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 Solar Ascendancy - The Story

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Part One

With the first of his new circle gathered, the Lawgiver known as Glorious Deep Waters Rising, more often called "Deep Tide" for short, set about informing the group of the first steps they were taking and why it was he had bothered to bring them to the manse-fortress, Cog Sprocket, that the sentient machine Dreadful Shadow of Progress controlled. He was searching for a particular tomb-manse in the nearby deserts a ways east. He spoke of books and lore, artifacts and equipment and many other prizes that it was said to hold. Most importantly to him was a particular ledger that was said to have been written in the First Age by the Solar God-Kings of that era. Details about the ledger weren't forthcoming besides him often referring to it as "the road map to our whole operation".

With what little intel Deep Tide could provide for them, they circle, then consisting of: Dreadful Shadow of Progress, a machine-man in power armor, Mother Fox, an occult assassin, Gorovuk, a budding spearmaster and future sheep herder, Kalla, a child-savant and sorceress and Flickering Flame, a dragon-blooded jerkass with a love for tits.

Arriving at the fortress the group soon discovered a small indepedent group had already located the site and was attempting to gain entrance. As no one in the group knew how to communicate to others in anything other than kidney blows and haymakers to the septum, negotiations soon broke down and the largely uncompassionate group slaughtered the majority of the hapless mortals. However, within was a God-blooded progeny of a local southern war god who took exception to the exalts activities. In a race to take command of the manse that ended in a showdown in the hearthstone room, Kalla took control of the manse while the others forced the god-blooded to retreat. Investigating the interior of the manse it soon became apparent that the place was a repository for all sorts of ancient goodies and highly appreciable left overs of the first age, from spellcraft, to raw magical material forging items, to martial arts scrolls and more.

At the center of the lower manse area was a large occult circle that was soon identified as a sort of summoning circle that could be kept open for a prolonged period of time. While the exact purpose of such a thing was unknown to the group, Dreadful Shadw succeeded in activating it and using it to gain access to his homeworld, Autochthonia. Needing to return for some "upgrades", Dreadful Shadow invited the group through; an invitation they accepted.

Entering the portal they arrived in a strange land, seemingly wrought entirely from iron, steel and various additions of magical material. Dreadful Shadow soon identified it as his home city of Sovu. After a short explanation of the rough make-up of the city that floated around in the realm that was both his homeland and his god, Dreadful Shadow had the group taken to his personal quarters while he got his work done. In the midst of all this, the circle soon learned that the city was entering something known as a "void zone", a portion of the Great Maker's body that had been lost almost entirely to something called the Void. Within were all manner of corrupted gods (called "subroutines" in the parlance of Autochthonia, and gremlins in referrence to the corrupted gods) and heretics who carried out all number of rituals thast Dreadful Shadow assured the group were less than pleasant. Responding to the upcoming needs of his nation-city, Dreadful Shadow prepared to assist in the defense of Sovu. The rest of the circle decided to assist him in the upcoming operation.
After responding to several patrols that failed to report in, the group identified the center of the Void Zone, along with the massive gremlin that evidently produced the zone, named Amarak. After several attempts the group managed to gain entry, along with two other metal men, now identified as "Alchemicals". Penetrating to the center they soon meet with the corrupted core subroutine of the gremlin. After dealing with a few delays and having to play along with some of his games, the group manages to destroy the key elements of the core that Amarak required to remain active. Quickly evacuating the premise, they succeed in getting far enough away before the body of Amarak takes the awesome route and detonates, blowing a large chunk of nearby ruined factory and rusted steel into oblivion (maybe even Oblivion?).
The circle returned to Sovu, conquering heroes, and proceeded to spend a few more months getting things together and carrying out personal projects before returning as two seperate groups.

