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PostSubject: backgrounds.   backgrounds. Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 3:32 pm

Wanted to start this to hash out details on how backgrounds function.

For instance, is xp refunded for artifacts that are disposable (once used)? e.g. Skin of the Mountain Oil.

If we had a crafter in the party, would they also need to spend xp on artifacts?

Cult: If said cult is slaughtered by the Wyld hunt, do you get xp for it?

Really policy question on background loss.

Do you allow Savant, or Legendary background levels (two separate things)?
If you got Power-Awarding-Prana/Golden Savant's Largesse, and/or You Can Be More, would you have buy the retainers background for the people you collect?

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PostSubject: Re: backgrounds.   backgrounds. Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 3:18 pm

My view of Backgrounds are as follows:

1) Anything you gain through roleplay or the direct actions of your character are yours. If you kill someone and they drop an artifact, and you pick it up, it is yours. If you use charms and social combat to convince people you are a worthy leader you will get followers. If you train them into soldiers you'll get them as them as warriors. Whatever is "dropped in your laps" or you "work for" (including using charms/time to produce artifacts) is yours. I am, obviously, the final arbitrator on whether or not what you have done has earned you a particular background.

2) Anytime you "seek something out" but do not directly attain it on your own, such as having someone (NPC) train your followers into soldiers or being given an artifact from an ally (that you as the PC requested of me) you will have to pay XP. The cost will be 3 XP per point up to 3. Then 6 XP for level 4. I will never let you buy a level 5 item with XP. Those must be earned in game.

2a) As you can't buy level 5 backgrounds with XP, you obviously cannot buy level 6 (AKA Legendary) Backgrounds with XP. Those can only ever be gained in game through roleplay and the work of the circle. Considering their power, these are unlikely to "fall in your path" and must be actively sought.

3) All backgrounds are up for grabs, whether due to theft, destruction or other unfortunate circumstances. Doesn't matter how you got them, they can be lost and there are NO refunds if background points or XP was spent.
The mitigating factor here is that I rarely go after low level or only moderately used backgrounds. Anything level 3 and below usually "falls beneath my attention" and won't be at any real risk of being taken unless you decide to overuse it (using Followers to actively harrass a Realm garrison or the Juggernaught for example). This being that others don't pay particular notice to them or view them as a minor point of your power and this not worth particular attention. Why go through the effort of trying to destroy/steal a level 3 artifact if you might just pull out another one and make their work for naught?

However, backgrounds level 4 and above WILL draw attention and will require some precaution to prevent their loss. Obviously the more powerful it is, the more carefully you will have to consider it. Level 4 backgrounds are always "turning points" where the items go from "Not bad" to "Holy crap!" in terms of power. (100 followers at level 3 to 1000 followers at level 4 to 10000 followers at level 5). This does not mean you need to be fretting about it everyday with concerns I am out to get your background. It just means that backgrounds of that level are considerable in their power and will draw attention with their use. And there will be people who will decide that power is better off in their hands.

4) Savant I consider to be a "product of upbringing" sort of background and only grant under extenuating circumstances. As a rule of thumb I view very few circumstances as extenuating.
As for the retainers, it depends on whether or not you developed them yourself or you were "given them". If you trained them/prepared them, then they are yours; free of charge. If you wanted them and then convinced a guild factor to give them to you, you have to pay. (The difference being is that the work you did to make them yourself is your own labor while the Guild Factor involved me putting something in your path for you to just pick up and run with).

Any other questions?
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