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 NPC - Inquisitor Kiari Talgaverditz

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NPC - Inquisitor Kiari Talgaverditz Empty
PostSubject: NPC - Inquisitor Kiari Talgaverditz   NPC - Inquisitor Kiari Talgaverditz Icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 10:00 am

NPC - Inquisitor Kiari Talgaverditz 1245646230220
Name: Lady Admiral Inquisitor Kiari Talgaverditz of the Order Hereticus.
Age: Unknown, estimated to be well over several hundred years.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Fair with splotches of brown freckles
Physical Description: Reborn into her human form, Kiari retains her lithe and well toned figure. Hauntingly beautiful and seemingly beyond a human comparison in grace Kiari is also exceptionally youthful in appearance, bearing possibly only the equivalent to someone in their late teens. Her hair is rather wavy and allowed to grow down to the small of her back.
Personality and Quirks: Often aloof and seemingly apathetic. Kiari is constantly testing the inquisitorial team both overtly and subversively. These acts tend to lead her to be always second guessed at least on a personal level.
Information uncovered by players: Kiari was once a half xenos born from the rape of a human woman. A man by the name of "William" gave her redemption and brought her into the quest of uniting the stars. It is believed this "William" is the "Toby" or Emperor himself. Given Kiari's access to highly classified information and the continued finding of pre-heresy information and technology one wonders if her tie is true.
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NPC - Inquisitor Kiari Talgaverditz
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