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 Known Allied Organizations

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PostSubject: Known Allied Organizations   Known Allied Organizations Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 12:31 am

The following are organizations that either openly or directly support the Inquisition. They can be counted on to assist any Inquisitor that needs to make use of their resources, assuming they haven't been pissed off in some fashion.

Organization: Brilliant Flare of Syberdex

Stance: Externally militant. Preparing the Expletio sector for oncoming aggressors (the Tau, Tyranids, etc.).
Internally heretek hunters. Purging the impure research and collecting it for use in proper projects.

A militant cult that began to form in the wake of a series of galactic dangers that presented themselves: the Tau's expansion two sectors coreward and blasphemous technology, the oncoming Tyranid horde and their genetic abomination, the nearby Orkish warhost, the ever insidious Eldar that seemed to brazenly travel the sector and even whispered rumors of horrible creatures of metal and unholy light beginning to wake.
With so many of the most dangerous enemies all threatening one sector, the Brilliant Flare of Syberdex is two pronged in their activities. Their first and most well known disposition is the hunting and killing of xenos, successionist heretics and other forces that openly defy the will of the Imperium. Their second disposition is considerably quieter and rumors carefully suppressed. The Archmagos' of the cult have realized the bitter truth, that the current technology provided to them by the Omnissiah is insufficient to win. New weapons must be discovered and created. The reason this doctrine of theirs is carefully hidden, is 1) It suggests a flaw in the Mechanicus' ability to defend the realms. Never a wise declaration to make. And, 2) The sort of technology they are willing to delve into is far deeper than the Cult Mechanicus would ever be willing to go. As a general rule, this is the Brilliant Flare of Syberdex's views on a number of heretical technologies.

Dark Age of Technology Tech: All is fair. Any technology that can be found should be studied and replicated.
Empyric (Warp) Tech: Any tech that uses raw warp power is okay. Any tech that worms to bind or use intelligent/malefic beings is strictly prohibted (binding daemons/daemonweapons, creating murder gholams, summoning rituals, etc)
Xenos Tech: Cleansed and destroyed. The impurity of the weaponry is unworthy of copying, though some Tech-priests do quietly study xenos tech and then attempt to mimic it with existing Imperial tech.

As it is a particularly militant branch of the Expletio Mechanicus and prone to hunting the myriad foes of humanity, the members of the Brilliant Flare of Syberdex are quite commonly seen in the retinues of Inquisitor's and their acolytes. The members of Syberdex are often capable of carrying out edgier research projects in the Inquisition's service than within normal Mechanicus labs, hence their preponderance to work amongst them. While they do skirt the line on occasion, most moderate (and radical) Inquisitors see plenty of use in their abilities.


Background Package Adjustments from "Divine Light of Sollex":
Characteristics: -5 to Fellowship.
Skills: Ciphers (Secret Society - Syberdex), C. Lore (Machine Cult), Demolition, F. Lore (Syberdex), S. Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Talents: You gain Hatred (Tech-heretics) and Hatred (Choose one major xenos group) and Unshakeable faith.
Insanity: You begin with 1d5 insanity.
Corruption: You begin with 1d5 corruption.
-You gain a +10 bonus to all Tech-use tests when working with plasma weapons and plasma drives/generators.
-Rites of Passage: As a tech-priest deepens in his understanding of the ways of Sollex, more and more of his skull is stripped of its flesh and replaced with black adamantine. By the time they are a full tech, the entire lower half of their face has been replaced to look like the a metallic lower jaw and skull. By the time the tech-priest becomes a magos, his skull is fully scourged of flesh and his entire skull plated. An act which represents the removal of the weak and corruptible and replacing it with the cold and unbleshmished certainty of their task. This serves both as a personal and outwards reminder of their duties. The effect of this trait is as follows:
At the rank of Tech-Priest (Rank 5) the Tech-Priest gains a +1 AP bonus to his head due to the plates. At Rank 9 for the Magos Ascension career the Tech-Priest gains a total +2 AP bonus to his head due to completion of the plates.

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Chosen One

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PostSubject: Re: Known Allied Organizations   Known Allied Organizations Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 12:59 am

Organization: Psykana Empyrean

Stance: Psyker's specifically trained and sanctioned for the purpose of combating warp influences. Whether dealing with xenos, hereticus or malleus enemies, their focus is in locating and terminating opposing psychic forces.

The Psykana Empyrean is an interesting organization in that it is actually a once heretical sect created by a radical inquisitor, that was spared destruction at the radical's excommunication by being the ones who both hunted down the rogue inquisitor once he fled, cleaning up many of the "messes" that he made and then dismantling themselves to await punishment. Surprised by the act of complete penance and seeing the skill and training many of the psykers had undergone, the Expletio Inquisition marked them all as dead while transfering them to a newly created wing of the Expletio Scholastica Psykana. There they began to train other psykers in their talents.

Trained with special focus on locating other psychic activity and then determining the best way to shut it down, those trained in the Psykana Empyrean arts are indispensible in throwing back rogue psykers, xenos witches and even daemons. The one drawback to those psykers that take part in the training is that they are brought uncomfortably close to the corruptive essences they fight simply in the process of being trained. A lot of preparation must be made and only candidates deemed sufficiently strong of mind are accepted into the training.

An Inquisitor's response to one of these psykers will likely be determined by how they view psykers in the first place. Psykers who have received Empyrean training will often be more morose or unhinged than other psykers, having been effected by their training to a noticeable degree.

Elite Advance Package
Advance Cost: 500 xp
Willpower 45+, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Strong-Minded, Psyniscience +10, Psy Rating 4
Less than 35 Insanity Points
- +2 degrees of success on any Psyniscience test
- +1 degree of success on any attempt to resist an effect the on psyker's mind or soul. This refers to any telepathic power or possession attack.
- Strike at the Warp Bond - This trait allows the psyker to spend a fate point to give any target with a psy rating of at least 1 the Warp Instability trait for as long as the psyker remains on the same scene. Furthermore, an aura of rejection of (WB x 5) meters begins to pulse from the psyker, causing all targets with the Warp Instability trait (including the target they just selected), to take a -30 to all WP tests to resist the effects of Warp Instability as per usual. If a daemon is destroyed they are flung screaming into the warp as per usual. If a mortal with Warp Instability is killed, his body slumps to the ground and catches aflame in hellfire while his soul is sucked into the Warp.
When this power is activated the psyker automatically makes a Psychic Phenomenon roll.
-Gain 1d10+10 Insanity Points
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Known Allied Organizations
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