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 The Rules and the ST

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The Rules and the ST Empty
PostSubject: The Rules and the ST   The Rules and the ST Icon_minitimeWed Jun 01, 2011 1:01 am

I figured, as I am picking up more and more players that have never gamed with me before, that it is time I went ahead and laid out exactly how I view the relationship between player and GM so we are all clear on what I will work with and what doesn't work so well with me. This isn't a response to anything in particular. Just keeping the record straight. I will go ahead and set up several situations and tell you the do's and don'ts. So:

You disagree with an action carried out by the ST, whether on technical or narrative grounds:

-Contact me via private chat if it is a minor point or relates only to your character. Things like this can be easily worked out and corrected either presently or in the future as need me.
-Report it in the open if is something that you feel affects the gameplay of the whole group. Examples of this might be ignoring key allies or forgetting to add in bonuses relavent to a particular roll.

Do not:
-Complain that I am being unfair or I do not know what I am talking about. When people accuse me of being unfair, I become unfair and make their PC's lives very shitty indeed. When I am accused of such things I tend to want to get the benefit of what I am being accused of. And yes, I do not know/remember all the rules/names of the Gods/charm effects and so on of the game off the top of my head. That is why you are free to whisper me and hash it out. Being disrespectful won't get you anywhere.

The ST has rendered his decision on a matter and moved on:

-Feel free to wait until AFTER the game to contest it again. I don't mind people disagreeing with my decision, but if you are slowing the game down by complaining it gets tiresome quickly.

Do not:
-Once my decision is laid down, it is final as far as that action is concerned. Do not complain to me or start acting in some immature fashion as because I am being "unfair". Few things will get your character killed in a contrived way and leave you persona non grata quicker than continuing to complain when I have said enough.

Don't think that a particular action by a player was legal:

-Feel free to whisper the ST and clarify what you think the problem is.

Do not:
-Bring it into the public channel and openly accuse the other player of cheating/meta-gaming/etc. Do not argue with the other player in public about what you think the rules mean. If you must, talk to them in private chat. If they don't want to talk about it, don't press the issue or I will tell you to stop.

Think that the ST is showing favoritism:

-As a general rule, I don't show favoritism. Your relationship towards me outside of the game is irrelavent to whether or not a daiklave takes your head off ingame. If, despite this, you think I am showing favoritism, feel free to bring it up before or after game to me in whisper.

Do not:
-Openly decry me as a jerkass who gives other people special treatment. I give everyone the same liberties and restrict them on the same level. Even people I have gamed with for awhile can get kicked out of my games if they piss me off. This sort of things derails games soooo badly, so I don't deal with it. This is a fairly hard rule. You explode on me with this accusation, you're out.

You aren't enjoying the game anymore

-Talk to me to see if you can get the issue fixed. If it is a player annoying you or a style of play that you just can't get into, that can possibly be dealt with. It is worth a try if nothing else.
-If the issue can't be resolved, then quit. I won't take offense and you shouldn't saddle yourself with a game you don't like. Plenty of other games out there. Find the one for you.

Do not:
-Explode on me or other players. I run other games from time to time as do the other players here. Making enemies of us won't make playing other unrelated games with us in the future any more pleasant or likely.
-Keep playing. Again. We are all here to have fun. If you aren't have that, you are free to go!

Hope that keeps people clear. There is my basic ruleset. You have a problem, come to me. If I make a decision, live with it. Unlike some ST/GM I don't view myself as a god with my rules and works to be obeyed at all times. I enjoy RPGs because I like seeing how players/character react to situations, so I want you guys to have fun too. But there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. You now know my right and wrong way.
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The Rules and the ST
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