Prestige: As a man born amongst dozens of heirs and billions upon billions of Imperial citizens, he knows he must use every bit of his cunning, connections and might to shine through them all. This incredible drive is what earned him the hard won respect of the Imperial Guard.

Lineage-By the time Siegfred had declared himself heir of his Father's broken dynasty, he had learned to utilize his silver tongue to both placate would be usurpers such as his siblings and half-siblings, as well as become a skilled orator in the eyes of his peers.

Born into a Dynasty of incredibly powerful people meant Siegfred enjoyed a life that was unobtainable by all but the most luckiest and capable of the Imperium's citizens. His father was Lord-Captain Ignatio Gryson, Head of the Gryson dynasty and Rogue Trader of fantastic wealth, might and influence. Such was the power of a holder of a warrant signed by none other than Lord Commander Roboute Gulliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines. Ignatio Gryson proved to be an incompetend commander, and proved even worse at keeping his fortune together. But this story is not about him...

Siegfred Gryson was born not first, but twelfth amongst dozens of older siblings, all not of the same parent. There was plenty of wealth at that time, to go around, thus his early life was as you would expect of a high born, lavish and excessive. A good decade passed before his father finally noticed the tremendous drain his family's lavish lifestyle was having on his dwindling coffers. In an effort to stave off the inevitable, the head of the house made the decision to cut down on losses. Siegfred being one of them.

The Officer's Academy of the Imperial Guard was always looking for unwanted scions of a noble to replenish its ever dwindling ranks, and thus him and a number of his family was sent to serve the Imperium of man. The change in lifestyle came as a complete an utter shock to Siegfred, who was unused to any way of living save for the very best and the most extravagant. Getting accustomed to the more regimental form of life demanded by the military taught him a good lesson of respect and humility, something he carried with him for the rest of his life. He did hope though, that one day, his father would call for him and let him return to his old way of life.

During this long and ultimately futile wait, Siegfred decided to take comfort in the teachings and drills demanded by the Academy, being surprisingly good at it. He soon lost interest in being rescued from the military and found new life amongst his fellow cadets in the academy. At the end of his training, he had scored top scores in physical exams, marksmanship tests and tactical skills, while doing well in other subjects. He was then packed in a gun cutter with a batch of his fellow cadets, and sent off to another planet, never seeing the academy again.

After two tours of duty and a fistful of medals, he requested a transfer to the Imperial Navy, where he slowly worked his way up the ranks to Captain of his own Raider-class ship.

Despite his pride, he understood that no man, no matter how ambitious or skilled, could possibly acquire all the skills needed to run a successful dynasty. With that in mind, he scoured the sector in search of the brightest and most capable men and women (and kroot) of his generation to help in his endeavors. His ship once more restored back to the prime of its glory, and with his assortment of highly skilled specialist, he embarks on a journey of uncertainty in the vast blackness of the void.
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PC: Lord-Captain Siegfred Bornell Gryson - Rogue Trader
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