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 Vigil (PC)

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PostSubject: Vigil (PC)   Tue May 10, 2011 2:18 pm

Whispered Luster Unheard, Adamant Caste Watcher

Summary of noteworthy lives the Soul has experienced:
- A Night Caste Solar Exalt's mortal assassin lackey who converted to one of Autochton's followers shortly before his departure from Creation. While he was a loyal follower, the Great Scooping Up came as a big surprise. He led a small band of scouts which gathered information about their new world-home of Autochthonia. Perished fighting off one of the first-encountered gremlin-infested subroutines. Soul gem recovered after a month.
- A blind interpreter of the Book of the Great Maker, managed to shed greater understanding on a number of significant passages. Died of old age, but is credited with no less than ten discoveries of meaning.
- Commando-type soldier who broke off from their unit to set explosives to seal off an apostate and allowed an Alchemical assembly to strike it down with efficiency all the while staying hidden.
- A hermit, making his home in the far reaches acting as guide and tutor to any who sought him out. Constantly on the move to prevent discovery by the Void-driven horrors that dwelled in many places. Thought lost after three centuries, body discovered by Thousand-Faceted Nelumbo and soul gem delivered to the Divine Minister Debok Moom.


Upon drawing her First Breath as an Adamant Caste alchemical, Whispered Luster Unheard was found to be somewhat faulty. Incapable of speaking, and the problem could not be corrected despite repeated visits to the rejuvenating vats. Every other function of her body was intact, and her mental faculties were without flaw, but for reasons still unknown, she could not produce speech. This limited her ability to perform undercover in Autochthonian nations since multiple mortals that happened to all be mute would draw suspicion, and endanger the secrecy of the caste.

Following her tutelage under Thousand-Faceted Nelumbo, Whispered Luster Unheard took to emulating some of her enigmatic sifu's habits, including her tendency to enter combat unclothed. The younger Alchemical showed promise, though not the same degree of serenity as Nelumbo. Where the elder Adamant sought to find the unfindable in the martial arts of Autochthonia, the younger Luster wanted to pick up as many varieties as she could learn to utilize them into the most effective weapon imaginable.

When her tutelage was complete, Debok Moom called forth his newest Operative and bestowed a mission upon her: She was to enter Creation and become part of the Mortal population there, being Debok Moom's eyes and ears, reporting back periodically with her findings. Generally immune co Creation's natural difficulties of the deserts, she could move between settlements and civilizations without trouble, and this was to be her duty. To know. The fact that she could probably pick up a lot of new fighting arts that were unavailable in Autochthonia was a secondary, if wonderful extra blessing.

Taking the identity of "Vigil", equipped with a few simple artifacts and charged with finding an ancient Manse location that had been somewhat secret in past to assist her in her cover as a Dragonblood of the Water Caste, Whispered Luster Unheard set out to integrate herself in the extremely and almost painfully bright sunlight of Creation. She had been equipped with a number of Charms to prepare her for this, though it was still quite unpleasant for the first few days. Vigil came across a number of strange cultural practices she did not comprehend at first, eventually integrating herself with greater skill. When she found the House of the Twofold Blossoming Lotus, she provided the necessary password supplied to her by Debok Moom, and she was accepted as the Manse's owner and Hearthstone carrier.

Periodically did Vigil report back to Debok Moom, receiving upgrades of a simple nature, though eventually she simply stopped making contact with the Divine Minister. Worried that his promising young spy was destroyed, he considered his options. If he sent another to Creation to learn of the whereabouts of Whispered Luster Unheard, that would be diverting an extremely valuable resource into what amounted to an endless plane where the soul gem might not even be found. It was decided that eventually he would do this. Just not yet. So many other important things that require attention.

The circumstance surrounding Vigil's disappearance? She had been chasing a Raksha force, not very large and led by a young noble that she managed to tear apart, and she followed them too far. She ended up in a zone of wyld influence. There, she had spent two days. While her body proved very resilient to the shaping influence of the place, eventually it managed to warp her mind. In that instant, Whispered Luster Unheard was destroyed, and Vigil remained. She emerged form the place very much changed, believing herself to be a god-blooded being at first, utilizing the simple tools she had. It was not until she started to utilize external Essence that she figured out she was much more. A Water Aspect!

The mute girl's disguise was simply too perfect to herself see beneath it. As far as she was aware, Vigil was for all intends and purposes a dragonblood. Even her anima matched it. She wandered, lost as to a past that she didn't actually have since none was designed for the Vigil identity. She spent time fighting for the entertainment of crowds, displaying her phenomenal skill even without the use of Charms.

Instinctively, Vigil does her best to be subtle about her core nature. She prefers to be thought of as a Mortal or simply a god-blood (complete with a number of universally-applicable artifacts), but there are times when her Water Aspect identity is demonstrated. Beneath that, she holds a cover identity of a Moonsilver Caste in the event that she is discovered for having Alchemical charms installed, and finally, her Adamant Nature beneath that. Internally, she will believe herself to be whatever caste is most recently discovered.

Among the things that Vigil constantly wears regardless of circumstance is a cloth collar. Wide enough to cover the span of her neck, it conceals a scar on her throat. The Vigil identity was wounded, rendered incapable of speech years ago, and the scar is very large as a result. She is embarassed about this and prefers to avoid having it seen if at all possible.
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Vigil (PC)
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