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 The Magnificent Ledger of Glorious Deeds

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PostSubject: The Magnificent Ledger of Glorious Deeds   The Magnificent Ledger of Glorious Deeds Icon_minitimeMon Jun 06, 2011 10:02 pm

"The Ledger could best described as a book of epic poetry, replete with stories of great battles, wonderous inventions and tragic losses. It was kept by a group of Zenith Caste savant-poets in the High First Age and was said to pass down the fullest and truest history of the Exalted Host.
The most interesting thing about the Ledger, and why it was worth the pursuit, is that while it is indeed all written in a poetic rhythm, meter and cadance, they are indeed refering to real places, events and items. It is a history book, and it details what the First Age left behind. In these pages I may yet find sources of lore, technology and power that our predecessors left for the coming generations.
While it has taken time, I have managed to translate many of the locations from the First Age equivalent titles to more modernly known locales. Unsurprisingly, many of the hidden wonders are in places most would prefer not to look. Which is just as well, as any place easy to stand around in is probably long since looted. Or perhaps not. Time will soon tell."

-Notes from Deep Tide's research on the Magnificent Ledger of Glorious Deeds

What you all have here below could best be described as "adventure seeds". They are not "objectives" that you must carry out to "win" and no particular award is gained by completing them beyond collecting whatever it was that was supposed to at its location. Most of the stuff here revolves around items (artifacts, magitech, etc), pieces of Lore, spellcraft libraries, lost martial arts dojos and more. This does not preclude you guys from finding your own places or following your own leads/interests. These are just here to give you an idea of what is out there and each place can well lead to its own adventure. If you investigate a graveyard for an ancient Solar heirloom and come across a Deathknight, plenty more fun beyond the item itself can be had. I will add any adventures or clues your group discovers or comes up with to this list as they appear and cross off ones that you accomplish.

The "seeds", as they were collected from the Ledger, are divided up by their Terrestrial Direction. Any seed with a * infront of it means that it is a particularly risky/dangerous task and thus care should be taken when considering it.

-Beneath the city of Whitewall and ancient entity rests fitfully in the crypts below. An echo of an era past and buried.
-The Guides and Guardians of Gethamane, brought forth by the Solars, lead those lost in the cold ice of the North to a place befitting their station. To mortals, a place of peace. To the Exalted? To a place of destiny.
-Near the city of Cherak, a destroyed manse carries a tragic tale of a forbidden love. The star-crossed love of an Exalt and a Fae, and the strange fruits of their relationship.
-In the Haslanti city of Icehome, the Moon Chosen Host set a side a place of serenity, that even the gods of Heaven might descend and appreciate the glory and goodness of Creation. Who knows what was left behind in that grove.
-*Near the city of Diamond Hearth, a great Deliberative Airship fleet once held berth. While much of the fleet itself is likely gone, the place where they were produced, has not been seen or heard of it millenia. Who knows what the facility might hold.

-In the far southern mountains near Gem, a pact was signed between the greatest of the Fire Elementals and, rumored, the Elemental Dragon of Fire. In return for that pact, something was given to the Exalted which was forged into an artifact, said to control any flame and bring fire to any place.
-In Paragon a sceptor of obedience and an orb of control bring order and peace to the people. For the one who holds these items, holds the people's hearts as well.
-*Within the Varang City-States, the ancient work of the Starborn can be found. But hidden within the land lies a secret known normally only to those of Heaven, along with the eyes to see places far beyond.
-In the region of An-Teng, near the City of the Steel Lotus, a mystical gathering brought forth many a secret of Creation, passing it into the hands of the Exalted that they might mould Creation as never before.

-*In the far northern island of the Coral Archipelago (now often referred to as the Skullstone Archipelago), an item of untold destructive power was kept in wait, in case the forces of the Fae should ever prove wiley enough to escape the directed wrath of the Exalted Host or the Sword of Creation.
-In the Wavecrest Archipelago, south of the city of Abalone, a great manse was constructed and then pushed beneath the earth. Remenants of a shattered people were given residence there, along with the knowledge of a bygone era with them.
-The great fleet of the West once made berth on an island in the Neck (now a known pirate shoal). There the weapons of the most powerful fleet of Creation were stored and kept ready for the days the masters would require them.

-*In the city of Sperimin, the greatest works of spellcraft were compiled. The sum total of an Age of work collected so that they might not be forgotten.
-The City of the Makers, where the artisan's of Creation long desired their works to be seen. Relics of the ancients and banished ones, works of the greatest of the Exalted host, projects of the master craftsmen of every race; all found in one place, that the work might be remembered. Denandsor, the City of the Makers.
-In Great Fork, a convocation once called together near the city marked a pact between the Celestial and Terrestrial Bureaucracy and laid down the Exalted's place in the hierarchy. A charter was created to remind the spirits of that pact and, if found, would certainly remind all spirits of Creation where their loyalty is demanded.
-To the north of Sijan, the crypt of a great servant of Luna remains hidden in the vale. The loving and bereaved Solar mate and many a friend gifted the fallen Moonchild with a panolopy of treasures. A reminder of her service in life and a metaphor for what was lost in her death.
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PostSubject: Re: The Magnificent Ledger of Glorious Deeds   The Magnificent Ledger of Glorious Deeds Icon_minitimeTue Jun 07, 2011 12:19 pm

Hrm. Well, my character has a good deal of previous incarnation background in the north. She has current incarnation background in the west, so that's a good option there too. The East has some fun stuff, with Raksi, Ma ha suchi (I think), and Filial Wisdom, as well as Rathess and its fun dangers. The south has a fun crazy god or two. And the hundred kingdoms, which we'd likely pass through getting to the north or east, has Nexus, and some abandoned cities and tombs.
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The Magnificent Ledger of Glorious Deeds
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