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 List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs

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PostSubject: List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs   List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 6:35 pm

Kalta "Modesty" Fleury - Originally a noble turned street scum, Modesty has seen more action, death and destruction (and survived) than most people of her kind have any right to. Having gone through a considerable amount of action she has been forged her into a woman of strength and power. She is presently using cover as  Commodore of a mercantile fleet from Necromunda while she prosecutes her duties in the Expletio Sector. She was recently raised to the rank of Interrogator.

Commissar Vladmir Silvreski - Originally picked up from the battlefield for his battle prowess and loyal nature, Vlad proved to be the hammer that smashed through obstacles, often literally. Due to his propensity to block swords, bullets and macrobattery strikes with his face (or other parts of his anatomy) he has suffered severe loss of organic tissue. His body is now more machine than organic; the legacy of his duty. Vladmir has been transferred to lead a group of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers in the Perrin's Struggle subsector as part of a larger Inquisition effort to end xenos infiltration in the area.

Coltrane "Coppertop" - A skilled technician and saboteur, Coppertop was known for his capacity to get in over his head but still come out alive. Often employing subtlety and technological capacity to achieve his aims, rather than force, he often achieved his aims through subterfuge (often to the consternation of Commissar Silvreski). His tendency for innovation and original thinking often put him at odds with the Adeptus Mechanicus, with which he held barely concealed disdain. After completing his tasks on Necromunda, he was transferred to Inquisitorial crytopology to assist in various projects that could make use of his aptitude without stepping on too many toes.

Kaylin Ghent - A Red Redemptionist by belief, a Moritat by training and an Untouchable by birth, her life was one of murder, pain and anger. Assigned to the group for her anti-psyker capacity, he was often the tip of any strike at the enemy. Despite her use of the Eviscerator chainblade, she was fully capable of stealth and often used for infiltration. Her time with the group has considerably softened her view of the world, though she is still as much a capable killer as she always was. She is presently in the Expletio Sector and on loan to the Officio Assassinorum to assist in building a temple of Moritat in the Expletio, which presently has no major presence in the sector.

Sparks - A Cyberseer in service to the Adeptus Mechanicus, Sparks belongs to the mechanical cult known as the Brilliant Flare of Syberdex. A recent addition to the Breachloader acolyte team, Sparks present is a result of the high tendency for all higher level Throne Agent teams to have a Mechanicus representative. Sparks himself appears to have all the normal characteristics of a Cogboy, but is actually considerably more quirky then he lets on. His tendency to research strange devices and remind Vladmir that his metal body is better than the old one are all elements of his character that point to the unhealthy fascination with techno-theology that comes from those that are particularly interested in the Quest for Knowledge. He presently serves alongside Kalta Fleury, acting as an adjutant and compatriot in prosecuting her duties.

Caiten Reath - An Interrogator of the Ordo Xenos that first acquired the group (PCs) to serve at the head of his operation against the Orks in the Brusalis system. After the team proved capable (despite the ultimate fate of that world) Reath collected the group and continued to use them in several operations against other targets of the Ordo Xenos. Reath was aboard the Emperor's Inferno when it suffered an attack by the xenoforms known as the Necrons. The ship was lost with all hands, leading to the assumption of Caiten Reath's demise.

Inquisitor Geylin Tarkus
The master of Interrogator Caithen Reath, Geylin Tarkus was rescued by the group (which he named the Breachloaders) from Eldar raiders and returned to active service in the midst of prosecuting the designs of the Eldar on that world. He has since taken on the mantle of overseeing and training the Breachloader agents, though has taken a more passive role since Modesty's rise to the rank of Interrogator.

Inquisitor Lord Hulginn Jakarell
One of the 5 Inquisitor Lords that runs the Conclave Expletio, and a member of the Ordo Xenos, Jakarell has taken an interest to the Breachloaders, mostly due to their tendency to get stuck into the strangest and unfortunate situations, yet still come out alive and useful. Their relatively quick growth to competence has lead Jakarell to employ them on several operations normally reserved for higher level operatives. This speaks either to his sense of faith in the Breachloaders abilities or a cruel sense of humor that wonders how much longer their luck can last.

Chirugeon Sorb Makrell - Once a no-body medicae on a podunk world, a happenstance meeting between Makrell and the Breachloaders allowed him a chance to show his true capacities. He has since been involved in putting the Breachloaders back together (literally in Vlad's case) on a number of occasions. He continues to follow and serve the Breachloaders and the Inquisition ever since his initial assistance year ago.

"Fluffy" - An unknown entity that appears to have been brought into the Materium during the Breachloaders' trip to the warp cursed world of Brazarius. Without a name, Coltrane named it "Fluffy", because why not? It has since assisted the Breachloaders on a number of occasions, serving as a distraction, provider of warp power and portable floatation device.

House Fleury
Originally a major noble house on Necromunda, and the noble house from which Kalta "Modesty" Fleury" comes, this House made a mysterious rise to power, becoming the reigning house between the time that Modesty was deported and her eventual return.
It was eventually learned that the various members of the House were involved in an number of different corrupt enterprises. Several were involved in the formation of some sort of corrupt clone project, others were involved in subverting the local Eccleisiarchy and several were outright servants of the Dark Powers.
The majority of the house was put to the flame, though Modesty's younger sister and brother were spared due to Modesty's intercession and their purity. Modesty's younger brother now runs the house in the wake of Modesty's regency, while her younger sister remains in a coma due to an injury received during the events of the Necromundan purge.

An intelligent machine claiming to have originated before the Age of Strife, he was awoken during the Breach Loaders first sortie against the Orks. The machine man, stating his intention to restore the Men of Iron, made use of a fallen tech-priest to continue the work of raising up other units of the Silica Animus. His work planetside was delayed, though with concerns that Loran would be able to activate other repositories on the planet the world was consigned to Exterminatus before any of the Silica Animus could escape.

Loran, ultimately, did escape aboard the Emperor's Inferno and attempted to claim vengeance against the Breachloaders and take control of the ship. He was ultimately foiled and destroyed.

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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

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PostSubject: Re: List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs   List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs Icon_minitimeWed Nov 06, 2013 12:09 pm

thought i had coppertop executed by my guard unit when he refused to help the team and decided he was going to insult a commissar in front of his own squad Razz guess this is a softer way of putting it.
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Chosen One

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PostSubject: Re: List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs   List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs Icon_minitimeThu Nov 07, 2013 5:22 pm

That was the result of one of Vlad's many fever dreams, due to having all his blood replaced with machine oil, vodka and purified adrenaline during one of his many operations that made him a machine.
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PostSubject: Re: List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs   List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs Icon_minitime

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List and Deeds of Important PCs and NPCs
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