However, during the some 8 months in total that the group spent in Autochthonia, whatever remanents existed of the first group of mortal savants reported the loss of the operation to the Realm. While the group was away several scout groups were sent to the discovered manse and, finding no resistance there, took control of it. Their attempts were incomplete at best, requiring a geomantic strike to deactivate many of the defenses and they were unable to get into the massive vaults, however they did succeed in making off with almost the entirely of the lore material. Quickly recovering their own people as they returned piecemeal from Autochthonia, the group made preparations to track down the stolen material and then recover the manse.

While Kalla and Deep Tide carried out research and reconnissance to locate where the Realm had carted off the goods, the group responded to a plea for help from a local god whom had suffered the loss of something of importance. Always interested in gather more allies for their operation, the circle was despatched to find the issue and help deal with it. After a short investigation it became apparent that the aging (and now largely out of his mind) god that had issued the plea was the caretaker of something known as the "Sun Flock". Pursuing the clues deeper in, the group met up with another investigator by the name of Ordaus Linder, a man they would later identify as a Sidereal. The farther they got in the more they realized this was more than a simple heist. The Sun Flock, a group of sheep that was evidently Solar-Aspected and functioned like some sort of mobile manse, was being used in a war of ascension between two demons from Malfeas. After some more investigation, the circle finally approached the demon whom had claimed the Sun Flock and stated they would assist him in offing the other demon in exchange for the sheep. The demon agreed and the group hatched a plan to kill both their target as well as the pretender who had sent them. The fight culiminated in a showdown between the two demons and the circle. After a brutal fight that severally rearranged the apperance of the throne room they fought in, the circle arrived victorious and escaped the area, and its strange connection to the demon world. A phenomenon they never got much research into beyond what was explained to them by the demon-blooded gatekeeper to the place.

Returning with the flock, the circle; now consisting mostly of Mother Fox, Dreadful Shadow and Kalla (along with Flickering Flame still tagging along and being a twit), the circle finally set in motion the plan to regain as much of the stolen lore as they could. Their research pointed towards the Realm Satrap in Chiaroscuro as their primary point of interest. Taking their first real trip into the "big city", the circle investigated multiple parts of the city of broken-glass before finally coming onto several leads they pointed to several locations in the city that carried some of their loot. Among them was the local Guild Bank, the Tri-Khan's palace and the Immaculate Temple. Using their resources with the Guild Bank they soon gathered the first of the stolen scrolls that related to a number of historic events and bits of the ancient past. Using a group that closely approximated a thieve's guild, the circle managed to locate and gain entrance to the Tri-Khan's palace, whereby Mother Fox and Kalla worked their way inside and regained the book the Deep Tide had originally been searching for. After futher investigation the group decided not to risk the Immaculate Temple, least of all with a strange women with an Orichalcum bow warning them not to make too much noise. Having regained what they originally set out to get, the circle returned to Cog Sprocket and laid plans to retake their manse.

With the more time-sensitive matter out of the way, the group focused its attention on the tomb-manse. Making the acquitance of a very persuasive and very sexually liberal Solar Exalt by the name of Holly GoLightly, the group began forming ideas for the next step. After collecting allies among the local desert tribes (all members of the Delzahni Horde), the circle moved on the manse itself. First using Holly to draw off the soldiers, Kalla made use of a spell to directly assault the headquarters of the Realm Dynasts who were watching over the sight. She succeeded in whiping out all but one. The one, a Water-Aspect Immaculate Monk, first worked to block the advance of a strange southern woman, later to be known as Vigil, before entering the manse in pursuit of Dreadful Progress (who was busy cleaning it out of the mortals within). The showdown between Dreadful Progress, Kalla, and the Monk ended when his plan to detonate an explosive device designed for accessing the manses vaults was successfully deactivated by Dreadful Shadow. The Monk then attempted to flee before being slain from the shadows by the odd southern girl. With the last of the Realm forces surredered or killed, the manse back in their hands and only minor injuries amongst the fighters of the group, each member took the time to begin work on their own business and begin repair on the manse as Deep Tide prepared for the next step.
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Solar Ascendancy - The Story
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